Look Expensive on a Budget 5 Timeless Pieces from Paris You Must Know

Look Expensive on a Budget: 5 Timeless Pieces from Paris You Must Know

To look expensive on a budget can become a real challenge when today most fashion houses no longer put quality first, but marketing…

In sad reality, this means that more and more savings are being made – not only in the fabrics and materials used but especially in production, which is becoming increasingly questionable from an ethical and environmental point of view. But that’s not what we’re talking about today – rather, the fact that with high demands for good quality on a low budget, it’s really hard to find treasures nowadays.

So with that being said, we save you time and have gone on the search for you – for expensive-looking pieces that are just worn up and down in Paris and are also perfect for a small budget.

Look Expensive on a Budget: 5 Timeless Pieces from Paris You Must Know

1. Look Expensive on a Budget: Tweed Jackets

Tweed Jackets are the best and most loyal friends we can find in the outerwear world due to their thick, high-quality fabric. They’re also perfect for the increasingly warm transitional season leading up to summer, as they look just as classic buttoned up as they do casually thrown on.

Because one thing is for sure: as the trademark of the renowned and globally popular luxury brand Chanel, it’s hard to imagine a catwalk, Parisian alleyway, or Instagram feed without the tweed jacket.

If not by Chanel, then by its giant fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. These trendy jackets are in no way inferior to those of Chanel and fully meet our quality standards. So that you will still be as elegant and chic as Kate Middleton in many years to come. Streetstylis approved!

PS: If you want to really complete the Chanel look, you can also simply buy a brooch of the luxury brand and put it on your tweed jacket – so the looks are guaranteed to be yours!

This is how we wear the expensive-looking tweed jackets in Paris:

2. Look Expensive on a Budget: Button-Down Shirts by COS

Everyone needs high-quality button-down shirts in their closet for the warm days, because the classics can be super casual simply pulled over a top or also buttoned up just always look super elegant.

But since here too, unfortunately, in most fashion stores more and more synthetic fibers such as polyester are mixed, these look super fast totally cheap.

Therefore, it is essential to rely on high-quality button-down shirts made of 100% linen, viscose, or cotton – and those of COS always are*.

In addition, they offer great shirts in many different colors and patterns – so there should be something for everyone.

3. Look Expensive on a Budget: H&M Men’s Blazers

As I’m sure most of you know by now, because we’ve reported so many times about these great blazers: We swear by H&M’s men’s blazers* because they’re made of a much sturdier viscose than their counterparts from the H&M women’s department.

The soft yet sturdy fabric is simply brilliant, as it ensures that the blazer stays in its usual shape even after years of wear and doesn’t start to wrinkle or shrink like so many other blazers on the market, which are usually made of a lot of polyester. This makes it a piece that can make you look super expensive in no time – without being so.

Another advantage of the blazer from the men’s department is that it sits so nicely oversized, making it totally stylish and modern.

I myself have actually had this model for years and now in pretty much every color – and none have ever disappointed me! They still sit as the first day and are faithful companions that can definitely keep up in quality with my virgin wool blazer, which just as little creases or falls apart somehow.

A heart recommendation for all blazer lovers!

4. Look Expensive on a Budget: Trench Coats by Mango

The popular trench coat, invented by Thomas Burberry, was worn by British and French officers during the First World War. And almost 150 years later, it’s still cutting edge and trendy every year – that’s why this classic that will never go out of style can’t be missing from our list of the best expensive-looking pieces!

Mango is my absolute favorite when it comes to good jackets and coats* for little money.

But most of all, I swear by Mango’s trench coats because they are made of a high percentage of cotton and viscose, which makes them pretty high quality.

Plus, I’ve really been wearing all the jackets and coats I have from Mango like this for years and I’m always totally satisfied! That’s why I love the brand – because it gets me through colder days or colder evenings every year.

Check them out and be sure to check out their outerwear!

These are my favorite trench coats from them for spring/summer:

5. Look Expensive on a Budget: Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with Ruffles

Yes, this may sound boring, BUT: expensive-looking t-shirts and other tops are a super important part of your outfit that can either elevate the look and make it chicer, or completely mess it up.

That’s why I urge you to pay special attention to these small, but fine details, because they have great potential.

Here you should pay particular attention to high-quality fabrics such as viscose, cotton, silk, or linen because they prevent excessive sweating and are air-permeable.

This top here, for example, is my all-time favorite, as it just always looks good and is exciting at the same time, as it doesn’t quite cover your neck and thus exposes your collarbone as an eye-catcher.

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