16 Luxury Items Under $100 that are Chic & Worth it

16 Luxury Items Under $100: In no case do you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to add some luxury to your wardrobe. In reality, there are a few fancy pieces of clothing out there that ring in under $100. And yes, I’m here to share with you some of my favorite luxury items under $100 that I’m loving right now.

I’ll present you with the entire range of articles that are not only timeless and chic but are also worth it. Because nothing is worse than making a bargain with products that are not worth it, that is outdated, boring, or simply ugly. That’s why I’ve only put together the best clothes and my absolute favorites for you.

1. Luxury Items Under $100: High-Quality Blazers

Blazers – especially oversized blazers – are currently the absolute hit and hot in the race. And where the demand is high, there is also a lot of supply: Because what we are currently seeing is that almost every shop offers oversized blazers, but most of them end up being complete junk because they are only made of polyester or other synthetic materials.

As Karl Lagerfeld always said, the most important thing about a well-fitting blazer is the fabric. We should therefore pay attention to the warming material wool in winter and linen in summer. Both are very high quality fabrics that prevent ugly crumpling, which is often seen on most cheap blazers and just looks ugly and downright cheap. Because these fabrics always keep their shape and are therefore particularly robust. For example, I have a 100% wool blazer from my father and it has been the same for over 40 years as it was at the beginning – not worn out, washed out, fluffy or even crumpled. Wool always keeps its shape – no matter what you do with it. A must in every wardrobe and an investment of less than $100 is worth it!

Phew, it wasn’t that easy to find quality blazers under $100… These are our favourites:*


2. Luxury Items Under $100: Button-Down Shirts

Button down shirts are an equally big trend that will dominate this spring and summer. So stocking up on your favorites early on can never hurt!


3. Luxury Items Under $100: Jackets and Coats

We all need them, we all love them. Especially in the transitional period and in spring we still need a jacket and we have selected the highest quality and trendiest for you:

4. Luxury Items Under $100: Luxury Jewelry

Finding quality jewelry under $100 is not that easy. After all, it should also be chic and minimalist, not discolour or even lose its color and look beautiful – not that easy. But we did it and found some nice, quality accessories under $100:

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