Mango Sale 2022 Save Now up to 50% OFF on Many Beautiful Summer Pieces

Mango Sale 2022: Save Now up to 50% OFF on Many Beautiful Summer Pieces

Mango Sale 2022: Couldn’t you also embrace the world and dance for joy if you’ve been wanting to buy that one particular piece for a long time, but you’ve always been too stingy, or it’s just always been sold out? And then one day, when you finally find the time to sit down and buy it, it’s on sale (and still in stock in your size). I think that’s what you call a real stroke of luck – and that’s exactly what happened to me this week with my current wish list of Mango*¬†items.

And usually, I’m not the type who buys items right at the beginning of a new season because I prefer to get an overview of the current collections, trends, and cuts first.

Often I do not know at the beginning of the new season at all, what I would like to wear just at all and there it would be unreasonable to strike at the first beautiful trend, which one in the long run but not so like.

Therefore, I have been thinking for a while whether I should buy new spring/summer pieces from Mango at all.

But this week we finally see that the warmer season is unstoppable and already in full swing.

So I was going to buy some timeless pieces to refresh my wardrobe when I discovered that my favorite brand (and the favorite brand of celebs and Hollywood starlets everywhere) had just launched a spring sale with up to 50% off.

As I already mentioned above, I have to admit that trendy pieces tend to scare me off, as you will almost always regret them later. Especially with huge sales I often see that, which is why they usually scare me off at first. However, when I took a closer look at Mango’s flash sale, I was seriously impressed. It turned out to be a goldmine of classic pieces from this season that you can wear right away, and years later are still classic pieces that will stay with you just fine. Among them, funnily enough – and fortunately – were so many pieces I already had on my wish list.

There are chunky sandals, wide-leg pants, and strappy heels that would go with any wedding guest outfit, as well as classic denim cuts and expensive dresses that are now affordable. To be honest, in a time when we all have to restrict our wallets, it’s refreshing (and a relief) to see such stunning pieces go on sale so early in the season.

Of course, there are a ton of pieces in Mango’s sale – so I’ve scrolled through everything for you and whittled it down to 20+ pieces that I think, from a fashion editor’s expert perspective, will elevate your current wardrobe and be worth your money.

Keep scrolling to see and save…

Shop the Huge Mango Sale 2022:

High Waist Straight Pants

Real classic pants that go with everything and can be worn for years!

Mango Sale 2022: Ultralight Quilted Jacket

Leather Jelly Shoes

These have been Mango’s best-selling sandals this season.

Khaki Quilted Jacket

The best dupe to the worldwide totally hyped quilted jacket from “The Frankie Shop”.

Mango Sale 2022: White Wideleg Jeans

Cream/white jeans are a must-have that you’ll have for years.

Ribbed Knit Cardigan

Such a joyful color.

Straps Heel Leather Sandals

You will get a lot of pleasure from these shoes all year round.

Wideleg Jeans

A jeans must-have!

Rolled Neck Cable Sweater

Ibiza blue is the most beautiful color ever!

Ribbed Dress

A dress to fall in love with!

Turtleneck Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

A basic that simply everyone needs!

Ribbed Knit Cardigan

Isn’t this color just wonderful?

Track Sole Moccasin

Bra-Effect Knitted Sweater

This is such a flattering neckline.

Leather Jelly Shoes

Cropped Button Trousers

A classic pair of cream trousers is a capsule essential.

Heel Strips Sandals

These cute heels with strappy heels could easily pass for designer sandals.

Striped Wrap Dress

A great dress for fighting heat waves.

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