Matilda Djerf Style 2024: Dress Like a Scandi-Girl with These 10 Essentials

The Swedish style guru, Matilda Djerf, is not just captivating her millions of followers with her iconic Scandi girl fashion but is also enthralling the customers of her chic fashion label, Djerf Avenue. Acclaimed globally, this influential fashionista has successfully won hearts around the world.

As a fashion model, she inspires us all with her unique, elegant, yet casual style. Her voluminous hair has brought back the blowout trend of the 80s/90s. It’s great to see this happening again!

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With her oversized blazers, wide-leg pants, and colorful accessories, she defines the Scandi girl style. So while Djerf initially went viral for her hair tutorials on TikTok, her followers soon became obsessed with emulating her style.

And the good thing is that you don’t need much to imitate her style.

How do You Style Like Matilda Djerf? – Style Guide

As we mentioned earlier, she has a minimalist style that doesn’t require as much as you might think.

Because the good news is: Mimicking her style is as easy as can be – all it takes are these Matilda Djerf essentials:

Matilda Djerf Style Guide: Button-Down Shirts

Button-down shirts are not only super casual chic and can be combined in many ways, but they are also an essential part of Matilda’s closet.

Whether she combines the shirt with an oversized blazer or casual wide-leg jeans, button-down shirts simply can not be missed.

And the great thing about it: Almost everyone has at least one of these shirts at home – otherwise ask your father or brother for some. 😉

Matilda Djerf Style Guide: Oversized Blazers

Matilda Djerf, often seen in oversized blazers, styles this chic must-have jacket casually while still giving it a chic, feminine touch.

A black and gray oversized blazer are no longer indispensable from either her closet or her feed, which can also help you achieve Matilda Djerf’s effortlessly chic style.

In doing so, wear your oversized blazer best with a skirt or with cream jeans to complete the look.

Matilda Djerf Style Guide: Wide-Leg Pants

What’s better than a pair of smart suit pants with pleats, but casual and wide enough to wear comfortably in everyday life and elegant at the same time?

Right, nothing. At least not for Matilda. Because she wears casual cool pants up and down, creating new styles every day with this fashion essential.

Matilda Djerf Style Guide: Relaxed Fit Jeans

A staple piece in her style is also the relaxed-fit jeans, which she often styles casual for every day with a top and sneakers during the day and often styles it up with heels and a button-down shirt and a blazer in the evening.

In any case, it’s clear that casual jeans belong to Matilda like Ben belongs to Jerry.

However, you will hardly see the famous beauty in skinny jeans – comfortable style is much too important to her for that.

Matilda Djerf Style Guide: Cool Sunglasses

As with many other influencers and celebrities, the cool sunglasses may not be missing also with the Swedish influencer.

Whether the sun is shining or not, sunglasses are stylish accessories that will upgrade your outfit in no time and instantly give it a cool touch.

They also have the huge advantage that you can simply put them on, especially on days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup or you just don’t feel that comfortable.

Anyway, an absolute must-have if you want to imitate the Scandi-girl style of the fashion icon.

Matilda Djerf Style Guide: Dresses and Skirts

If you think that the style of the world-famous influencer is only filled with casual jeans and oversized blazers, you’re wrong.

Matilda loves feminine looks with dresses as well as skirts in addition to all the casual, comfortable outfits.

The advantage is that you only have to pick out the jewelry and shoes with dresses – and your look is ready.

Why is Matilda Djerf so Popular?

The 24-year-old began her career as an influencer about seven years ago when she first started posting on YouTube in 2016, sharing behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots and her trips to Bali.

She now has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and she regularly provides new content. She also quickly went viral on TikTok when she started uploading to Tiktoks in 2021 January.

Her fans were quickly captivated by her blow-dried hair and unique clothing style, which she used to show them they needed tricks and insider tips.

A secret to success that also led her to launch her clothing brand Djerf Avenue in 2019 – and she has enjoyed huge success with it to date.

What Size is Matilda Djerf / Matilda Djerf Height

She is actually very small with her 162cm (5 feet) – and that only makes her even cuter 😉

What is Matilda Djerf Ethnicity?

The social media influencer has Swedish nationality and she lives in a small town called Borås in Sweden – when she is not traveling.

How Would You Describe Matilda Djerf Style?

With her oversized blazers, many button-down shirts, and colorful accessories, her chic everyday style belongs to the category of a Scandi-girl style

How To Dress Like Matilda Djerf on a Budget?

The question of how to dress like Matilda Djerf is also easier than you might think at first: Because in reality there are now many affordable stores where you can get high-quality pieces (best of the above-mentioned staple pieces), with which you can put together outfits in Scandi girl style.

Of course, the epitome of her style is her own fashion brand Djerf Avenue, but we all know that here they pay attention to very high quality, and therefore the prices are quite high.

If you don’t want to spend that much or want to save your wallet, you can get comparable quality for much lower prices at these stores and you’ll be well served:

Why is Djerf Avenue so Expensive?

Because according to their statements on their “About Us” page, all of their items are ethically made in Portugal.

Also, their Portuguese factories follow European laws and directives regarding labor relations, which means they carefully select all factories to ensure high-quality standards.

In addition, Djerf Avenue pays strong attention to sustainability by designing items that have been developed and designed to last for several years. Accordingly, the brand pays a lot of attention to the high quality of the products, which ensures a long life of these products.

All their pieces are also as environmentally friendly as possible.

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