Matilda Djerf With these 20+ Timeless Pieces You can Easily Recreate her Lovely Looks

Matilda Djerf: With these 20+ Timeless Pieces You can Easily Recreate her Lovely Looks

Successful influencer Matilda Djerf from Sweden, loved by the whole world, enchants not only her millions of followers with her Scandi girl style but also the customers of her fashion brand Djerf Avenue.

As a fashion model, she inspires us all with her unique, elegant yet casual style and has brought back the blowout trend of the 80s/90s with her voluminous hair. It’s nice to see it back again!

With her oversized blazers, wide-leg pants, and colorful accessories, she defines the Scandi girl style. While Djerf first became famous for her hair tutorials on TikTok, her followers soon became obsessed with emulating her style.

And the good thing is that you don’t need much at all to imitate her style.

With these 20+ timeless minimalist pieces, it’s guaranteed to be a cinch for you to copy her style. 😉

Who is Matilda Djerf & Why is She so Popular?

The 24-year-old began her career as an influencer about seven years ago when she first started posting on YouTube in 2016, sharing behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots and her trips to Bali.

She now has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and she regularly provides new content. She also quickly went viral on TikTok when she started uploading to Tiktoks in 2021 January.

Her fans were quickly captivated by her blow-dried hair and unique clothing style, which she used to show them they needed tricks and insider tips.

A secret to success that also led her to launch her clothing brand Djerf Avenue in 2019 – and she has enjoyed huge success with it to date.

How Would You Describe Matilda Djerf style?

With her oversized blazers, many button-down shirts, and colorful accessories, her chic everyday style belongs to the category of a Scandi-girl style.

Is Matilda Djerf French & What City does She Live in?

No, Matilda has Swedish citizenship and lives in a small town called Borås in Sweden – when she is not traveling.

What is Matilda Djerf Style Called?

Due to its minimalist, timeless style, it can be classified as a Scandi-girl style.

Matilda Djerf: 20+ Timeless Pieces with which You can Easily recreate her Style

Wideleg Pleated Pants

The pleated wide-leg pants are almost Matilda’s signature pants. Without the comfortable pants, probably not only her closet would be half smaller but also her outfit combinations in her feed.

Absolutely understandable: the comfortable and at the same time ultra-chic, timeless pants just go with everything and always look good.

Button-Down Shirts

A button-down shirt can be combined in many ways and always looks elegant.

Even pulled over the bikini on the beach, the look has something classic and at the same time casual.

An absolute must-have piece!

Oversized Black Blazers

And of course, Matilda Djerf must not be without THE statement piece par excellence: The oversized blazer in black.

The blazer can be thrown over almost any outfit and gives a casual-chic touch.

Co-ord Suit

What’s better than not having to decide what to wear forever in the morning? With a matching suit, this dream comes true! 😉

An absolute must-have outfit when it comes to the Scandi girl style because such looks are timeless and also very chic.

Beige Oversized Blazers

Feminine Dresses

Plaid Blazers

Cream/White Jeans

Wide Leg Jeans

Comfy Sweat Suits

11. Leather Jackets



Basic Dresses


High Chelsea Boots

Pearl Necklaces

Of course, a Scandi girl look must not be missing jewelry. Because only through high-quality and expensive-looking jewelry the outfit comes into its own and unfolds its full potential – Matilda Djerf knows that too.

That’s why she swears by luxurious-looking jewelry in particular, which on the one hand is timelessly chic and on the other hand goes with just about everything.

Pearl necklaces* look particularly glamorous, as they are usually worn only by the rich and beautiful and are not only a widespread status symbol but above all a sign of elegance.

Matilda knows how to wear such exquisite details with a cool, casual touch like hardly any other woman with the Scandi girl style. And we really have to say: it’s got something!



Bandanas are back in fashion! The trend from the 80s finally comes back this summer and brings a breath of fresh air into our closets!

Matilda also loves the colorful, exciting accessories in her voluminous hair.

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