Mom Jeans for Women – The 3 Most Adorable Styles

Mom Jeans for Women are back: this winter they are celebrating their comeback. After months of wearing jeans that couldn’t be longer, they are now getting shorter again. Today we’ll introduce you to the best styles of mom jeans for women. We will show you outfits that the influencers are currently wearing. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Mom Jeans for Women – The 3 Most Adorable Styles

1. Mom Jeans for Women Outfit: With a Blazer

Everything looks good with an oversized basic blazer – even mom jeans.

Anastasia combines a black oversized blazer with blue mom jeans and chucks.

Checkered, old-school blazers from the father, for example, can also be combined really chic with mom jeans: Filippa Hägg shows it on her Instagram account. She puts on a beige-brown checked blazer with a white shirt, blue mom jeans and ballerinas.

2. Mom Jeans for Women Outfit: With a Coat

The long shape of the blazer can also be used in combination with mom jeans to create beautiful looks.

Trench Coat

Adeline combines a black trench coat with a white basic shirt, mom jeans, and a pair of pointed ankle boots.

Wool Coat

A wool coat is best for those extra cold days. In combination with Chelsea boots or sneakers with pulled-up tennis socks, the outfit also keeps the bottom very warm.

Chloe Hayward combines her black coat with blue mom jeans, 530 New Balance sneakers, a green shoulder bag, and a long-sleeved shirt.

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