Moynat vs Goyard 2024: My Personal Experiences & Which One is Better?

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When it comes to high-end handbags, the discussion of Moynat and Goyard turns intriguing. It’s common knowledge that these celebrated French labels boast a splendid history and are highly-reputed for their meticulous craftsmanship and distinctive styles.

Moynat, one of the oldest Parisian trunk makers, has created travel goods since 1849 before expanding into handbags and smaller leather items. Their sleek minimalist style and use of the highest quality materials make them a desirable brand for many. On the other hand, Goyard’s roots also date back to the 19th century as a trunk maker, and they have earned themselves a devoted following for their distinctive patterns and innovative designs.

In this article, we will guide you through the fascinating world of these two French luxury brands, comparing their key features, styles, and appeal

Moynat vs Goyard: In-Depth Comparison

The main difference is that Moynat has a more limited product selection and is a more niche brand, while Goyard has a more recognizable monogram and is more widely known globally.


Pauline Moynat

Pauline Moynat was a young French woman who founded the luxury brand Moynat in 1849. Moynat began as a trunk-making company in Paris, catering to the high-society clientele with its exquisite craftsmanship and fashionable styles. This made Moynat one of the first luxury brands created by a woman, and it gained a reputation for its top-of-the-line trunks and travel accessories.

In 2010, LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault acquired Moynat under the family-owned Groupe Arnault, where it remains today. Under this ownership, Moynat has continued to grow and maintain its position as a beloved French luxury brand.

François Goyard

The Goyard’s roots can be traced back to the Maison Martin, a trunk maker established in 1792 that was popular with the French aristocracy. The company later hired a young François Goyard as an apprentice. After extensive training, François Goyard took over Maison Martin in 1852, changing its name to Maison Goyard.

Throughout its history, Goyard has continued to excel in offering luxurious trunks and leather goods. Edmond Goyard, who succeeded his father, François Goyard, expanded the company further, and it has continued to be a respected and sought-after brand worldwide.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Leather Goods

Moynat and Goyard are renowned for their exceptional quality and attention to detail in their leather goods. The brands use exquisite materials such as taurillon leather, known for its soft texture and durability. Each brand has its own artisanal workshops where skilled craftsmen meticulously handcraft handbags, wallets, and other accessories.

Moynat’s leather goods are crafted in their Parisian atelier, where artisans employ traditional techniques to create timeless designs. With a focus on elegance and simplicity, Moynat’s designs combine functionality with refined aesthetics that appeal to those who appreciate understated luxury.

Goyard’s leather products incorporate the brand’s iconic chevron-patterned canvas into their designs. This unique combination of leather and canvas imbues Goyard’s goods with a distinctive visual appeal that sets them apart from other luxury brands. Goyard’s accessories often feature bold colors and patterns, which cater to fashion-forward clientele.

Canvas Goods

Moynat’s canvas monogram is subtly understated, allowing the brand’s excellent craftsmanship to take center stage. The design features a combination of the letters M, T, and N, representing the brand’s founder and initials. Moynat’s canvas bags are made using durable materials, ensuring a long-lasting product that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Conversely, Goyard is famous for its iconic chevron-patterned canvas, which has become synonymous with the brand. This signature design not only serves as a visual statement but also provides additional durability to their canvas products. Goyard’s canvas handbags and accessories feature impeccable workmanship, with precise attention to even the smallest details.

In the world of luxury canvas goods, the choice between Moynat and Goyard often comes down to personal preference. While Moynat offers subtle elegance and focuses on exceptional craftsmanship, Goyard caters to stylish individuals who appreciate bold designs and iconic patterns.

Design and Aesthetics

Iconic Styles

Moynat, known for its elegant and timeless designs, has a few popular styles, such as the Réjane, Gabby, and Flori bags. The Moynat Réjane bag, in particular, made history in 1903 as the first-ever handbag to be named after a star—the French theatre actress Gabrielle Réjane.

Conversely, Goyard has its own iconic bags like the fashionable Saint Louis tote, the chic Saigon, and the bold Chevron Belvedere. The brand’s monogram canvas, known as the Canvas 1920 line, adds a unique charm to their tote and handbag collections.

The monogram patterns of Moynat and Goyard are distinctive, with each brand offering a unique style. Moynat’s logo consists of the letter ‘M’ designed with a crown on top. The monogram pattern typically features repeating, overlapping ‘M’s on their leather goods, giving a sophisticated and classic look.

Goyard’s monogram, however, incorporates a mix of its logo—a stylized ‘G’—with the family’s coats of arms. The pattern consists of interlocking ‘Y’s and little dots, creating a visually intriguing and instantly recognizable design.


Both Moynat and Goyard offer personalization options, allowing you to make your handbag your own. Moynat’s personalization typically involves hand-painted initials, symbols, or motifs, while Goyard offers hand-painted personalization ranging from stripes to intricate designs and various colors.

Whether you’re drawn to Moynat’s elegant and understated bags or Goyard’s bold and distinctive designs, the personalization options available ultimately allow you to make a perfect choice that reflects your personality and style.

Product Range

Handbags and Totes

Moynat is known for its elegant, understated handbags crafted from high-quality leather. Each bag is meticulously designed, focusing on durability and sophistication. One of Moynat’s iconic bags is the Daily Battle Tote, perfect for everyday use.

Conversely, Goyard offers a vast collection of handbags and totes, showcasing their signature chevron pattern. A popular choice among Goyard fans is the Goyard Saint Louis tote, available in various sizes and colors. Known for its lightweight design, the tote is both stylish and practical and the Goyard St Louis PM price is on the affordable side of the Goyard bags at $1,620 and €1,350.

Luggage and Travel Accessories

The legacy of Moynat and Goyard began with luggage and travel goods, so it’s no surprise that both brands excel in this category. Moynat features a range of bags, including suitcases and trunks and travel accessories such as wallets, briefcases, and cosmetic pouches. Their products are designed with a great mix of style and functionality, perfect for the modern traveler. You can find a variety of Moynat luggage pieces on their website.

Goyard also offers an extensive collection of luggage and travel accessories. Goyard has something for every traveler from classic trunks to modern rolling suitcases. They also produce various travel accessories like passport holders, cosmetic cases, and even firearms cases for those with discerning tastes.

Moynat Rejane

The Moynat Rejane is an iconic, top-handle leather handbag. Known for its sophisticated design and craftsmanship, the Rejane bag showcases a structured silhouette and beautiful curve lines. What makes the Moynat Rejane unique is its lock system, which adds extra security to your belongings. This bag is available in various sizes and materials, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any occasion.

  • Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather, suede, and exotic leathers like crocodile and lizard
  • Sizes: Mini, small, and medium
  • Colors: A wide range of colors, including classic shades and seasonal hues

Goyard Saint Louis

The Goyard Saint Louis is a classic carryall tote that’s both timeless and functional. Crafted from Goyardine canvas—a material unique to the brand—the Saint Louis tote is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. Its simplicity and the brand’s distinctive monogram pattern have made this tote a go-to bag for many people. It comes in two sizes: PM (small) and GM (large).

  • Materials: Goyardine canvas and leather
  • Sizes: PM and GM
  • Colors: Classic black, white, gray, and an array of bright colors with customizable options

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Finally, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is another popular tote many consider when choosing between Moynat and Goyard. This iconic bag is as practical as stylish, featuring adjustable side straps that allow you to alter the bag’s capacity. Like the Goyard Saint Louis, this tote is crafted from a coated canvas material, making it durable and resistant to the elements. The Neverfull is available in three sizes, several prints, and colors.

  • Materials: Coated canvas and leather
  • Sizes: PM, MM, and GM
  • Colors and Prints: Classic Monogram, Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, Epi Leather, and more.

Brand Exclusivity and Appeal

One significant aspect that makes Moynat and Goyard stand out is their exclusivity in the market. Despite being lesser-known brands than Chanel and Louis Vuitton, they have deliberately adopted marketing strategies to maintain a sense of mystique and allure. With a limited number of stores, these brands are more exclusive, creating a higher demand among devoted customers.

Regarding fashion, Moynat and Goyard stand out in their unique, signature designs. Both brands boast classic patterns and prints on their products, which have become status symbols among the fashion elite. Moynat has a tightly edited bag lineup that caters to various preferences, while in-house artisans, like Louis Vuitton and Moynat, can personalize Goyard’s signature monogram.

Quality is another aspect where both brands excel. Crafting their products with high-end materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Moynat and Goyard offer products that are not only durable but are also aesthetically appealing. Both brands utilize premium materials for coated canvas options, ensuring that your investment is worthwhile and long-lasting.

The choice of colors available for Moynat and Goyard products also plays a role in their exclusivity and appeal. With a wide variety of shades, customers can find the perfect match to express their style and taste. From bold colors to understated neutrals, there’s something for everyone.

Pricing and Availability

When comparing Moynat vs Goyard, you may find that pricing and availability are essential factors in your decision-making process. Both Moynat and Goyard are French luxury brands known for their exquisite workmanship, attention to detail, and, of course, their upscale price tags.

Moynat offers a wide range of products, from handbags and luggage to small leather goods. Their prices vary depending on the specific item and material used, but you can generally expect to pay a premium for the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. For example, a Moynat handbag may cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000, while their luggage items might range from $2,000 to $25,000.

On the other hand, Goyard is primarily known for their signature handbags and luggage items that feature their distinct Goyardine canvas pattern. Increased prices for Goyard products typically start at around $1,200 for a handbag and can go up to $15,000 or more for more extensive luggage pieces. You can also find smaller accessories like wallets and passport holders for around $400 to $800.

In terms of availability, both Moynat and Goyard have boutiques in many high-end shopping districts worldwide. However, Goyard’s presence may be more robust, as they have been around slightly longer and have a more significant global reach. Moynat, while not quite as widespread, has been gaining more attention lately thanks to their expansion and innovative designs.

Durability is another crucial aspect when looking at Moynat and Goyard products. Both brands use high-quality materials, such as leather, canvas, and exotic skins, ensuring their products can withstand the test of time with proper care. However, some may argue that Moynat’s attention to detail and history dating back to 1849 gives them a slight edge in the longevity department.

The Bottom Line

Moynat is known for its minimalist design and elegant craftsmanship. The brand prides itself on utilizing precise techniques and high-quality materials to create functional and sophisticated handbags. Their diverse collection, with creative designs inspired by 19th-century French trunk making. LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault revived Moynat in 2010, placing special emphasis on maintaining its exclusivity and signature style.

On the other hand, Goyard is famous for its distinctive monogram pattern and colorful customization options. This brand has a rich history, as it also originates from the world of French trunk making. Goyard’s handbags combine luxurious materials with a touch of playfulness, making them a popular choice among fashion-conscious individuals worldwide.

In terms of iconic branding, Goyard has a slight edge thanks to its recognizable monogram pattern. However, Moynat’s distinctive, understated designs also have a devoted following among those who appreciate the brand’s refined aesthetics.

As for the price range, both Moynat and Goyard offer high-quality luxury handbags at a premium cost. Responding to different preferences, Moynat appeals to those seeking elegance and subtlety, while Goyard caters to those who prefer a more eye-catching and distinctive style.


What is comparable to Goyard?

Several luxury brands are comparable to Goyard, including Louis Vuitton, Fauré Le Page, and Moynat, all of which are French trunk makers with a rich history of producing high-end leather goods. 

Is Goyard worth the hype?

The worth of Goyard is subjective and depends on individual preferences and budgets. However, the brand’s rich history, quality craftsmanship, and exclusivity have contributed to its reputation as a luxury status symbol. 

Why is Goyard so exclusive?

Goyard’s exclusivity is due to its small business model, lack of advertising, and emphasis on craftsmanship and quality over mass production. The brand’s confidentiality and limited distribution have also contributed to its mystique and allure.

Is Goyard a high end brand?

Yes, Goyard is considered a high-end brand known for its luxurious leather goods, including handbags, luggage, and accessories. The brand’s rich history, quality craftsmanship, exclusivity, and high price point have contributed to its reputation as a luxury status symbol.

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