New Money Aesthetic 2023: How to Look Your Best This Year

Prepare to plunge into the realm of nouveau riche allure! This thrilling wave is all about flaunting prosperity, endorsing consumerism, and persistently staying abreast of fresh luxuries. The nouveau riche allure will introduce you to flashy styles and avant-garde brands that attract attention and express a bold narrative.

What sets the new money aesthetic apart from the old is the desire to be effortlessly noticeable. You’ll see people dressed in the latest fashions adorned with the trendiest luxury labels to ensure their newfound wealth does not go unnoticed. This aesthetic is about staying relevant and ahead, always reaching for the newest, brightest, shiniest thing.

But it’s not just about fashion – the new money aesthetic spills over into home décor, technology, and even social life, all while celebrating the hard work and ingenuity that brought about this newfound affluence. So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of new money aesthetic, where extravagance knows no bounds!

New Money Aesthetic

The new money lifestyle is all about making a statement, and the key component of this statement is often the display of expensive and extravagant possessions. Think mansions, designer clothes, and high-end cars – all markers of success and ambition. Your environment embodies your aspirations, constantly showcasing your taste for luxury.

Now, let’s talk about color. The new money aesthetic incorporates rich, vibrant hues like gold, silver, red, and black. These colors scream luxury, power, and prestige, making a bold statement that’s hard to miss. No room for subtlety here! You want to shine bright and leave no doubts about your status.

Moving onto fashion, the new money style is all about being on trend and covered in the most recognizable brand labels. You’re not just wearing any outfit; you’re showing the world that you can afford to wear the latest designer pieces. Your wardrobe is a true reflection of your financial success.

Of course, the new money aesthetic also has its own distinct style. This combines modern and luxurious elements, such as sleek architecture, cutting-edge technology, and exquisite interior design. Everything around you should say, “I am wealthy, and I am not afraid to show it!”

As you embrace the new money aesthetic, remember that it’s about more than just material possessions. It’s a lifestyle that reflects your pursuit of success and desire to share that success with the world. So go ahead, indulge in the luxury, wear those designer pieces, and adorn your surroundings with opulence. After all, you’ve earned it!

Old Money Aesthetic

Embraced by the rich and elite, the old money aesthetic revolves around classic, high-quality pieces that stand the test of time. Unlike the flashy, logo-driven new money style, old money champions understated elegance, focusing on timeless garments and preppy, monochromatic clothes. Whether it’s at an Ivy League party, on a private yacht, or attending equestrian events, you’ll find that the old money crowd values discretion and refinement above all else.

The fashion choices in the old money aesthetic are carefully curated, drawing inspiration from leisure activities like horse riding, polo, and racquet sports. Iconic wardrobe staples include cable knit cashmere sweaters, crisp tennis whites, and blazers in classic colors or with characteristic stripes. Heather Goerzen, Havenly design editor, emphasizes the importance of eschewing flashy decor and trend-chasing in favor of “classically chic pieces with staying power.”

When it comes to design and interiors, the principles of the old money aesthetic translate into spaces that exude charm, sophistication, and grandeur. It’s not about extravagance or ostentation—rather, it’s about selecting furniture, materials, and accents that reflect an appreciation for history, craftsmanship, and durability.

From the decor in your home to the clothes you wear, embracing the old money aesthetic means adopting a mindset that values quality over quantity, timelessness over trends, and a discreet, refined sense of luxury. So, as you play around with the popular new money aesthetic, don’t forget to give a nod to the sophistication of the old money world that continues to captivate and influence today’s generation.

History and Culture

New Money Aesthetic

Wealth and Social Status

The rise of new money started when individuals not traditionally born into wealth began amassing fortunes and wanted to showcase their newfound success. Wealth became an essential aspect of their identity, with luxury goods and extravagant lifestyles as indicators of their social status. Gold, silver, red, and black are key colors within the new money aesthetic, symbolizing prosperity and luxury. These nouveau riche folks indulged in designer purses, expensive cars, and other ostentatious displays of wealth to show off their success.

New York and Wall Street

The city that never sleeps and its iconic financial district, Wall Street, became the epicenter for new money aesthetic. Thriving in a high-pressure environment of bankers, stockbrokers, and financiers, the individuals who found wealth in the world of finance began to adopt this style. High-rise glass buildings and sleek urban fashion were just a few ways the new money aesthetic took hold in New York.

Hollywood and Politicians

Now, let’s talk about Hollywood and politicians. Aesthetic-savvy stars in the entertainment industry embraced the new money look by flaunting their wealth with million-dollar mansions, lavish vacations, and designer wardrobes. Politicians also began to embody this vibe, using their newfound success to influence followers and embody a lifestyle that many could only dream of. With the new money aesthetic in full swing, Hollywood and politics became synonymous with grandeur and luxury, capturing the hearts of those who sought a taste of the good life.

Fashion and Style

Minimalist and Preppy

The new money aesthetic captures a perfect blend of minimalist and preppy styles. By incorporating a mix of clean lines, neutral shades, and classic patterns, you’ll create an effortlessly chic, timeless, and on-trend look. Think of cozy cashmere sweaters, crisp white button-downs, and tailored blazers paired with elegant accessories for a polished yet understated ensemble.

High-End Brands

New Money Aesthetic

One of the most exciting aspects of the new money aesthetic is the love for high-quality, luxurious, and iconic fashion brands. Names like Ralph Lauren and Prada come to mind when discussing the key players in this sphere. These brands offer top-notch materials and impeccable craftsmanship that exude a sense of style, sophistication, and class. By including some of these brand-name items in your wardrobe, you’ll make a statement with your fashion choices while maintaining a certain level of subtlety.

Curating the Perfect Wardrobe

As you immerse yourself in the new money aesthetic, remember that curating the perfect wardrobe isn’t just about wearing the most expensive or trendiest items. It’s about striking the right balance between timeless classics, luxurious materials, and statement-making pieces. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while building your dream wardrobe:

  • Invest in quality basics: Start by focusing on a solid foundation of high-quality, versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched for different looks (e.g., crisp white shirts, well-tailored pants, and elegant blouses).
  • Elevate with accessories: Use luxe accessories like elegant leather belts, silk scarves, and minimalist jewelry to add sophistication and depth to your look.
  • Stay true to your style: Embrace your unique fashion sense while staying true to the new money aesthetic’s principles. Don’t forget to incorporate elements that make you feel confident, comfortable, and polished.

Sailing, Tennis, and Polo

Embrace the excitement of the new money aesthetic with its unmistakable connection to leisure sports like sailing, tennis, and polo. These sports not only exude luxury and sophistication but also provide excellent opportunities for you to showcase your flair for style. So let’s dive in and explore how to incorporate these sports into your new money aesthetic.

When it comes to sailing, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between performance and sophistication. You’ll want to invest in stylish sailing gear that allows you to enjoy your time on the water fully. Think crisp white shirts, tailored shorts, and classic boat shoes, all while wearing a sailing hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Tennis is another sport that plays a significant role in the new money aesthetic. To embrace this look, wear tennis whites that create a clean and timeless vibe. Opt for classic pieces like collared shirts, pleated skirts, and performance sneakers to balance form and function perfectly. Don’t forget to accessorize with a fashionable tennis visor or headband to complete your ensemble.

Lastly, there’s polo, a sport synonymous with opulence and prestige. Taking inspiration from the traditional equestrian attire of polo players, integrate tailored trousers, leather riding boots, and button-down shirts into your wardrobe. Pay attention to details like polo mallets and horse imprints on your clothing to demonstrate your love for the sport and commitment to the new money aesthetic.

Old Money Symbols and Traditions

Family Heirlooms

Old money families love to cherish and display family heirlooms, as they symbolize their personal history and their deep connection to their ancestors and the passage of time. These heirlooms might include items like fine china, intricate silverware, or precious jewelry passed down through generations. Each piece tells a story of the family’s lineage and showcases the values and tastes of their predecessors.

Blue Blood

Blue blood is a term used to describe those from influential, aristocratic, or landowner families, often with noble ties dating back centuries. As a metaphor for having royal or noble ancestry, it represents a sense of pride and belonging to a select group of privileged individuals. In the context of old money, it emphasizes that these families have been successful and affluent for generations, deeply rooted in high society and historical influence.

WASP Culture

WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) culture is a term that conveys not just ethnic and religious identity but also a set of cultural values and manners associated with the elite social class in the United States. This includes the discreet display of wealth, emphasis on education, and participation in traditional hobbies and sports, such as sailing, horse riding, or tennis. Although sometimes criticized as exclusionary, the WASP culture reflects the old money aesthetic in its preference for understated elegance and tradition.

The TikTok and Social Media Influence

New Money Aesthetic

TikTok has managed to shake up social media in more ways than one, and the new money aesthetic is one such delightful example. With over 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok sets trends and becomes a cornerstone of pop culture. This video-sharing app provides creators with a platform to showcase their lives and aspirations, and the new money aesthetic perfectly encapsulates the desires of a generation seeking luxury and extravagance.

In the realm of the new money aesthetic, TikTok users display their wealthy lifestyle through curated video content, featuring not just designer clothing and accessories, but also lavish homes, vacations, and experiences. From picturesque glimpses of penthouses and curated closets to designer labels and chic dinner parties, this aesthetic allows anyone with an eye for stylish living to showcase their opulence and taste.

At its core, the new money aesthetic gives a peek into a glamorous world that most people can only dream of. But the beauty of TikTok and social media is that they provide opportunities for users to transform their aspirations into reality, often resulting in everything from fashion collaborations to lifestyle brands.

TikTok’s new money aesthetic trend is not only about flaunting wealth but also about inspiring creativity, embracing individuality, and empowering a generation to aim higher and dream bigger.

Accessorize with Elegance

Jewelry and Eyeshadow

Regarding the new money aesthetic, shimmering jewelry and standout eyeshadow, contribute to an overall image of luxury and sophistication. Choose ornate necklaces and rings adorned with dazzling gemstones or delicate pearls. Complement your jewelry with bold eyeshadow shades in rich, golden tones. Experiment with metallic or glitter finishes to complete the look and exude confidence.

Bespoke Accessories and Footwear

Nothing says “new money” more than bespoke accessories tailored to your taste. Opt for custom-designed watches, cufflinks, or belts crafted by skilled artisans. These one-of-a-kind pieces will elevate your wardrobe and showcase your unique personality.

As for footwear, don’t shy away from indulging in high-quality, handcrafted shoes such as loafers or designer heels. Your choice of footwear is the foundation of your outfit, so invest in elegant shoes that’ll make you feel unstoppable!

Interior Design Inspiration

Antiques and Brass

Embrace the elegance and charm of antiques! Incorporating antique pieces into your home adds a touch of history and enhances the overall new money aesthetic. Look for brass accents in mirrors, light fixtures, and furniture hardware to elevate the appeal.

Experiment by mixing antique brass items with modern designs to create a unique and sophisticated space. For example, combine a Victorian brass chandelier with contemporary furniture or place an ornate brass mirror above a sleek console table.

Crystal and Marble

Crystal and marble are classic materials that can bring a luxurious feel to any space. Incorporate crystal accents through lighting fixtures, like chandeliers or sconces, and decorative items such as vases or candlesticks. These shimmering additions will instantly elevate your home’s new money aesthetic.

Marble is another excellent choice for achieving this style. Use marble in statement pieces, like coffee tables or countertops. You can also incorporate marble accents in smaller ways, such as coasters, trays, or decorative boxes. The mix of crystal and marble adds a refined touch to any room, helping to create the ultimate new money aesthetic in your home.

Influential Brands and Logos

The Role of Burberry and Balenciaga

When you think of the new money aesthetic, brands like Burberry and Balenciaga should be on top of your mind. These luxury fashion houses have played a significant part in defining this trend, with their bold logos and statement-making designs. What sets them apart from other fashion brands is the fearlessness with which they showcase their logos – a key element of the new money aesthetic.

Burberry is known for its iconic check pattern, which has become a symbol of luxury and opulence. On the other hand, Balenciaga, led by creative director Demna Gvasalia, has become synonymous with oversized logos on clothing, accessories, and footwear. These brands have boldly embraced the new money aesthetic, becoming benchmarks for adopting this eye-catching style.

Quality vs. Quantity

As with any fashion trend, building your new money aesthetic wardrobe requires a thoughtful approach. It’s essential to strike the perfect balance between quality and quantity to create an impressive and authentic look.

Investing in a few high-quality pieces from influential brands like Burberry and Balenciaga can make a significant impact on your overall look. These luxury items, featuring bold logos and expert craftsmanship, will become the focal point of your style and make a strong statement.

At the same time, balance your wardrobe with more affordable pieces that complement your luxury investments. This way, you can create a variety of outfits without compromising the new money aesthetic’s essence. Remember, you aim to achieve a refined, luxurious look by prioritizing quality and carefully selected statement pieces, rather than overloading on flashy, logo-heavy items.


What is the new money aesthetic?

The new money aesthetic is a fashion trend heavily influenced by consumerism and the desire to look wealthy. It is associated with flashy, expensive clothing and accessories, often featuring prominent logos and brand names. It is earned through salary, business profits, and investments. 

What is new money vs old money?

New money refers to wealth that has been recently acquired, often through entrepreneurship, investment, or high-paying jobs. Old money refers to wealth inherited and passed down through generations. Old money is often associated with social status, cultural refinement, and a sense of tradition.

What is the concept of new money?

The concept of new money refers to wealth that has been recently acquired, often through entrepreneurship, investment, or high-paying jobs. It is associated with a more consumerist mindset and a desire to flaunt one’s wealth through conspicuous consumption. It is earned rather than inherited.

What is an example of new money?

An example of new money is a successful tech entrepreneur who has recently sold their startup for millions of dollars. They may use their newfound wealth to buy luxury cars, designer clothing, and expensive vacations. They may not have the same cultural refinement or social connections as someone from an old money family.

How do you spot new money?

You can spot new money by looking for signs of conspicuous consumption, such as flashy cars, designer clothing with prominent logos, and expensive vacations. New-money individuals may also lack the cultural refinement and social connections associated with old-money families. 

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