Normcore Style 2023: How to Get this Minimalist Aesthetic

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Prepare yourself to appreciate the straightforwardness and coziness of normcore style! This humble, gender-neutral fashion movement cultivates the essence of sporting ordinary-looking attire, yet maintaining an effortlessly chic look. It’s likely you might’ve noticed its growing popularity on social media and fashion blogs – its cool charm and casual temper are undoubtedly appealing, which explains its omnipresence.

With the normcore trend, you can say goodbye to the pressure of keeping up with the latest designer pieces, and hello to a wardrobe that truly reflects your authentic self. Focusing on basics like jeans, T-shirts, sweats, button-downs, and sneakers can make your style versatile and timeless. So go ahead, dive into the world of normcore and discover how this relaxed aesthetic can transform your everyday wardrobe into something that’s uniquely you.

Key Elements of Normcore Style

Minimalism and Comfort

Normcore style is all about embracing the beauty of simplicity and prioritizing comfort. With its focus on clean lines and subtle details, this style allows you to create versatile outfits using basic pieces. Think wardrobe staples like button-down shirts, high-waisted jeans, and simple belts. This means you can enjoy an effortlessly stylish look without chasing trends or constantly updating your wardrobe.

Normal and Unassuming Attire

Let go of the pressure to stand out and embrace the charm of looking normal. The normcore style is just that—normal, unassuming attire. By choosing practical, everyday pieces, you create a look that’s relatable, approachable, and grounded in reality. The style focuses on timeless essentials like trousers, dad sneakers, and flat sandals. You’ll find that this subtle approach to fashion lends itself to a more authentic and genuine way of dressing.

Sameness and Authenticity

While normcore style celebrates the beauty of blending in and being comfortable with sameness, it doesn’t mean sacrificing authenticity. The core of normcore is its genuine, unaffected approach to fashion. With a focus on staying true to yourself, you’ll be free to mix and match pieces that suit your personal taste, lifestyle, and preferences.

Normcore Icons

Jerry Seinfeld

You might be surprised to learn that comedian Jerry Seinfeld is considered an icon of normcore style. His wardrobe on the hit TV show “Seinfeld” often featured simple outfits that perfectly encapsulated the normcore aesthetic. Think white sneakers, light-wash jeans, and plain t-shirts or turtlenecks. Jerry’s effortless yet fashionable look has inspired countless fans to adopt normcore fashion in their own wardrobe.

Steve Jobs

Another normcore fashion icon is the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. Jobs was known for his signature minimalistic style, which consisted of a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and round glasses. This look not only became synonymous with Jobs himself but also embodied the normcore fashion movement. Steve Jobs’ iconic attire demonstrated the power of simplicity and inspired many to embrace the normcore aesthetic.

Friends Cast

Lastly, the beloved TV show “Friends” has played a significant role in popularizing normcore style. Like Ross, Rachel, and Chandler, characters sported normcore outfits that perfectly encapsulated the ’90s fashion trends. From Ross’s classic turtlenecks and jeans to Chandler’s oversized shirts and vests, these characters brought the low-key, casual normcore style to the forefront of fashion.

Denim Jeans and Jackets

Nothing screams normcore more than classic denim jeans and jackets! They’re versatile, timeless, and perfect for creating that casual normcore look. Think of high-waisted or straight-legged cuts in earthy or neutral tones for jeans. Regarding denim jackets, simplicity is key – distressed or patchwork styles might be a bit too flashy. Brands such as Levi’s, Gap, and Everlane are great places to find these items.

Cozy Sweaters and Hoodies

Your normcore wardrobe won’t be complete without cozy sweaters and hoodies. Opt for versatile turtlenecks and cardigans in neutral colors like black, grey, or beige, which can be easily layered in colder months. Hoodies and sweatshirts are also essential – think basic pullover styles without flashy logos. Remember, with normcore, less is more.

Sneakers and Birkenstocks

Normcore Style

Footwear is key to completing your normcore look, and sneakers and Birkenstocks are the way to go! Choose timeless and comfortable pairs like Converse, Adidas, or New Balance for sneakers in clean and minimalistic styles. Don’t be afraid to rock those “dad sneakers,” too, as they’re a staple of the normcore trend.

Regarding Birkenstocks, your best bet is to stick to classic and neutral colors – such as black, brown, or white – in the iconic two-strap design. These sandals are known for their comfort and durability, making them perfect for your normcore wardrobe.

Normcore on the Runway and in Fashion Media

Vogue and Other Fashion Magazines

Renowned fashion publications like Vogue have embraced the normcore movement, featuring it in their pages and on their websites. This trend involves wearing simple, plain, and often unbranded clothing. It’s the epitome of “less is more”. You’ll often see articles discussing:

  • Anti-trends: Ditching flashy outfits for more subtle looks.
  • Effortless styling: Combining basics to achieve a chic, understated appearance.
  • Timeless pieces: Investing in versatile garments with longevity.

Fashion Shows and Designers

Normcore has made its way onto the runway for Spring 2023, and designers are incorporating this style into their collections. As a result, you’ll see:

  • Relaxed silhouettes: Loose-fitting and comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement.
  • Neutral colors: Muted tones and earthy shades that steer away from bold, bright colors.
  • Practical fabrics: Comfortable, high-quality materials built to last.

The Philosophy Behind Normcore

Anti-Fashion and Individuality

Normcore is all about going against the flashy, high-fashion trends that flood your Instagram feed. At its core, it’s about embracing a more anti-fashion approach to your wardrobe. You might think of it as a reaction against the constant pressure to stand out and be unique. The term was first coined by New York trend forecasting agency, K-Hole, as a parody of the typical youth fashion trends reports. Their aim was to emphasize that fashion shouldn’t always be about pushing boundaries but finding your own sense of individuality and comfort.

Post-Authenticity Coolness

What excites people about the normcore style is its focus on post-authenticity coolness. This means that instead of striving to be the coolest kid in town, you embrace a normal, everyday kind of coolness that doesn’t require ostentatious displays of wealth or trendiness. This allows you to feel comfortable in your skin without the need for validation from others. And, as Ryan Estrada put it, normcore tries to seek freedom in its non-exclusivity.


One of the main goals of normcore is to create a sense of belonging among its followers. By wearing universally accepted and appealing outfits, you cultivate an environment that encourages people to embrace their similarities. This is why normcore style often features timeless, basic pieces that anyone can wear regardless of their socioeconomic background and fashion preferences. In a world obsessed with individuality, normcore offers a refreshing perspective on being fashionable and stylish.

Accessories and Layering in Normcore

Ties and Socks

In the world of normcore, ties and socks can serve as subtle, yet fun statement pieces. Choose crew socks or link socks with minimalist patterns and solid colors. Think basic grays, whites, and blacks. As for ties, keep them slim and opt for neutral or muted colors. This will help your outfit maintain the effortlessly stylish normcore flair.

Yankees Caps and Baseball Caps

Sportswear plays an important role in normcore style, with baseball caps, especially Yankees caps, being some of the most popular accessories. To achieve that sporty normcore look, go for plain or subtly-branded baseball caps, which can seamlessly adapt to various outfits. Styling staple brands like Patagonia also fit the look perfectly, giving you that outdoorsy and casual vibe.

Tote Bags and Statement Pieces

Normcore Style

Adding the perfect accessory to your normcore ensemble, such as a tote bag, can be both practical and stylish. Stick to durable, eco-friendly options that embrace the normcore aesthetic, like canvas tote bags with simple designs.

Statement pieces may not always be the norm for normcore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a standout item from time to time. A pair of retro trainers or a grunge-inspired belt can provide the subtle edge your look needs. However, remember to keep the normcore spirit alive: stay practical, low-key, and unpretentious.

Incorporate these accessories and layering ideas into your wardrobe as you explore and embrace the normcore style, and give yourself the freedom to mix and match within this laid-back aesthetic.

Normcore’s Impact and Evolution

Menocore and Menopause

Menocore emerged as a variation of normcore, drawing inspiration from the comfortable clothing worn by middle-aged women in their menopause phase. This sub-trend embraces a natural look, incorporating loose-fitting garments and earthy colors. Menocore shares normcore’s commitment to simplicity and practicality while challenging traditional notions of age and fashion.

The North Face

As normcore’s popularity grew, outdoor and sports brands such as The North Face witnessed a surge in demand for their functional yet stylish clothing items. The North Face’s products, such as their iconic fleece jackets, have become synonymous with normcore for their comfort and versatile appeal, making them favorites among urbanites and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Uniqlo and Other Brands

Normcore Style

Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing brand known for its minimalist approach to fashion, has also benefitted from the rise of normcore style. The brand’s attention to quality materials and understated design aligns perfectly with normcore’s values. Other brands like American Apparel and GAP successfully embraced normcore’s fashion ethos, contributing to its widespread reach and influence.

While some believe normcore fashion may have peaked, its impact on the industry remains significant. High-fashion brands like Balenciaga have incorporated normcore elements into their collections, while the tech world, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ signature black turtleneck, has also played a role in popularizing the trend.

As you can see, normcore style has undeniably affected various segments of the fashion industry, from the emergence of sub-trends like menocore to the success of well-known brands like The North Face and Uniqlo. Although its popularity may continue to ebb and flow, the underlying principles of normcore fashion, such as comfort and simplicity, will likely continue to resonate with people for years.


What is normcore style?

Normcore is a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing that eschews individuality to be more versatile. It includes jeans, T-shirts, sweats, button-downs, and sneakers, usually in light or neutral colors, that fit a variety of informal social situations. 

How do you wear normcore?

To wear normcore, choose simple, unisex clothing in light or neutral colors, such as jeans, T-shirts, button-downs, sweats, and sneakers. Avoid logos, glitz, and anything expensive-looking. Mix and match pieces to create a laid-back, effortless look. 

What are normcore characteristics?

Normcore is characterized by plain, unisex clothing that is comfortable, versatile, and unpretentious. It values authenticity over extravagance and eschews individuality in favor of blending in. It is often associated with light or neutral colors, minimalism, and a rejection of fashion trends.

What is a normcore aesthetic personality?

There is no such thing as a u0022normcore aesthetic personality.u0022 Normcore is a fashion trend, not a personality type, and anyone can adopt it regardless of their personality. It values simplicity, comfort, and authenticity but does not dictate specific personality traits. 

Normcore was popular in the early 2010s, particularly in 2014, when it gained widespread media attention. It was seen as a reaction to the excesses of mainstream fashion and a desire to blend in rather than stand out. It has since waned in popularity but remains influential.

What is Gorpcore style?

Gorpcore is a fashion trend inspired by practical outdoor wear, such as hiking and camping gear. It features functional, suitable clothing and accessories, often in earthy colors and made from durable materials. It emphasizes comfort and versatility and is associated with an active, outdoorsy lifestyle.

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