Outfit Inspo: Shop the 4 Most Stunning Looks From This Week

Do you also sometimes lack inspiration in everyday life? In passion and creativity to find new beautiful styles, and in most cases, it just boils down to wearing what you find first in your closet? Do not worry! We often feel the same way! However, to avoid this as often as possible, we are inspired by the best content creators, fashion insiders, experts in the field of the latest trends and styles. That’s why today we’re showing you the most beautiful outfits that we’ve come across in the last week and where you can buy them directly and easily to give you a good dose of outfit inspo.

1. Outfit Inspo: Natural Tones

We immediately fell in love with this outfit by the wonderful Jacqueline Zelwis! White mom jeans are currently super trendy and give every woman an incredibly feminine, light touch. Paired with a long black wool coat, we are not only super stylish, but we are no longer cold, and we can stroll through the city without any worries.

PS: With most designers and brands already starting to sell spring and summer clothing, winter clothing is often heavily discounted, even though most countries are still cold for a long time. So it’s worth keeping an eye on 😉

Shop this Beautiful Outfit:

2. Outfit Inspo: Bright Colors

Bright colors are not only proven to make you happier, and in a better mood, but they also look super modern.

We love this look so much because it’s so easy to recreate. All it needs is a pair of light blue mom jeans, a pair of white tennis socks, and a grey oversized blazer, plus an extra cozy beige scarf to throw on.

Shop the Look:

3. Outfit Inspo: Puffer Jackets

Another cosy, bright look is this one from gorgeous Charline, in which she combines warm-keeping pieces with sporty ones – a combination we absolutely love!

Shop the Look:

4. Outfit Inspo: Leather Look

Leather looks are one of the most popular outfits at the moment! We are also impressed by the popular material…

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