The 4 Most Stunning Ways to Style an Oversized Black Blazer

The 4 Most Stunning Ways to Style an Oversized Black Blazer

The Oversized Black Blazer: That’s the absolute must-have for celebrities, Hollywood starlets, content creators and influencers. Today we will introduce you to the best outfits so that you can rock the trend piece this winter too!

The Most Stylish Ways to Style an Oversized Black Blazer

1. Oversized Black Blazer: Mom Jeans + Turtleneck Knit Sweater

Mom jeans are back again! And jeans also look great with a blazer!

Linda Sintonen combines her oversized blazer in a minimalist autumn look with a dark gray mom jeans with black and white loafers, a mini shoulder bag and an oversized gray knitted sweater.

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2. Oversized Black Blazer: The Chelsea Boots Look

At the moment, no content creator can live without Chelsea boots in their closet! And as popular as they are, they are just as easy to combine. It’s best to wear a black blazer to keep the look feminine and elegant at the same time.

Lissie Judd combines a white mom jeans with black chunky Chelsea boots, a Bottega Veneta shoulder bag and of course an oversized black blazer.

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3. Oversized Black Blazer: Leather Pants + Black Blazer

Like Chelsea boots, leather pants are an absolute must-have in this cold season! Due to their deep black color, they can be worn with a black blazer and at the same time give the outfit that certain something. See for yourself:

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4. Oversized Black Blazer: With Black Tights

You may now think that it’s way too cold for the winter – and I can reassure you immediately: I wear this look very often myself  and love it (in Germany the weather in winter is anything but nice and warm ;(  )

Because with high leg chelsea boots no air gets to the feet and ankles, which makes the look warmer. In addition, the thick tights ensure that they wrap around the skin like leggings and thus hardly let any air through to the bare leg. But if you want it to be even warmer, you should pay attention to the following tips:
Put on a scarf and hang it over the front (so don’t knot it at the front) and wear gloves to keep your hands warm. It is also advisable to pay attention to thick tights and a blazer with a high percentage of wool.

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