Oversized Plaid Blazer 3 Easy Ways How to Style the Trend Piece

Oversized Plaid Blazer: 3 Easy Ways How to Style the Trend Piece

Oversized Plaid Blazer: Oversized blazers are in vogue at the moment – and they come in many shapes, variants and colors. And the oversized plaid blazer is definitely one of the classics among the trendy looks! And we are incredibly happy that the pattern is finally celebrating its comeback this winter!

Oversized Plaid Blazer: How to Style the Trend Piece

1. Oversized Plaid Blazer: The Everyday Look

You can just wear this outfit all the time. Grab a white t-shirt, your favorite plaid blazer and white wide leg jeans. You can also wear a pair of Ugg mules and a shoulder bag – and you’re done!

The Swedish model Elsa Hosk loves this look: It’s a real must-have look in everyday life!

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2. Oversized Plaid Blazer: Dress + Oversized Blazer

It’s the perfect mix of feminine and oversized. Since the oversized blazer can quickly look masculine, this look is perfect to round it off as best as possible. The body-hugging, tight dress shows the feminine side of you, while the blazer makes your outfit look cutting-edge and stylish – simply the perfect mix!

3. Oversized Plaid Blazer: As a Plaid Coat

A popular variant of the plaid blazer is its longer sister – the coat. This also looks great in a checkered pattern and can be combined very stylishly in winter. See for yourself:

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