5 Paris Inspired Outfits

Paris Outfits: The Best 5 Paris Inspired Looks

Paris is known for its chic, extravagant and distinctive fashion scene. For us, too, Paris is always an exciting source of inspiration, from which we like to be inspired. In this blog article we show you what Paris is wearing this winter and how you can easily recreate these outfits.

Striped Sweaters

We’ve introduced you to the trend of striped sweaters before, but we just can’t get enough of it. Melissa combines it with leather pants with white decorative seams and a gray Birkin bag.

You can also see more and more striped sweaters in white and black in London, New York and Berlin now. The trend pieces are best combined with the colors white and black as well as other neutral tones. We have collected the best three striped sweater looks for you here.

Checkered coats

This trend piece from Paris should not be missing in our best Paris outfits, because this winter everything revolves around checked patterns or stripes!

Filippa Hägg combines the trend coat with Prada loafers, a black Birkin bag and of course a coffee (if you want to include that;)).

India Moon and Charlotte Emily Sanders also rely on the trendy, plaid coat.


Chucks are back! The classic shoe from the 2000s is back and we’re really excited! The shoes are now worn in black and white and can be combined with everything!

Sweater Over The Shoulders

We have already introduced you to this trend from Paris, because it is just so beautiful!

In her casual classic look, Camille Charriere combines a green sweater that she hangs over her shoulders with a white shirt, jeans, a dark blue cap and again a birkin bag.

Blazers with Turtlenecks

This trend is not only super stylish, it is also perfect for winter because it keeps you warm.

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