Puffer Coat 5 Easy Ways to Style the Trend Piece

Puffer Coat: 5 Easy Ways to Style the Trend Piece

You struggle with combining and styling your puffer coat? Then you are going to find your needed inspiration here!

5 Easy Ways to Style the Trend Piece

1. Puffer Coat Outfit: All Black Everything

Black is simply the content creator’s new happy color. The look can also be combined with a puffer coat.

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2. Puffer Coat Outfit: Cream Dream

The color cream is also a trendy color this winter.

Amy Shaw combines a cream-colored sweatsuit with a long coat. In addition, the content creator styles brown sunglasses, gold creoles, and white Airforce.

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3. Puffer Coat Outfit: A Look For Rainy Days

Unfortunately, we are not spared rainy days this year either. That’s why this look is great for the dreary weather.

Benthe Liem combines a khaki oversized coat with black leggings that have slits at the foot. She also styles chunky Chelsea boots and a black umbrella.

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4. Puffer Coat Outfit: The Brown Look

Brown puffer jackets should not be missing today either – because they are very easy to combine and also keep you very warm when it gets colder.

The content creator combines the puff jacket with brown jeans, black chucks and black sunglasses.

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5. Puffer Coat Outfit: The Long Coat

Of course, long coats keep you warm even better and are super easy to combine.

Adila styles the long coat, for example, with khaki-colored Chelsea boots with a high leg. She also wears black leggings and a black long-sleeved top.

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