The 4 Most Stylish Puffer Jacket Women – Editor-Approved

The Puffer Jacket Women is no longer just the warm and protective winter coat option for those who like it practical. The fashion world has embraced this style with open arms, reworking the classic with bold designs, colors, and shapes. There are many options for this megatrend from waist belts, balloon sleeves, pastel shades to oversized padding.

With the sudden drop in temperature and the looming bitter cold – which roughly disrupt our weekend walks and evening drink plans – the puffer coat is undoubtedly the Must-Have-Piece of our winter wardrobe right now. The buffer can be as thick and pillow-shaped as you like, with extra padding, or you can opt for the buffer’s thinner and very stylish sister – the quilted jacket that is currently all over the high street with a subtle layer the insulation.

Don’t worry that whichever you choose, these puffer jackets are guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy during this wonderful winter season.

Scroll through to see our editor’s top tips – The Most Stylish Puffer Jacket Women

1. Puffer Jacket Women: Leather Is Everywhere

Leather is THE trend material this season. Even leather jackets are out of leather now. But don’t worry: We only recommend faux leather to you!

This cropped version is super stylish and always looks good while it doesn’t make you look masculine.

2. Puffer Jacket Women: Faux Sherpa Puffer Coat

This puffer coat is just a dream. It’s super feminine but makes sure to keep you warm.

The medium-length puffer coat is made with artificial Sherpa wool on the hood, on the snap placket, on the pockets, and on the front belt buckle. This contours the coat and creates a unique look. It is also insulated with recycled filling to keep you warm all winter. In addition, the look is ultra-practical by being equipped with lower pockets on the front and an inner strip.

3. Puffer Jacket Women: Long Puffer Coat

This long puffer coat is made for the cold days in winter. At the same time, it combines this need with style and a timelessly elegant look.

4. Puffer Jacket Women: The Classic

This classic is the absolute must-have puffer jacket. The good thing is that the jacket – because it has been in trend for years – will continue to be an important part of winter fashion in the years to come. So if you don’t already have a North Face puffer jacket, now is the time to invest in one.

These are the hottest ways to style a Puffer Jacket:

Cream Everywhere:

Cream is one of THE trend colors this season. With a puffer jacket in this light color you simply always look chic and stylish.

With a Scarf:

Scarves are a must-have in the cold season, which not only keeps you warm but also just always looks good.

Brown Look:

Wideleg jeans are super popular because they look so comfortable and stylish. This kind of jeans can also be combined with a puffer jacket.

With Leggings:

A thick puffer jacket can quickly look bulky or even masculine. Tight leggings create a contrast that puts your feminine figure very well in the scene and thus not only a successful, stylish outfit, but above all emphasizes your figure in the right places. It’s worth a try!

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