4 Rainy Day Outfits for Work We’re Wearing All the Time

Rainy Day Outfits for Work: We all hate them and owe them to climate change: rainy days. Unfortunately, they’re the order of the day in most parts of the world right now and since we’re tired of not knowing what to wear to work on these days that still looks good after walking, today we’re showing you the best Rainy Day Outfits for Work from the influencers, content creators and celebrities who swear by these outfits.

What you should pay attention to on Rainy Days so that you still look good after you arrive:

  1. If you’re walking to work, be sure to always have an umbrella with you so that your hair won’t mess up. But if you don’t have one handy and still want to look good, we have a little trick for you: With a balaclava hat or a scarf, you can easily conjure up a head covering that won’t mess up your hair and at the same time protect you from unpleasant wind at your ears.
  2. Make sure you wear good shoes. Nothing is more annoying than walking in the rain with high heels or shoes you have to strain to walk in. So on these days, it’s better to do without the high-heeled pumps and replace them with trendy Chelsea boots or loafers, for example. Logically, black shoes are best suited for rainy weather because the dirt is not immediately visible.
  3. Go for dark clothes instead of light ones. We’re probably all familiar with what happens to white or light-colored clothing that gets wet – whether it’s from the rain or cars splashing you on the sidewalk. So, to avoid the scenario, it is not only advisable to run as far from the road as possible, and at the same time to rely on black clothes that are opaque.
  4. Smooth leather is suitable as a super stylish and at the same time practical fabric, as it is water repellent. In addition, leather is one of THE trend fabrics this season.

The Best Rainy Day Outfits for Work:

1. Rainy Day Outfits for Work: All Black Everything


Completely black looks have long ceased to belong only to the gothic scene but are also a big trend among minimalist French girls. Especially on days when instead of going to work we would rather hole up, this simple outfit is perfect. Because apart from a long coat, a dress (or even top and bike shorts), and a pair of high Chelsea boots, this outfit doesn’t need much effort. Besides, with a good look in mind, it’s much easier to pick yourself up and get ready for work anyway. So this beautiful outfit is worth a try.

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2. Rainy Day Outfits for Work: Pop of Color


Pop of color is always a good choice as they instantly enhance any outfit and make it more exciting. Emerald green is also a color that is so on-trend that we can hardly imagine our Instagram and Pinterest feeds without it. Even my mom just bought a super pretty zip sweater in this trending color last week – so the trend has already reached everyone. The way Oliwia combines the color, the outfit is perfect for rainy days, as the hat catches the rain and the scarf catches the wind. It doesn’t get any better than this does it?

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3. Rainy Day Outfits for Work: Casual Style


This casual outfit with the trendy Ugg Mini Boots*, a leather jacket, and casual jeans, is also a great option for the rain. Because the leather jacket is water-repellent, the Ugg boots also withstand rain and wind, and sturdy jeans have nothing to fear anyway.

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4. Rainy Day Outfits for Work: Fur Leather Jacket + Loafer


As we announced above, loafers are a great way to go to work looking chic despite the rain. Because loafers are mostly made of a thick leather material, which is sturdy enough to repel rain. Here we have again a beanie and a practical leather jacket – both are very suitable for rain.

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