Rainy Day Outfits The Best 5 Styles

Rainy Day Outfits: The Best 5 Styles

It rains a lot and you don’t know what to wear? No worries because we are going to show you the best Rainy Day Outfits today.

With an Umbrella

Pretty much any outfit looks great with an umbrella.

Maja, for example, combines her transparent umbrella with a knitted sweater vest and a white shirt underneath, as well as high-leg Chelsea boots and black tights.

Biker Jackets & Leather Pants on Rainy Days

Leather jackets and leather pants should not be missing from our best rainy day outfits. Because the material is extremely practical: It is water-repellent and air-permeable – perfect for rainy days!

Ivona Zupet relies on the all-black-everything look. She also combines tight-fitting leggings with cutouts on the leg, a black turtleneck top, ankle boots and the popular biker jacket.

To keep the look warm, we recommend leather jackets with fur inside for the winter.

Nini Catarina Nguyên shows that you can also combine the look with leather pants. This makes it even more suitable for rainy, dirty weather.

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are best suited for this type of weather, as they are great at repelling water and also keep you warm in cold weather.

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