Romantic Academia Aesthetic 2023: How to Live this Dreamy Style

Do you yearn for an escape from the melancholic allure of the Romantic Academia Aesthetic? Why not delve into the spellbinding realm of romantic academia? This bewitching aesthetic merges academics and artistry, highlighting passion, sentiment, and coziness. Like a refreshing breeze, romantic academia encapsulates the quintessence of age-old literature, historical relics, and vintage romance.

In romantic academia, you’ll discover a treasure trove of hues, including soft pinks, tans, and creams, inspired by the pages of antique love letters and sun-bleached poetry. Immerse yourself in the beauty of flowy dresses, fancy updos, and the tender details that reflect a yearning for knowledge and passion.

As you delve into this charming aesthetic, you’ll find inspiration in everything from vintage bookstores to candlelit dinners while fostering a strong sense of intellectual curiosity and adoration. Say goodbye to gloomy shadows and embrace the warmth of romantic academia in your everyday life.

History and Origins

Romantic academia draws its inspiration from the Romanticism movement of the 18th century in Europe, especially from influential authors like Jane Austen. It responded to the previous Age of Enlightenment, valuing emotion and intuition over strict rationalism. The aesthetic is also connected to the German “Sturm und Drang” or “storm and stress” movement, which emphasizes an individual’s emotional experience1.

In the 2010s, romantic academia began to gain popularity as a subgenre of the broader academia aesthetic, all thanks to the influences from places like Tumblr and other social media platforms. It’s a softer, more elegant take on the traditional academic style that interests you.

Key elements in romantic academia include an appreciation for literature, art, and history and a deep love for nature and its beauty. The style features traditionally preppy attire like blazers and cardigans but prefers softer materials such as linen, satin, and silk, as well as light colors like pastels, light pinks, blues, whites, and beige2.


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What is the Romantic Academia Aesthetic?

Visuals and Colors

Regarding romantic academia, the color palette features a beautiful mix of neutral and moody tones. This aesthetic takes inspiration from classic academia while adding a touch of fantasy to the mix. Key colors include beige, gold, and soft pink, blue, and green hues that intermingle with bolder shades like navy, deep ruby, and forest green.

Within this aesthetic, you’ll find an array of enchanting visuals such as roses, mirrors, chandeliers, and tulle. Delicate textures like lace and intricate patterns often create a romantic and scholarly atmosphere.

Fashion and Accessories

Regarding fashion, romantic academia combines elegant, vintage-inspired pieces with traditional scholarly attire. Ruffled blouses, lace accents, and tulle skirts capture the romantic aspect, while classic cardigans and blazers embody the academic essence. Key materials in this aesthetic include satin, silk, and tweed.

While building your wardrobe, consider incorporating high-waisted jeans, wide-leg pants, and vintage clothing for a timeless look. Footwear options like ballet flats and kitten heels add a touch of sophistication and charm. When it comes to accessories, opt for vintage jewelry like delicate necklaces and pearl earrings.

You can further immerse yourself in the romantic academia style by incorporating ornate, functional items like vintage bags, hair accessories, and stylish eyewear to complete your look. This aesthetic is all about embracing the finer aspects of scholarly fashion, so don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different elements to craft your perfect romantic academic style.

Academic Pursuits

Literature and Learning

As a romantic academic, you are captivated by the allure of old books and the time-tested knowledge they encompass. You immerse yourself in the classics, delving into works that have shaped perspectives on love, life, and emotions. Your interests stretch across history, literature, and language.

When it comes to learning, you appreciate taking handwritten notes, conducting thorough research, and indulging your insatiable curiosity. You are at home in cozy libraries and used bookstores, seeking out tomes that stir your mind and your heart. Embrace your love for classic literature and nurture your passion for learning by:

  • Engaging in passionate discussions and debates about your favorite works
  • Writing in the margins of your books, as if in conversation with the authors themselves
  • Surrounding yourself with beautiful, vintage stationery and bookmarks

Philosophy and Spirituality

In romantic academia, your intellectual pursuits go beyond overt knowledge to explore the depths of philosophy and spirituality. You ponder questions about existence, purpose, ethics, and aesthetics while maintaining an open and excited mind.

Philosophy might lead you to delve into the works of esteemed thinkers, such as Sartre, Nietzsche, or Kierkegaard. Spiritually, you may find affinity with beliefs and practices that resonate with your own inner journey, searching for a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Here are some ways to deepen your connection to philosophy and spirituality:

  • Meditate or journal to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs
  • Attend lectures or study groups focused on philosophy and spirituality
  • Explore the intersection of spiritual traditions and academic studies through education and research

Creative Expression

Poetry and Literature

As a daydreamer, you’ll find yourself drawn toward the world of romantic academia, poetry and literature. It’s all about wistfulness, fantasy, and the deep connection between love and learning. Embrace the beauty of writing poetry or immersing yourself in the classic works of romance literature, and you may even discover your unique voice as a creative writer.

Don’t be afraid to explore works that incorporate themes of love, self-discovery, and nostalgia, or even dive into the world of romantic fiction. Great poets and writers of the romantic academia aesthetic often evoke feelings of longing and bittersweet melancholy, making their works a treasure trove for fellow daydreamers like you.

Visual Art and Design

In addition to literary mastery, the romantic academia aesthetic extends into visual art and design. Capturing the essence of this particular art movement involves incorporating elements like muted colors, floral patterns, graceful flowiness, and classic, timeless elegance.

Imagine yourself donning a chic, cozy cardigan adorned with petite flowers or a flowy skirt gently sways as you wander through a picturesque, literary-inspired environment. The romantic academia aesthetic champions these visuals’ allure while celebrating the inner daydreamer in all of us.

As you delve deeper into the world of romantic academia, explore different art forms and mediums. Collaborate with other artists, experiment with various design aesthetics, and create your own interpretation of the romantic academia style. By doing so, not only will you connect with a community that appreciates your love of all things romantic, but you’ll continue to grow, discover, and evolve as an artist, gaining a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry that is the romantic academia aesthetic.

Cultural Inspirations

Romantic Academia Aesthetic

One of the major cultural inspirations for this aesthetic is period dramas, especially those that depict lavish, elegant settings. Take Bridgerton, for example. The drama showcases breathtaking costumes and designs that portray vintage-inspired beauty, capturing the essence of romantic academia. Similarly, you’ll find glimpses of this aesthetic in Gothic literature and older sewing patterns, which reflect a beautiful blend of classical beauty and vintage charm.

Emotions play a crucial role in shaping the romantic academia aesthetic. The movement strongly emphasizes emotions, self-expression, and individuality, bringing a more human element to the style. Themes like love, nostalgia, and longing are often explored in this aesthetic, which adds depth and richness to the overall experience.

Classical music is another phenomenal source of inspiration for the romantic academia aesthetic. Be it Beethoven, Mozart, or Chopin, the immersive melodies evoke a sense of drama, passion, and beauty – exactly what this aesthetic is all about. As you enjoy classical music, notice how it elevates the atmosphere and transports you to a world where vintage-inspired beauty and intellectual pursuits intertwine.

Finally, theme aesthetics play a vital part in the romantic academia style. The trend incorporates various vintage-inspired looks that range from preppy to whimsical. With a combination of cardigans, flowy dresses, embroidered details, and lace, you’ll find endless ways to express your unique style while celebrating the captivating world of romantic academia.

Lifestyle Attributes

Ambiance and Spaces

Step into the comforting realm of romantic academia, where everything is designed to create a sense of warmth and relaxation. Surround yourself with cozy furnishings, like plush armchairs, soft pillows, and a warm beige cardigan to envelop you as you curl up with a classic novel.

The color palette of romantic academia includes soft pink, warm beige, and other charming, muted tones. Bold touches, such as lipstick marks on the rim of your teacup and flower bouquets as centerpieces, add a hint of the moody and romantic.

When creating your romantic academia ambiance, nothing is more essential than having the perfect tea set. After all, this lifestyle cherishes tea as a ritual for contemplation and conversation. Light some candles, play soothing classical music, and indulge in moments of thoughtful introspection.

Community and Identity

Romantic academia is more than just a visually enchanting aesthetic—it’s a way of life that encourages self-discovery, emotional authenticity, and a passion for learning. Embrace your penchant for literature while donning dainty necklaces, lacy tights, and nude kitten heels.

Incorporate elements like sweetheart necklines and cozy sweaters as you assemble your romantic academia-inspired wardrobe. Channel your inner scholar through a love for timeless fashion pieces, paying homage to tradition while forging your unique path.

Connect with others who share an affinity for the romantic academia lifestyle, whether it’s through discussing your favorite sonnet from the Romantic Era or bonding over shared tastes in fashion. Celebrate togetherness and intellectual curiosity in a nurturing and supportive community atmosphere.

Embracing the Romantic Academia Aesthetic

Look for inspiration on platforms like Pinterest, which offers countless ideas and images of romantic academia outfits and settings. Fill your wardrobe with lace blouses, flowy dresses, and cozy sweaters to achieve that timeless, feminine look. Don’t forget to add ballet flats for elegance and comfort. A chic crop top also works wonders with high-waisted skirts or pants.

Incorporating elements of dark and light academia, romantic academia focuses on intellectual pursuits’ softer, more emotional side. Imagine old-fashioned love letters, swoon-worthy springtime picnics, and dreamy ballet performances. This aesthetic invites you to get lost in romance literature while appreciating the finer details of life. Imagine yourself as a character from a Jane Austen novel or a 19th-century poet, and embrace the feelings this image conjures up within you.

Finally, don’t forget to surround yourself with beautiful, decorative objects that evoke the romantic academia aesthetic. Fill your space with vintage-looking books, ornate writing materials, and fresh flowers to set the mood. Allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of romantic academia and bring a touch of enchantment to your everyday life.


Romantic Academia Aesthetic

What is romantic academia aesthetic?

Romantic Academia is an aesthetic that combines academia with romanticism. It features preppy clothing like blazers and cardigans, soft colors, and materials like silk and satin. It is heavily influenced by love, romance literature, and the Romantic Era. 

What is romantic academia fashion?

Romantic academia fashion is a style that combines traditional preppy items with soft colors and materials like linen, silk, and satin. It is inspired by love, romance literature, and the Romantic era.

What are the characteristics of romantic academia?

Romantic academia is an academic aesthetic focusing on love, romanticism, and the Romantic era. It is visually and philosophically similar to light academia, but emphasizing romantic love and lust more. Characteristics include soft colors, vintage clothing, and a love for literature and art. 

How do you become romantic academia?

To become romantic academic, you can start by incorporating soft and vintage-inspired clothing into your wardrobe, such as linen, silk, and satin fabrics, and pastel colors. Embrace literature and art, particularly those from the Romantic era, and focus on the themes of love and romance. 

What is Lovecore aesthetic?

Lovecore is an internet aesthetic that celebrates love, romance, and affection. It is characterized by using pink and red colors, hearts, cherries, flowers, and other symbols of love. Lovecore is often associated with Valentine’s Day and is a positive and wholesome space on social media. 

What does Dark Academia romanticize?

Dark Academia romanticizes the intellectual and academic lifestyle, often with a focus on the elite colleges of the early 20th century. It emphasizes literature, philosophy, and the arts, and often incorporates Gothic and mysterious elements. 

How to be Lovecore?

To be Lovecore, embrace symbols of love and affection like hearts, cherries, and flowers. Use pink and red colors in your clothing and decor. Celebrate love and positivity, and create a wholesome space on social media.

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