Shoe Trends 2021 You Need to Know these Revolutionary Trends

Shoe Trends 2022: You Need to Know these Revolutionary Trends

Shoe Trends 2021: In this blog article you’ll see the Shoe Trends 2021 and the most stylish outfits with them. Are you ready?

Shoe Trends 2021: You Need to Know these Revolutionary Trends

1. Shoe Trends 2021: Chucks

The popular oldschool chucks are back! This year they are not worn out and dirty, but clean. In addition, you wear the classic with a higher sole.

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2. Shoe Trends 2021: Chelsea Boots

Just a brief explanation in advance: In contrast to the combat boots (which are also very popular at the moment), Chelsea boots are without laces.

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The classic is super easy to combine and is now available in many colors – the color variants there range from white, black, beige, khaki to combinations of the colors.

Laura Verwi combines black Chelsea boots with an activewear set consisting of shorts and a t-shirt in a light gray with a black oversized blazer.

3. Shoe Trends 2021: High Leg Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boots are of course available in a higher version, which is therefore perfect for the cold days. This variant is a modification of the cowboy boots that have celebrated their comeback in the last two years.

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5. Shoe Trends 2021: Ankle Boots as The Classics

Ankle boots have been one of the absolute classics among shoe trends for years. This year they are coming back and this year they are combined in a more chic, minimalist and classic way. See for yourself:

5. Shoe Trends 2021: New Balance 990

This sporty shoe has been worn up and down this year – and we love it! Because of its light gray color it can be easily combined and styled and doesn’t look too sporty.

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6. Shoe Trends 2021: Loafers

Loafers are our all-time favorites this year!

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