Spring Break Outfit These are 6 Outfits that we Wear up and down

Spring Break Outfit: These are 6 Outfits that we Wear up and down

Soon it will be that time again: Spring Break is just around the corner. And what would vacations be without good weather, great parties, and a good mood in feel-good summer outfits? Exactly, nothing. That’s why this is the ultimate guide for your perfect Spring Break outfit so you can have a memorable time super dressed as always.

First, we’ll bring you up to date on this year’s fashion trends and show you very briefly what’s hot this spring and summer. After that, we will present you with the best 6 outfits for unforgettable spring break days and tell you where you can shop the popular outfits directly. And last but not least, we will show you affordable must-have pieces for this summer, which simply everyone needs in their closet because these items simply upgrade every outfit.

These are currently THE Fashion Trends that you should definitely know about:

  • Glitter and disco feeling
  • Color Blocking
  • Y2K

1. Glitter and Disco Feeling:

That is a trend that will come in handy on our Spring Break when we just really feel like partying. Glitter isn’t reserved for Cinderella, and it’s not as tacky as you might think. Because palettes and glitter effects on your favorite pieces have something majestic that gives you that certain something at a hot flirt or a fancy party. With a good dress or top made of glitter you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher of the evening and your crush will certainly not be able to keep his eyes (maybe even hands ;)) from you. Try it out and thank me later.

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2. Color Blocking

“Color Blocking,” also known as “Dopamine Dressing,” is the phenomenon of dressing in bright colors that make us feel better and are even said to boost the release of the happy hormone dopamine. It doesn’t get any better than that for our Spring Break, right!? I don’t think anyone has anything against a bit of happiness! The bright colors immediately stand out and make for eye-catching outfits.

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3. Y2K

Those who hoped that the Y2K* trend would never come back should be taught better: This spring and summer, the major fashion trend is making its native comeback. We see low-waist jeans and belly chains, as well as unusual cuts and patterns.

Spring Break Outfit: The Hottest Styles

1. Spring Break Outfit: White Bikinis and Tanned Skin

You might be thinking, what does tanned skin have to do with our favorite spring break outfits? Tanned skin is – except in the Asian region – THE beauty ideal par excellence! Therefore, we see it as an accessory and take it with it. But in case you’re in the same situation as me right now – I get crisp red instead of crisp tan with what feels like 5 minutes of sun exposure. And since I have such fair skin, I rely on my beloved self-tanner from St. Tropez* instead of the sun or tanning bed. Then nothing stands in the way of the pool party with a white bikini and wide-leg jeans.

Shop the Look:*

2. Spring Break Outfit: Zebra Look Dresses

That is a dress that attracts attention. Because it has something aesthetic, a bit of Y2k, and yet something timeless, chic, if you are planning to go out on your days off, this dress will sweeten the evening for your counterpart and make you look seductive. But it also can be casually styled for a party or a cocktail/pool evening. A real all-rounder!

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3. Spring Break Outfit: Suit with a White Shirt

Suits with pinstripes have been abundantly popular among young and old for decades. But they can be combined in more variations than some might think. So if it should be a bit colder during our spring break or we just don’t want to wear a dress or a tight top, this look is a real eye-catcher and a super alternative with which you don’t have to cut back. The combination of a suit vest and white shirt underneath gives the otherwise strict outfit something casual.

4. Spring Break Outfit: Emerald Green Details

Emerald Green is THE trend color this spring and summer, and that’s why we’re wearing this beloved color up and down on Spring Break. That is one of our favorite ways to use the color to make a splash:

5. Spring Break Outfit: Glitter Dress

There it is, the glittery wrap dress! As we said above, glitter and palettes are a megatrend this spring. Therefore, such a timeless dress is also super suitable as a spring break outfit.

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