10 Stunning St Patricks Day Outfits You Will Love

10 Stunning St Patricks Day Outfits You Will Love

St Patricks Day Outfits: St Patrick’s Day is almost here (March 17th) which means that it is time to have fun! Even though the holiday was created by Irish people in America, wearing green is not the only fun thing to do. If you need some fashion inspiration for St Patrick’s day, we’ve gathered 10 stunning outfits that you will love!

When it comes to St Patrick’s Day, it seems like everyone is trying to find a new way to show their Irish pride. Sometimes that means decking out in head-to-toe green and hoping for the best. Some people have opted for a more subtle approach over the years, but there are still plenty of times when you can wear clovers and green pants without feeling like you’re being judged by the fashion police.

10 Stunning St Patricks Day Outfits You Will Love:

1. St Patricks Day Outfits: Satin Skirt + Black Top

You can’t go wrong with a statement-making satin skirt on St. Patrick’s Day. I love this one from Missguided*, which is on super sale for less than $16. Pair it with a classic black top and some gold accessories for an easy and chic outfit that you can wear again and again!

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2. St Patricks Day Outfits: Oversized Green Blouse + Wide-Leg Jeans

If you prefer to dress casually for St. Patrick’s Day, you should think about this beautiful outfit, which is very easy to style.

Because this green blouse in oversize can be combined super well with a pair of jeans and pumps or heels – if you want it then but a little fancier.

3. St Patricks Day Outfits: Green Oversized Blazer + Straight-Leg Pants

The color play of white and emerald green is not only super popular among influencers and content creators for some time – no, meanwhile I discover more and more fashion-conscious people with this combination on the streets. We love it!

Especially this chic and elegant combination has it all – it is timelessly beautiful and simply fits every occasion.

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4. St Patricks Day Outfits: Green Suit

A green suit is always going to be a winner on St Patricks Day and no one knows this better than Liam Gallagher. Whether you’re heading to the pub for a few drinks, or you’re going to something more formal, then a green suit will work for both occasions. If it’s cold where you live, then you can wear a white t-shirt underneath with a pair of dark brogues so it’s not too formal.

5. St Patricks Day Outfits: Green Sweater + Black Trousers

When you think of St Patricks Day outfits you probably envision a head-to-toe green ensemble, but this doesn’t have to be the case!

To avoid looking like a leprechaun, opt for a simple green sweater with black trousers for a much more sophisticated look.

This outfit is perfect for any St Patrick’s Day events that you may have planned.

6. St Patricks Day Outfits: Wide-Leg Jeans

7. St Patricks Day Outfits: Wide Pleated Trousers + Blouse

While we also love the all-green outfits, this year we decided to have some fun with color and add some pops of orange!

And what better way to do so than with the help of our favorite orange bag and/or shoes?

These are by far the most purchased pieces in our closets because they go so well with everything from jeans to dresses.

So naturally, I had to include them in this St Patrick’s Day ensemble.

8. St Patricks Day Outfits: Backless Top + Green Pants

9. St Patricks Day Outfits: Ribbed Green Midi Skirt + Beige Top


10. St Patricks Day Outfits: Green Dress

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