Summer Fashion Trends 2022: 6 Most Important Trends

This spring’s fun to revel in the new season: Because the Summer Fashion Trends 2022 are super exciting, there is something for everyone and they are finally not so boring and monotonous: bright colors, disco feel, and the big Y2k comeback will love all who like it fashionably a little louder. But there’s also something for us minimalists and timelessly classic ladies who prefer elegance because we’ll see lots of neutral shades, a whole new blazer silhouette, and a shorts trend that’s especially interesting for those of us who like it timeless.

The 6 most important Summer Fashion Trends and hottest must-haves at a glance:


Summer Fashion Trends 2022: Disco Feeling

Most designers usually save sequins, metallic shades, and glitter for the winter season – but not this season: This spring, glitter is being used for all it’s worth, be it in an all-over look like at Versace or as a single statement like at Loewe. How does so much glitter not only looks good at the summer party but can also be styled for everyday wear? If you don’t overdo it and limit yourself to one highlight piece in the outfit, it’s a great look for every day! So specifically, you can combine rather coarser materials and fabrics like denim and linen with party pieces to make them look suitable for everyday wear.


2. Summer Fashion Trends 2022: Color Blocking

“Color blocking,” also known as “dopamine dressing,” is a huge trend right now that says to dress in bright colors because they make us feel better and even boost the release of the happy hormone dopamine. So this season, we are all happy! How lovely! Because I don’t think anyone would mind a little happiness! The bright colors immediately catch the eye and make for eye-catching outfits.


3. Summer Fashion Trends 2022: Y2K

All those who hoped that the mega-trend from the 80s, will never come back, have made a huge mistake: because this spring and summer, the great fashion trend celebrates its big comeback. We see low-waist jeans and belly chains, but also striking, unusual cuts and patterns.

4. Summer Fashion Trends 2022: Wide Bermuda

This spring and summer, the shorts – aka shorts – will be one thing above all: incredibly comfortable. According to designers, wide silhouettes are especially popular among shorts in the coming season. They are often worn loose on the hips or classic with a buttoned blazer.

5.  Summer Fashion Trends 2022: Artistic Lacing

Laced accents were already seen sporadically in past collections (especially at Jacquemus) but are experiencing a real hype in the upcoming season. Whether extra-long cords, with which tops and bottoms are loosely tied and then sometimes even looped several times around the belly or tops with numerous lacing at the shoulders: In the new summer fashion is wrapped like crazy!

6.  Summer Fashion Trends 2022: Tailored Blazers

Oversized cuts have dominated the blazer game in recent years. This coveted casualness will stay with us, but a new cut is coming shortly: more and more labels are returning to the hourglass silhouette. That means: the blazers have strong shoulders and a very fitted cut. Visually, they are reminiscent of Christian Dior’s iconic “New Look” from the 1950s – and they look no less elegant today. The new blazers are worn as dresses or in combination with wide pants, which loosens up their chic look.

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