These are The Hottest Insider Summer 2023 Hair Trends You Must Know!

Summer 2022 Hair Trends: The last few years have shown a particularly beautiful development – and not only in terms of hair: the trends show that not only celebrities and influencers are focusing on more naturalness, but this trend has also long since arrived in the general population.

Not only do we finally wear what we personally really like and have largely reached a point socially where everyone can wear what they want, but we have also moved towards promoting this naturalness and seeing it as a global trend.

We love that! And that’s also a big theme for this year’s hair trends.

While this year’s fashion trends on the other hand couldn’t be more opposite, colorful and eye-catching, hairstyle trends are less dramatic.

So what we can expect this summer for chic, timeless hairstyles to feel so comfortable in this hot girl summer, we reveal to you today.

Sit back and enjoy a good dose of hair inspiration for your summer.

These are THE Insider Summer 2022 Hair Trends You Must Know!

1. Voluminous Blow-Outs

Since we are bombarded with blow-out tutorials on Tiktok, in which we are shown the most bizarre methods for a beautiful blow-out look like fresh from the hairdresser, the round brush, the curlers, or/and the hot airbrush in our daily hair routine is no longer imaginable without – all alternatives for the master of blow-out – the Dyson Airwrap, which we are probably all saving up for and which is also currently completely sold out everywhere.

Curtain bangs were yesterday, today we wear not only the front hair tiered, but all to get the most voluminous look possible.

With it, your voluminous blow-out like from the hairdresser succeeds without any problems:

2. Hair trends summer 2022: Simple Updos with Hair Clips

This aesthetic hairstyle is not only a super beautiful classic that looks classy, timeless, and super chic.

It is made in under 30 seconds and is so perfect for everyday life and for days when you just don’t feel like long styling in the bathroom.

All you need for this cute and aesthetic look is a beautiful hair clip, which adds a sweet complimentary detail to your look.

With these cute hair clips, you’re guaranteed to look like Pinterest’s “That Girl”:

3. Summer 2022 Hair Trends: Cute Braid Details

This is a hairstyle that immediately reminds us of good beach days, doesn’t it? The sweet braid details spray a touch of lightness on your face – or better – directly into your hair in no time.

We can’t even remember who brought back this cool retro look, was it Hailey Bieber? Or the Hadid sisters? Or was it a viral TikTok after all, that quietly snuck its way into our hearts?

Because one thing is for sure: more and more often we see this casual braided look on Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, and co – and we’ve even spotted it on the runway…

This definitely makes it one of THE trending hairstyles this summer – and we love it!

4. Courage for Naturalness

And here we have the trend that we drew attention to at the beginning: The courage to go natural – and not just in terms of our hair color, but in terms of our styling.

Because we naturally tend to want what we don’t have. If we have straight hair, we automatically want wavy – and vice versa.

This summer, that’s over, because we don’t have to keep hiding behind curling irons and straighteners.

Especially in the summer on the beach or at the lake, no one has time to always perfectly style his hair anyway – especially not if you have been swimming.

And if we’re honest, that’s not a bad thing! Because we look best naturally anyway.

So, ladies, I dare you!

However, it is especially important to take proper care of it, otherwise, your hair can quickly become dry and lose its shine, which we want to avoid at all costs!

That’s why we’ve been swearing by OLAPLEX Nº.6 Bond Smoother Leave-In Styling Treatment* and OLAPLEX Nº.7 Bonding Oil* for years.

Together, they simply create an unbeatable combination of shine and deep repair of the hair structure.

Because with Olaplex’s high-quality products, the premium ingredients penetrate deep into your hair to strengthen it and make it shine from the inside out – personally, I just can’t live without these two essentials anymore, as they make my hair so soft and beautifully shiny like no other product.

A real heart recommendation!

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