Become That Girl Without Having to Spend Thousands

Become “That Girl” Without Having to Spend Thousands

We all know “that girl” – maybe not necessarily personally, but definitely on Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok. Yes, they have stunning long tanned legs, their skin is clear, their figures are defined, tall and athletic, and they look great in any sportswear. They eat avocados, drink green smoothies every day, play lots of tennis where they look super aesthetic, and their outfits resemble that of a catwalk full of supermodels. Yes, we all dream of being like her for just one day in our lives: that girl.

Having hundreds of different, perfectly put together outfits and eating tons of healthy organic food every day while living in an aesthetic apartment in the exciting London, stunning Bali, or beautiful Australia not only costs a lot of money but also a lot of time and energy. In reality, the idealistic life of a Mrs. “that girl” is very difficult to achieve.

But so that you don’t crawl into a corner and start crying quietly, because your little dream of a beautiful, carefree life has burst, we’ll show you now how you can be her without investing so much money and time.

1. “That girl’s” morning starts with a great morning routine

A morning routine isn’t only something for busy Wall Street executives and entrepreneurs, it’s also something for Mrs. “that girl”. Because it gives your day a direction, gives you a good portion of momentum, power, and self-confidence that makes your day productive and successful. And the good thing about it: It doesn’t even take a lot of effort, because it’s usually in the little things.

A great morning routine that you could easily integrate into your everyday life could look like this:

  • Start your day by not setting yourself too many alarms, but try to get up at the first alarm.
  • First thing in the day, drink a large glass of water – preferably two. Because while sleeping, the body loses much water. This will give you a real energy boost and you won’t feel so tired straight away.
  • Next, you can practice mindfulness and gratitude with a journal, which will make you more relaxed, open-minded, and happier throughout the day. A very well-known journal is the Five-Minute Journal*, for example.
  • Take a cold shower to feel fresh and comfortable. This not only has several positive effects on your psyche but also on your immune system, your cardiovascular system, and even your weight – it has been proven to help you lose unnecessary pounds. So nothing like taking a cold shower!
  • Afterward, we love throwing in a small self-care unit: Feel free to take everything here that you otherwise take for your skin in everyday life. You can also do your makeup and get ready in this step. For example, we love treating ourselves to a facial massage with a Gua Sha to get the blood flowing through the face to look younger and fresher as a result.
  • After you feel really good after your cold shower, you should treat yourself to a balanced, healthy breakfast. That can be a fruit salad, oatmeal, or toast with avocado and egg. What you choose to eat is entirely up to your creativity and cravings: the only important rule here is that it’s as healthy and balanced as possible, so you’re getting lots of the essential nutrients that will help you feel fit.

How you put together the order of your perfect morning routine is up to you. But make sure that you are building a habit and not just doing it infrequently. You will only achieve a balanced life if you take care of yourself regularly and focus on yourself.

2. Fuel your Body

Your body is a giant machine optimized for today’s life. And to get it going, you need the right fuel. The best way to get this fuel is through food, which provides your body with sufficient energy. “That Girl” therefore relies exclusively on high-quality food that is healthy and balanced. Of course, that doesn’t mean that to be “that girl” you can never eat fast food and chocolate again, but that you eat healthy most of the time.

However, high-quality organic food can get quite expensive in the long run, so here are our top tips to help you reduce your costs:

  • Food sharing. We love the concept of food sharing, which is now happening in many cities around the world – just find out about the situation in your city. Because many restaurants and shops offer to secure the unsold groceries of the day at a reduced price. This is a super sustainable cause that we are happy to support – after all, “that girl” is also environmentally conscious.
  • Shop at specific times. It is now well known that supermarkets and shops reduce prices at certain times. For example, you can get good bargains on Saturday evenings.

3. Shop High-Quality & Second-Hand

We can also see the environmental awareness of “That Girl” in her shopping behavior. Of course, she has an incredible amount of clothes, which always go perfectly together, but in order, tor be able to afford it and to keep an eye on the environment, there are a few tricks that “that girl” uses:

  • She buys second-hand and sells clothes herself that she no longer wears.
  • She buys quality clothes that she can wear not just for one season.

4. Her Mindset

As we can see, living like Mrs. “that girl” isn’t as difficult as we thought, since the little things are usually much more important. For example, our next point: the mindset. “That girl” is always courteous, polite, and helpful. She is courageous and does not put others down or even gossip about them. She focuses on herself because she knows how much she is worth – without having done anything in particular for it. Nevertheless, she is a goal-oriented, committed woman who is committed to her goals and dreams and will achieve them sooner or later. She knows, that with hard work, diligence and passion, she can achieve anything.


I hope that gave you a little inspiration that it doesn’t take an incredible amount of money and everything to live your dream life. All it takes is focus on yourself, a healthy attitude towards life, and a positive mindset. From That Girl to That Girl: Keep going, Sis. You deserve everything you want or dream of.

*Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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