The 5 Best Warm Winter Jackets for Women

You don’t know which winter jacket is the best for you this winter? No worries! We show you the 5 Best Warm Winter Jackets for Women today!

The 5 Best Warm Winter Jackets for Women

1. Warm Winter Jackets for Women: The Checked Coat

The plaid coat is the new trend in 2021, because we wear a lot of black and white this year anyway – from the classic striped sweaters to the black tights with pulled-up tennis socks.

This trend coat can be perfectly combined with ankle boots and leather pants for the cold days.

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2. Warm Winter Jackets for Women: Fine Wool Coat

This ultra-elegant coat has been the trend coat for years – and not without reason! Because of its high percentage of wool, it keeps you warm and always looks neat and chic, as it does not get any unsightly creases. With this, he has managed to sneak into our fashion hearts every year and we hope that it will continue for many more! See for yourself:

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3. Warm Winter Jackets for Women: Fur Leather Jacket

Leather is the absolute trend this year because the trend material is very easy to combine thanks to its ultra-black color.

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4. Warm Winter Jackets for Women: The Quilted Jacket

The quilted jacket is a modification of the puffer jacket, as it has smaller puffers. Mostly it is a bit thinner and generally rather oversized.

This trendy jacket has especially celebrated its success through The Frankie Shop, which brought out the well-known Quilted Teddy Jacket.

5. Warm Winter Jackets for Women: Puffer Jacket

Of course, this classic should not be missing from our best winter jackets for women. The puffer jacket has been known for years because it keeps you warm, always looks stylish, and optically elongates your legs.

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