The Best 35 Stores Like Revolve You’ll Love

Stores Like Revolve: If you’ve been following the latest in the industry, you’ve probably noticed that Revolve is one of the top multi-brand fashion retailers.

Why? Well, there are a lot of technicalities in its success story, but the short version is that it hits just the right balance between cost, quality, and variety.

So, it’s no wonder that many Gen Z-ers and Millennials are now on the look for stores like Revolve.

What is Revolve* all about, and what other retailers share its vibe? That’s what we set out to find!

The Best 35 Stores Like Revolve

Before we dig deeper into Revolve’s nitty-gritty details in our FAQ section, let’s first take a closer look at its top alternatives.

1. Shopbop (The Best!!)

Stores Like Revolve
Photo: Shopbob

One of the best parts about browsing Shopbop* is how it opens your eyes to current trends. So, if you’re running low on outfit ideas, you can just check out the “Most Hearted” page to see what people are raving about now.

You don’t have to worry about shipping or whether the store is legit. After all, Shopbop is owned by Amazon Inc.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

2. Intermix

For a while, Gap owned Intermix*, but it’s now operating under Altamont Capital Partners.

Either way, Intermix maintains its contemporary style. On the website, you’ll find a healthy mix of up-and-coming labels with some top-name luxury brands.

3. Lulu’s

You can definitely find trendy tops and bottoms at Lulu’s*. However, the store’s specialty is cute dresses for all occasions.

A wedding or a formal event? Check. A cocktail party? You’ll find it here. A relaxing vacation? Lulu’s got your back.

While Revolve also categorizes dresses by occasion, it’s more of an extra feature vs. being the whole concept.

4. Zaful

You’ve probably heard about influencers doing fashion hauls from Zaful*. The reason why it’s so popular is its affordability, low free-shipping limit, and continuously updated selections.

Much like Revolve, Zaful doesn’t focus on one fashion category. Yet, the website has a section dedicated to “Curve + Plus*” items.


Stores Like Revolve

Like Revolve, ASOS* is a specialty retailer that sells pieces from private labels and its own brand. So far, the store’s catalog combines items from more than 850 brands with the ASOS Design label.

The main difference is that ASOS isn’t as focused on women’s apparel as Revolve.

6. Saks

Saks Fifth Avenue (SFA) operates as a discount department store; it collects excess inventory from top brands and sells them at lower prices than the competitors.

That said, Saks is now separating from its department store chain, SFA, and soaring high as a standalone e-commerce retailer.

7. Free People

If you’re looking for an alternative to Revolve with a boho/hippie twist, you won’t have to look further than URBN’s Free People.

Aside from e-commerce, Free People* has three wholesale showrooms in the US (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago) and one in the UK.

8. The Frankie Shop

The Frankie shop is best known for its utilitarian vibe. The items are practical yet stylish, which is more trendy than you might have initially imagined.

Don’t just take our word for it; one piece from The Frankie Shop, a boilersuit, made quite the buzz at New York Fashion Week.

9. Superdown

If you liked Revolve’s selection, you’ll probably love Superdown*. After all, it’s one of the ventures operating under the same parent company.
In fact, Superdown’s items are also sold on Revolve.

10. Farfetch

Farfetch* is one of the strongest competitors on the market, and it has been growing steadier than Revolve.

All in all, it’s more focused on high-end fashion, and this reflects in its price ranges. However, you can grab “pre-owned” items from Farfetch if you want some designer items but can’t afford to splurge right now.

11. Nasty Gal

From an eBay account, Nasty Gal* grew to be one of the most common multi-brand fashion retailers.
Overall, Nasty Gal’s prices are lower than Revolve, but you can pick up a promo code along the way and get an even better deal.

12. Verishop

Verishop* realized early on the power of social media. That’s why the company uses content creator programs and livestream shopping on its app to attract younger consumers.

The store also offers free shipping at a fairly low cart total. This way, you can test things out with a small order. The downside is that Verishop, unlike Revolve, doesn’t ship internationally.

13. MatchesFashion

MatchesFashion’s* product range is quite similar to Revolve’s catalog. Both stores carry items from brands like Saloni, See by Chloe, Agolde, and Bottega Veneta.

That said, MatchesFashion offers additional services like private shopping and a complimentary shopping concierge.

14. Reformation

Reformation* isn’t a multi-brand retailer like Revolve. Instead, it sells apparel from its own label.
That’s not a bad thing, though. Reformation has a sustainable approach, which makes it a viable option for eco-conscious fashionistas.

Plus, celebrities like Bella Hadid and Taylor Swift wore pieces from Reformation.

15. The RealReal

The RealReal* is known for selling luxury clothes. However, it adopts a consignment business model as opposed to traditional retail sites.

Yet another thing that sets The RealReal from other stores on the list is that it includes home products and fine art in its marketplace.

16. Zappos

Much like Shopbop, Zappos* is owned by Amazon.
Although the online store sells clothes, accessories, and home products, it’s the shoes that really define Zappos as a retailer.

Since the store is all about footwear, its target audience isn’t as limited as Revolve.

17. Showpo

If you’re looking for a Revolve-like shopping experience with a sizing variety, Showpo’s* body-positive store might be just what you need.

The store’s own line, Amalie The Label, echoes a chic and effortless style that can complete your summer look!

18. Net-a-Porter

Stores Like Revolve

Net-a-Porter* is yet another multi-brand retailer that you’ll love if you’re a fan of Revolve.
It’s also possible to sell your items to Net-a-Porter’s Reflaunt service. Then, you can either get your payment in cash or shopping credits.

19. Hello Molly

Hello Molly* is an Australia-based boutique that ships worldwide.

This one’s a good fit if you’re in touch with your feminine side. The collections are full of soft and cute designs, from swimwear to party dresses.

20. Source Unknown

If you’re looking to make a statement with your wardrobe, Source Unknown* might be the right Revolve alternative for you.

While Source Unknown is a relatively new multi-brand retailer (founded in 2020), the store’s high-end, utilitarian-style collections earned it a spot on this list!

Just keep in mind that it’s not super size-inclusive, though.

21. Nordstrom

Nordstrom* is mostly known for being a high-end department store. Yet, its website also offers a Revolve-like shopping experience.

Overall, Nordstrom has a wider reach and attracts more male shoppers to its site than Revolve.

22. MyTheresa

MyTheresa* is a Germany-based alternative to Revolve, gathering items from more than 200 international fashion brands.

All in all, the store is one of the closest matches to Revolve in terms of shopping experience, categories, and target audience.

The best part? MyTheresa is a carbon-neutral retailer, which reflects on the company’s eco-friendly packaging and shipping practices.

23. Shein

Stores Like Revolve

Shein* is, hands down, one of the most famous multi-brand retailers out there. Much like Zaful, it’s common in influencers’ fashion hauls.

The main appeal behind Shein is its price points, though. For the most part, it’s a lot cheaper than Revolve.

24. Anthropologie

Like Free People, Anthropologie is a boho-chic retailer operating under the parent company, URBN.

What sets the store’s catalog apart from Free People and Revolve is the home and outdoor sections. Other than that, Anthropology has pretty much the same target demographic as Revolve.

25. Tobi

If California flair suits you best, you’ll want to check out Tobi.

Tobi* is an LA-based fast-fashion store that produces its fashion pieces instead of following a multi-brand retail approach like Revolve.

Either way, the website has an occasion-oriented layout, so the shopping experience is a bit like Lulu’s.

26. SSense

SSense* (you pronounce that as “essence,” by the way) is a great Revolve-like store if you’re a Millennial looking for statement pieces.

If you like keeping your style a little unpredictable, you’ll probably like browsing the store’s collections—that could take a while since the site has items from 700+ brands!

27. & Other Stories

H&M’s sister brand, & Other Stories*, caters to women who prefer an “all-natural beauty” approach to luxury fashion.

Sure, you won’t find items from other brands on the store’s website. However, the Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles-inspired designs are to die for!

28. W. Concept

W. Concept* is a lot like Revolve, but it doesn’t limit itself to women’s apparel. Plus, the site has an entire section dedicated specifically to K-beauty products, which isn’t something you’ll find on Revolve.

Yet, Knoji’s reports find that W. Concept lacks many of the payment options and eco-friendly approaches that Revolve has.

29. Luisaviaroma

Right off the bat, Luisviaroma’s* categories set it apart from Revolve. Instead of focusing only on women’s fashion, the site’s categories include menswear, kids, and home products.

We still had to mention it since its style echoes Revolve’s vibe nicely. You can find items from brands like Balmain and Bottega Veneta in both stores.

30. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters* is yet another URBN retailer that’s quite similar to Revolve.

Compared to Revolve, the store’s product range is more comprehensive. It includes men’s apparel, home products, pet supplies, magazines, and more.

31. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s* is mostly known as a luxury department store chain that caters to men, women, and kids.

However, its e-commerce site still competes with stores like Revolve. For one, if you compare visits, you’ll find that Bloomindgale’s is doing better than Revolve.

32. Next

Next is a UK-based multi-brand fashion department store that targets women, kids, and men. Thankfully, you don’t have to visit the UK to check out its collections since they ship internationally.

If you liked Revolve, you’ll probably enjoy Next’s Lipsy collection.

33. Salty Crush

Free People isn’t the only boho alternative to Revolve. After all, the Sydney-based Salty Crush* has some irresistible prints and vibrant colors, too.

To get the gist of the store’s vibe, we recommend checking out the flowy dresses in the Jaase collection.

34. Rêve En Vert

If sustainability is a priority for you, you might want to check out Rêve En Vert.

The name translates to “dream in green,” so it’s no surprise that the company adopts an environmentally friendly approach to its clothes, accessories, and beauty products.

The store even has a whole “Zero Waste” lifestyle category!

35. Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi* is a multi-brand retailer that specializes in high-end items. So, naturally, you can expect its average price to be much higher than Revolve’s.

Aside from its ready-to-ship collection, the store is known for its pre-orders from top designers in the industry.


Who are Revolve’s top competitors?

According to similarweb’s reports, Revolve’s top competitors (sorted by visits) are:

– Nordstrom
– Bloomingdale’s
– Saks
– Anthropologie
– Lulu’s
– Free People
– Net-a-Porter
– Shopbop

What is the sister brand of Revolve?

Forward is Revolve’s sister brand.

They’re both owned by Revolve Group Inc., but Revolve came first (2003), then Forward followed (2012).

Is Revolve secondhand?

No, Revolve’s selections are first-run and bought directly from the original designers/brands.

Is Revolve affordable?

Revolve is more affordable than its sister brand, but it’s not the most budget-friendly multi-brand retailer out there.

Is Revolve a luxury brand?

No, Revolve is more of a mid-range store. Meanwhile, Forward is a luxury version of Revolve.

Interestingly, Revolve makes more money (86% of 2020’s net sales) than its luxury-focused sister brand.

Is Revolve in Europe?

Revolve is an LA-based store, but it delivers to Europe. That said, there are some countries that Revolve won’t ship to, including Belarus.

Who wears revolve clothing?

Many celebrities and social media influencers, like Troian Bellisario and Alexa Losey, wear pieces from Revolve.

How did Revolve get so big?

Despite having no prior experience in the fashion industry, Revolve’s founders, Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas, managed to push the store to the top.

That’s mostly thanks to their analytical approach to consumer data that helped curate the selections. However, to grow the company even more, the duo relied on a rush of influencer-based marketing.

Why is Revolve so successful?

Revolve’s data-driven selection, product variety, and early arrival to the online retail scene helped keep it profitable.

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