10 Things That Make You Look Cheap 2024 (& How to Avoid Them)

As a person who devotes their time to studying sophisticated attire, prestigious brands, and enduring elegant aesthetics, I have observed recurring errors committed unwittingly by numerous women which can make them appear inexpensive.

In this article, I’ll delve into these habits and provide tips on how to avoid them.

10 Things That Make You Look Cheap

1. The Blonde Hair Dilemma

Women with blonde hair often face the challenge of unwanted yellowness or orange tones.

This issue significantly impacts the perceived quality of their appearance.

To maintain an expensive and well-put-together look, it’s crucial to choose the right hair color and avoid dark roots contrasting with yellow-tinted blonde hair.

Go to the hairdresser regularly and if you have blonde hair, use silver shampoo regularly.

A little personal tip: leave the shampoo on dry hair for 15 minutes before shampooing. It has a much stronger effect on dry hair and the effect is therefore better.

This is my absolute favorite silver shampoo*, which I buy again and again. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s really worth it.

I’ve never had such a good one before, and even at my worst (when I had a coloring failure and looked absolutely orange) it always saved my hair, leaving it looking beautifully bright blonde.

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2. The Rubber Band Dilemma

Things That Make You Look Cheap Elegant Lady
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An often overlooked detail that can cheapen your appearance is leaving a hairband on your wrist.

Even if it seems like a small, subtle thing, these details matter.

To elevate your look, pay attention to these seemingly minor elements.

3. Foundation Undertones

Choosing the right foundation is key.

Having the wrong undertone can be glaringly obvious, especially in daylight.

Determine if you have a neutral, cool, or warm skin tone and find a foundation that matches both your tone and current skin color.

Also, make sure it matches your skin color, so generally don’t go too dark or too light if it doesn’t match your natural skin color.

Naturalness always looks best – and that should always be our top priority when applying makeup.

4. Split Ends Downgrade

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Regular visits to the hairdresser are essential to maintain a polished appearance.

Split ends can significantly downgrade your overall look. Taking the time to trim dry, frizzy ends will result in healthier, more luscious-looking hair.

5. Tacky Behavior

Looking good goes beyond appearance.

Your behavior, body language, and posture also contribute to your overall image. Consistency in your personal brand is crucial.

Dressing elegantly is not enough; your behavior should align with your appearance.

6. Representable Mouth


The appearance of your mouth matters, especially during social interactions. Ensure good oral hygiene, and moisturized lips, and consider addressing any dental issues.

7. Perfume Selection

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Avoid juvenile or cheap-smelling perfumes.

Your scent adds to the perception of your appearance. Opt for more elevated and sophisticated fragrances.

Also be careful not to wear perfumes that everyone wears. After all, we want to stand out in an elegant way. A unique, unforgettable fragrance is the cherry on the cake.

So don’t even reveal your perfume to your best friends – it’s your signature scent.

8. Outdated Styles

Wearing styles that are outdated can diminish your overall appearance.

Even classic styles need occasional updates to avoid looking stuck in a particular era.

Be mindful of trends and adapt them to suit your timeless old money style.

9. Bold Eyebrows

Overly strong or bold eyebrows can cheapen your appearance. It’s crucial to find a balance and choose a color that suits you.

If you make a mistake, take the time to correct it rather than walking out with eyebrows that don’t enhance your look.

10. Chipped Nails

Chipped nails can significantly impact the perceived hygiene and cleanliness of your appearance. While it’s understandable that maintenance might be challenging at times, making an effort to avoid chipped nails contributes to an overall polished look.

Don’t let your nails get too long in general, it often looks cheap. Wear short, elegant, monochrome or french nails – this looks the most elegant.

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