Trending Jewelry These Gems are all the Rage right now

Trending Jewelry: These 5 Gems are all the Rage right now

It’s a fashion tip we’ve heard a hundred times: jewelry completes any look. The reason everyone preaches it? He’s right. You can find out below which trending jewelry we use to complement our outfits, and make them more exciting.

Trending Jewelry: We are wearing these pieces of jewelry now

Good style can be so simple. All you need is a handful of high-quality jewelry. And a simple outfit becomes a whole new look that will be remembered. If there was one thing that could be observed for trending jewelry, it was that jewelry plays a decisive role. In short: This season, it’s going to be maximalist and loud – hanging like a Christmas tree is encouraged!

Where does this tendency come from? On the one hand, the so-called “zoom dressing” plays a major role in trending jewelry. Since many in the home office are currently working from home and hopping from one call to the next, the trend to focus on fashion from the shoulders down is unbroken. Jewelry is a perfect way to do that. In addition, cool rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets can give a real dopamine kick. They’re really fun!

The Most Popular Trending Jewelry 2022:

1. Trending Jewelry: Chunky Link Chains in Gold

Chunky and large-link chains have been with us for many seasons. Currently, they are the most popular fashion jewelry. Whether worn over a simple t-shirt or with an black oversized blazer, the chunky link chain is becoming the most important piece of our jewelry collection in the new season. We have hardly seen filigree necklaces on the catwalks, which quickly go under.

Styling tip: The rule here is more is more. The mix of different chains, lengths, colors, and materials creates a unique look. The beauty of this trend is that there is no right or wrong – much less “too much”. As a rough guide to chain layering, three is a party. Earrings also go well with the link chain.


2. Trending Jewelry: Creoles

Who do you think of first when it comes to Creoles? Right – Jennifer Lopez. The singer recognized decades ago that circular earrings of different sizes always fit everywhere. The timeless accessories are now back as a trendy jewelry trend and create a clear reminiscence of the aesthetics of the 90s and 00s. In addition to the XXL hoops, we now also rely on smaller and chunky models – an ideal choice for minimalists. But we can stow the ear studs in the jewelry box, for the time being, the pieces of jewelry are far too inconspicuous for the opulent season.

Styling tip: For an extravagant appearance, it is best to use large hoop earrings à la J.Lo, while smaller donut-shaped hoops are suitable for everyday wear.

3. Trending Jewelry: Bubblegum rings

Colorful, loud, playful: this jewelry trend makes children’s hearts beat faster. But not only them, because the candy rings and chains by Christian Dior and Moschino were also applauded with great enthusiasm on the adult runways for spring/summer 2022. As a result, you can see the colorful rings everywhere. They feature bold style and kitschy embellishments; The candy rings are usually made of glass or synthetic resin. Since statement rings are one of the biggest trends, narrow and delicate rings are currently seeing less.

Styling tip: When it comes to styling the statement rings, there are literally no rules – the more, the merrier. It looks cool when the nails are dipped in just as cheerful colors as the costume jewellery.

4. Trending Jewelry: Silver Jewelry

It’s been a long time since silver jewelry was considered a trend. That changes this season, where the Y2K aesthetic sets the tone. Silver jewelry is now on the rise and is particularly versatile in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets, or chains: the silver tone gives outfits a clean and modern touch. It’s completely different with romantic jewelry in rose gold – unfortunately, it’s still out and eagerly awaiting its revival.

Styling tip: Mix & Match is the motto of the season. What we are wearing now is gold and silver in combination.

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