Trending Spring Outfits 2023: THE 7 Hottest Outfits Right Now

Trending Spring Outfits 2022: The days are getting longer, warmer, and brighter.

We wear lighter clothes, apply self-tanner* and sunscreen, and wear sunglasses such as shorts. Correctly recognized – we are talking about the dawn of spring/summer!

The wait is finally over and we can now put away our pesky winter depression, which has only gotten worse due to world events. Finally, we can spend more time outdoors without having to wrap up in a thousand puffer jackets.

1. Beige Trench Coats + Wide-Leg Jeans

Beige trench coats are among the absolute classics among coats for the transition or for spring.

With Burberry, the trend coat came into fashion and has since then never been away from the scene – fortunately!

Because the beautiful, minimalist coat can be combined in the most diverse ways without ever looking bad!

Together with casual wide-leg jeans, the classic looks ultra-stylish and is also super suitable for everyday wear.

Without pink nothing goes this season – neither in the fashion trends nor in the hottest nail designs!

And that’s a good thing! Because the powerful color gives you a wonderful glow and makes us immediately shine!

As a blazer or as a dress – but also as a top, as high heels or as hats – we currently see the trend color everywhere! An investment in trend parts with this color is therefore worthwhile because it is not so quickly out again!

3. Minimal Suits

We’ve written about minimalist suits so many times that it’s probably hard not to notice how important this outfit is to the current trend development in fashion!

An outfit that will always be in and will instantly make you look thousand times more elegant.

The stylish gym leggings you can only wear to the gym? Wrong.

Anni shows it – the comfortable pants can also be combined very stylishly in everyday life.

5. Button-Down Shirts

Button-down shirts have become an indispensable part of our closets, and for good reason: the classics can be easily combined with everything and are perfect for warmer days.

When we don’t want to wear a jacket or it’s just too warm for one, a button-down shirt is still the best choice – just put it on and it looks casual and chic at the same time.

Emerald Green is next to pink probably the trendiest color ever, on which all influencers and celebrities swear!

The color can be used and combined in many ways and always looks wonderful. It brings your complexion perfectly to the radiance and makes you a real eye-catcher.

As an oversized blazer to throw over, the look then also has something casual, which immediately upgrades any outfit.

But an oversized blazer is also trendy in another color – gray.

Together with a pair of leather pants, this outfit looks timelessly beautiful and is suitable for almost any occasion.

That’s why you also have a free choice of shoes to go with this classic look because just about any shoe will do. While high heels will immediately stretch your leg and turn the outfit into a dressy, chic outfit, sneakers will give it a casual touch.

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