Trendy Nails 2023: The 9 Most Stunning Designs We See all over Pinterest

The sun is out and it’s all about brand new nail styles, straight from the pages of our favorite influencers and content creators. Curious to know what the fashion troops are sporting this season? What sets this summer apart from the last one, and how can I stay on point with the latest nail trends while enjoying my vacation?

All these questions and more we clarify today.

Because while the past seasons were not exactly the most exciting nail-wise, this season will be all the more exciting.

As with the new fashion trends, the motto for this year is the more colorful, the gaudier, and the more eye-catching the better!

Trendy Nails 2022: The 9 Most Stunning Designs We’ll See all over Pinterest & TikTok

1. Trendy Spring Nails: Monochrome Pastel Shades

Pastel colors are a big thing this spring/summer.

A minimalistic alternative to bright, flashy colors, these light colors give you a nice touch of color that gives you instant summer vibes.

Each finger in a different color is thereby a super easy option that anyone can instantly replicate. And the good thing is, you can wear these nails with just about any outfit, as their minimalist undertones mean they just go with everything!

Perfect for any that girl aesthetic ;).

2. Trendy Spring Nails: Squiggles in Pastel Colors

And here, too, we see: Influencers and content creators simply love pastel colors this spring!

But if uniform nails in these colors are too boring for you, you can go for this exciting design.

The basic shade is a light beige or light pink, which is usually also used as a base for a French nail design.

3. Trendy Spring Nails: Pink Squiggles

Ahhhhhhh pink: we love the color this summer!

With the Y2k comeback, pink is a real must-have for every fashion-conscious and stylish woman!

With squiggles and fine lines in different shades of pink and pink, this beautiful nail design will be the eye-catcher this season.

It is worth a try!

4. Trendy Spring Nails: Fine Lines

Fine lines are drawn this season, however, not only in the famous Barbie color but also in the beautiful and trendy Ibiza Blue.

Together with a light pink base, the nail design is eye-catching and special enough to get you in the summer mood, but at the same time is simple enough to be able to combine it with everything.

5. Trendy Spring Nails: Dark Red Romance

This spring you spend with your new (or even familiar hihi) flame on a romantic vacation for two?

Then you can not miss this sweet nail design and should sweeten the vacation for both of you.

6. Trendy Spring Nails: The Pink Y2k Comeback

Now it gets really crazy and wild.

As we have already announced above, the Y2k trend celebrates its huge comeback this summer and we celebrate this of course not only with low rise jeans, belly chains, and mini skirts but also with striking patterns and colors – even on our nails.

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful pink shade, you should definitely try out this eye-catching design this season!

7. Trendy Spring Nails: Cute Flowers over French Nails with Pastel Tips

Three major nail trends are combined here this year.

So if you love all French nails, pastel shades, and also cute minimalist flowers on your nails, you should try all three trends in combination!

8. Trendy Spring Nails: Minimalist White Flowers

But of course, we can also serve you with the slimmed-down version, which Parisian girls in particular love because the design is just so minimalist chic and just goes with everything.

The nail design is not at all obtrusive as some others might be and gives you timeless elegance.

This spring you want to be or become “that girl”? Then you need this design!

9. Trendy Spring Nails: Big Pastel Flowers

Where there are minimalist, chic designs, there are, of course, also flashier, more colorful ones.

This design is guaranteed to get you in the mood for spring and bring you plenty of memorable moments on warm evenings outdoors.

Because no other design screams lighthearted, spring moments like this sweet, fresh nail design.

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