What to Wear on a Night Out with Friends in 2022 30 Unforgettable Ready-to-Go Outfits

What to Wear on a Night Out with Friends in 2022? 30 Unforgettable Ready-to-Go Outfits

What to Wear on a Night Out with Friends? Friday/Saturday evening and the club/bar is set – only the outfit isn’t.

What should I wear? What do the others wear? Classy or casual? Which shoes? Can I wear my new dress?

Questions upon questions. And not only does it take a lot of time you could just as easily put into your hair or makeup, but it’s the same every week.

Today, we’re going to settle these and more once and for all, so you’re not always faced with the same questions.

Is there a Difference if it’s a Date or a Night Out with Friends when it comes to the Outfit?

Yes, there is a small but subtle difference here:

A good date night is usually with a person you like or even with your steady partner and therefore represents something exciting, and thrilling.

In doing so, we usually dress to make ourselves feel sexy and beautiful – after all, we want to leave a positive impression and want nothing more than for the other person to appreciate and reciprocate our efforts.

A night out with friends is all about fun. Unless your crush is along for the ride. So this is more about having a memorable night out instead of a get-to-know-you night.

So this is based on two basic principles:

1. how much you feel good about yourself
2. how much your friends feel comfortable.

There are no limits to your outfit. Wear what you feel comfortable with and really have fun with. But make sure that you aren’t too overdressed or underdressed to get the others and yourself into awkward situations.

So it’s best if you discuss the location and the people there shortly beforehand.

How do You Coordinate Clothes with Friends?

Want a new kick for your group of friends? How about coordiated looks?

Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Play with the Same Color Palette.

Find shades that suit all of you and use them to create different looks. How about everyone dressing up in green or blue details? Or go crazy with monochromatic outfits in one color? Sure to be a great eye-catcher.

Wear All the Same Accessories.

Shoes or hats in particular are great if they’ve been coordinated among themselves.

How about looking for the long-forgotten necklaces from your first vacation together to create nice outfits with them? Not only an eye-catcher but also a fantastic conversation starter. We all like to chat about nice memories.

Most of the time, small details are enough to conjure up special outfits that have been coordinated to make the upcoming night out an unforgettable one.


Color contrasts can also be very cool – like in the picture above, for example.

The color differences set exciting accents that not only make your outfit something special but also provide an extra dose of a good mood.

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