What to Wear With Brown Ugg Boots: The 10 Best Styles

Ugg boots are celebrating their comeback this season, and celebrities like Chiara Ferragni, Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid, and many more just can’t get enough of the comfortable shoe! But since you can, unfortunately, look very unkempt super quickly in this trend shoe, we are here for you today and will show you what to wear with brown ugg boots.

1. What to Wear With Brown Ugg Boots: Jeans + Wool Coat + Brown Scarf:

Winter 2022 is known for its neutral earth tones, which the content creators and not least our entire editorial team absolutely love! Simply combined, you can’t go wrong with this look – it keeps you warm, looks timelessly elegant, and is also great for everyday use.

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2. What to Wear With Brown Ugg Boots: Fur Jacket + Jeans + Plaid Scarf

This outfit is based on the popular and currently super trendy faux fur jacket from Zara. In combination with boots, this is the perfect outfit for every day.

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3. What to Wear With Brown Ugg Boots: Trench Coat + Straight Jeans

Green and blue are THE trend colors this year and that makes this outfit an absolute must-have look for every wardrobe. The brown details of the bag and the boots as well as the green ones that are reflected in the cap and sweater make this look just perfect.

4. What to Wear With Brown Ugg Boots: Oversized Blazer + Wide Leg Pants

Oversized blazers have not escaped anyone who understands even a little bit of fashion – so it’s no wonder that they are now combined with the shoe of the winter – the Ugg boots.

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