SOLVED What to Wear with Wide Leg Jeans Women 3 Easy Ways

SOLVED: What to Wear with Wide Leg Jeans Women? 3 Easy Ways

Wide Leg Jeans Women: In this blog article we will show you how you can best wear, combine and style wide leg jeans women this winter.

SOLVED: What Do You Wear With Wide Leg Jeans Women?

1. Wide Leg Jeans Women: White Jeans

Light colors are extremely popular this winter and so are the super chic, elegant white jeans. Usually, it is worn looser, wider in order to make it look less strict and to make it more suitable for everyday use. Especially with oversized blazers, knitted sweaters, and scarves, the trend pants are an absolute must-have in every wardrobe this winter!

The entrepreneur and content creator Alexandra Pereira styles the trendy white jeans with an oversized beige fur jacket and matching ankle boots. She also relies on a woven shoulder bag in black.

Here you see a classic look with an oversized blazer. This neutral look is very trendy and super popular right now.
Additional tip: On particularly cold days, you should wear a scarf with it, a knitted sweater and / or tights underneath, otherwise it could quickly get cold.

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2. Wide Leg Jeans Women: Blue Jeans

This is probably the most classic ever! Oh, the beautiful old blue jeans let us indulge in nostalgia, remind us of “Dirty Dancing” and regain the lightness of the 80s. Yes, it shouldn’t be missing this winter either – this is how we wear it today:

Fur and leather – yep, without these fabrics, nothing will work this winter! So – why don’t we just combine the two popular materials? Here you can see, for example, a mixture of the two – a leather jacket with fur, and of course our beloved blue wide leg jeans.

Of course – as already announced – the classic with a black oversized blazer should not be missing.

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