6 Best Winter Clothing Essentials

Winter Clothing Essentials: The 6 Most Stunning & Editor-Approved Must-Haves

Winter Clothing Essentials:

Especially in winter, it can be very frustrating to find clothes that can be combined in many different ways. Because in the cold season, we quickly lose the pleasure to put outfits together if the look doesn’t keep us warm or isn’t cozy enough. So that this doesn’t happen to you anymore and you can get through the cold season in style without having to forego the comfort of the outfits, we have put together the most popular winter clothing essentials from our fashion editorial office today.

Our fashion editorial office just loved these 10 Winter Clothing Essentials!


1. Winter Clothing Essential: Striped Sweater



When I saw this striped sweater I had to buy it right away! Because striped sweaters are so trendy at the moment that we have already dedicated a few blog articles to them. This one simply blew my mind, as its small zipper makes it reminiscent of an expensive sweater made by great designers. Its cropped cut can also be paired with pleated trousers, an oversized blazer or a long wool coat, and a pair of chunky Chelsea boots.

2. Winter Clothing Essential: Chunky Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are also an absolute essential this winter! Because the boots can be combined with anything and still look cutting-edge and so stylish that they simply belong in every wardrobe for the price.

3. Winter Clothing Essential: Pantsuit in Winter White by H&M

At the moment, nothing has done me more than the trend color Winter White. For the oversized suit by H&M, I wear a cozy wool sweater in the same color during the day, worn tucked-in, and a sequined top in the evening. When it comes to shoes, be sure to wear heels or Chelsea boots with thicker soles so that the pants don’t drag across the ground.

4. Winter Clothing Essential: Ankle Boots by Asos

If I want to go fancier and chicer, I usually consciously choose ankle boots in winter. They look simply breathtaking with long flowing pants because this look stretches the leg immensely.

5. Winter Clothing Essential: Long Wool Coat

Long coats with a high percentage of wool are an investment that will bring you joy for years – if not decades. Such a coat is an absolute must-have for me, which can be combined with almost anything. This one is my all-time favorite, and I bought it this year because I haven’t had a long one.

6. Winter Clothing Essential: Chucks

I got this pair of Chucks before Christmas to give myself a present because Chucks are cutting edge at the moment and are simply a basic shoe that looks great with any outfit.

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