Winter Fashion Sale – Save 70% On Your Favorite Shops!

The Big Winter Fashion Sale: No sooner has winter even started than thick jackets, coats, boots, woolen sweaters, etc. can already be found on sale again. We’ll show you which brands and online shops you can currently save a lot with and which five tips you should keep in mind when shopping in the huge Winter Fashion Sale.

Winter Sale 2021: 5 Smart Shopping Tips & All Offers at a Glance

The best thing about the huge winter fashion sale? You can shop the coolest trend pieces at a great discount, although the cold season will go on for a while. We’ll show you which brands and online shops you can currently save a lot with and which five tips to keep in mind when shopping on sale.

5 Tips for Smart Winter Sale Shopping

1. Keep an Eye on the Big Ones

The sale usually starts at the large multi-brand online shops (Zalando, About You, Asos & Co.), only then do the labels themselves follow suit.

2. Have Patience

The sale usually starts with a 30 percent discount. If you don’t speculate on anything in particular, with a little patience you can save 50 percent or more.

3. Strike Quickly

Conversely, if you are aiming for something very specific, you should strike immediately. Because as soon as an item is sold out from the sale, it is sold out.

4. Be Better Informed

The good old newsletter is the best source of information – and push messages that can be sent to your smartphone. Also worthwhile: Keeping an eye on the Instagram accounts of your favorite labels.

5. Invest Wisely

Just because everything suddenly seems so cheap, you shouldn’t shop carelessly. What do you really need? What else can you wear in spring or even next autumn and winter – exactly these things should end up in your shopping cart.

Winter Fashion Sale Shopping: All Offers at a Glance

30 percent, 50 percent, 70 percent – prices are currently falling at many fashion labels. The great shopping spree is worthwhile online so especially here:


  • Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale
  • Valid 12/26 through 1/2


  • Up to 50% OFF in the winter sale


  • Up to 70% discount on more than 60,000 products


  • Many articles are already reduced by up to 50%.


  • Farfetch offers up to 50% discount on selected designer pieces.


  • Up to 50% discount on selected items.


  • Up to 50% discount


  • The Weekday sale is now in full swing with discounts of up to 60% too.

Urban Outfitters

  • Up to 75% discount on selected brands and items.


  • Up to 50% discount on selected designer pieces.

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