29 Winter Outfits Aesthetic You Will Love

Winter Outfits Aesthetic: As the days get colder and colder and winter is (finally) here, most people have the urge to curl up in bed, drink hot chocolates and relax while watching their favorite Netflix series.

The last thing they’d like to do these days is get dressed up and unwind with a romantic walk in the snow – and if they do, most of them don’t even know how to style themselves fashionably in the cold winter.

Because there’s hope for all of us: winter isn’t as bad as most think, and fashion-wise there’s even more to try out and more new styles to think about than in summer, where our outfits are skimpier, and our clothing choices are limited.

But since it can be so easy, today we show you the trendiest winter outfits with which it will be guaranteed easy for you to put together a stylish outfit even on cold days.

5 Winter Outfits Aesthetic – The Most Stunning Styles this Saison

1. Winter Outfits Aesthetic: The Clean & Classic Look

Pleated trousers with coats always work! Such a simple must-have look will best accompany you through the cold days in winter!

The German content creator Neele is known for her minimalist outfits: This is also a great look to recreate because it is so simple!

If you are missing one or the other piece for this outfit, you can buy them here:


2. Winter Outfits Aesthetic: The Oversized Wool Blazer Look

Gray blazers are our absolute love! That’s why we’ve even dedicated one or two blog articles to them.

In winter you don’t have to do without your favorites!

Because it’s enough if you buy a high-quality blazer with a high percentage of wool. Because wool is known for its warmth-keeping effect.

Fatjona Avdulaj combines her oversized gray blazer with blue straight-leg jeans, the very popular and trendy New Balance 990 sneakers* (which we have already shown you many times), a black shoulder bag, and a black sweater.

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3. The Wool Trench Coat Look

The trench coat is another piece we love! But the otherwise thin coat can be too cold to wear for the colder winter days. So you can wear the heavier wool trench coat as an alternative. I can guarantee you that with it, you will not freeze.

The upcoming Finish content creator, Heidi, shows us a perfect example of an outfit with this type of coat for winter in style. She namely wears this coat in a beige color and contrasts it with black colors in her sweater, her black scarf, and her black trousers.

4. Winter Outfits Aesthetic: Wool Coats

The fabric also looks good as a typical coat – not a trench coat.

Clara Milano wears it with the famous high leg Chelsea boots, black tights which keep her warm, a grey turtleneck sweater, black shorts, and a grey hat.

5. Wool Blazer + Big Scarf

As we already mentioned in this blog article, wool blazers are super trendy right now.

And here’s another way you can wear the trend piece for winter if a typical blazer with a high percentage of wool is too cold.

Huge scarves also are a big thing right now, so why can’t we simply combine these two?

Here’s the answer that works:

6. Winter Outfits Aesthetic: The Typical Trench Coat Look

7. Winter Outfits Aesthetic: Teddy Leather Jacket

8. Little Big Snowman

9. Puffer Coat in Black

10. Wool Coat with Cream Jeans

11. Mom Jeans with Knit Sweater

12. Leather Puffer Jacket

13. Teddy Coat

14. Teddy Leather Jacket with Leather Pants

15. Puffer Jacket + Scarf

16. White Puffer Jacket + Blue Scarf

17. Black Wool Coat + Cream Scarf

18. Statement Scarf

19. Oversized Blazer over a Thick Knit Sweater

20. Trench Coat with Statement Scarf

21. Long Wool Coat

22. Trench Coat + Basic Scarf + Cap

23. Puffer Jacket + Scarf

24. Teddy Coat + Scarf

25. Leather Pants

26. Long Wool Coat + Jeans

27. Leather Jacket + Wide Leg Jeans

28. Black Puffer Jacket + White Jeans

29. White Puffy Snowman

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