Winter Tennis Outfit Our Favorite Tennis Girl Aesthetic Looks

Winter Tennis Outfit: 5 Stunning & Aesthetic Tennis Girl Looks

Winter Tennis Outfit: Tennis is one of the most popular and beautiful sports for women for a reason: Because the sport itself is super beneficial for your body, with which you are well on the way to becoming “THAT” girl, and tennis clothing is simply always modern and stylish. You can see that in the outfits we’re going to present today when it’s all about THE perfect winter tennis outfit. Lean back and enjoy the aesthetic of this relaxing sport. Maybe we can even tempt you to a little round? Have fun!

Winter Tennis Outfit: The Problem with the Cold

If you are not in a sports club and can train indoors, it can quickly get cold in winter – no matter how much you move while playing. Especially the otherwise very skimpy tennis clothing that many women wear on sunny days has a hard time in winter.

Winter Tennis Outfit: Our Favorite Looks for the Cold Days

1. Knit sweater with high tennis socks

Knit sweaters are a great way to stay warm. Especially if you are still warming up and are not quite warm yet, it makes sense to make sure that you do not catch a cold – then a thick sweater can help.
High tennis socks in sport’s shoes not only ensure a good portion of grip but also keep your feet nice and warm – perfect for a relaxed game of tennis.

2. Jogger Suit

This outfit is not only ultra-comfortable and looks stylish – it is also a perfect sports outfit for all fashion-conscious stylists among you. Because the gray jogger suit is simply THE trend at the moment, with which you are guaranteed to get some hot looks on the tennis court.

3. Short Jogger Suit

Are you a fan of cold and love the associated kick? Would you also dare to take an ice bath and swim in a cold lake? Then let’s go! Grab this super trendy outfit and off to the slopes – well, rather to the tennis court! 😉 It certainly won’t be like an ice bath since you move properly and also sweat, but especially at the beginning, adrenaline flows through your veins.

4. Tennis Skirt & Oversized Sweater

These outfits are probably the classics par excellence on Instagram, Pinterest, and co. This outfit already has cult status among fashionistas thanks to its aesthetic appeal. So that’s all we need to add to this popular outfit, except have fun!

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