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The 4 Most Stunning Winter Work Boots + Best Office Outfits

Stunning Winter Work Boots: The dress code in winter – yes, that has always been a much-discussed, controversial topic, which many colleagues – especially the female clientele – have often got into trouble about. You often hear that it’s not chic, not comfortable, or just not warm enough – but the disputes often are not so much about the actual outfit but rather their expectations and ideas as well as the dispute about airing. When it comes to the right winter work boots, most of them are completely overwhelmed. But don’t worry – we’re shedding light on the dark today and showing you the best winter office outfits + where you can shop for the best work boots.

1. The Chic Jeans Look – Ankle Boots

If you’re allowed to wear jeans at work, this outfit is a good choice because it’s super chic but very suitable for every day as well. Combined with an elegant ankle boot, this outfit is a real eye-catcher!

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2. Sneaker Look

For those who want it to be more comfortable and suitable for everyday use, these looks could be just the perfect choice:

We recommend you to combine sneakers with longer, wider pants, as these then optimally conceal the shoes and it is not so obvious that you are wearing comfortable sneakers underneath. Also make sure that they are kept rather minimal – you should avoid too many colors and eye-catching patterns. You also should clean them well regularly so that they never look dirty, but that should be obvious.

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3. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots – whether the high leg or the normal version – always look very fashionable and chic. They keep you warm and go with almost any outfit.

Here are our favorite looks with these trend-pieces:

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4. Pumps:

Pumps are the classics among office shoes, so we didn’t want to withhold them from you.


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