Editorial Guidelines

Ensuring Uncompromising Accuracy

At StreetStylis.com, we fortify our commitment to precision and integrity through a robust quality assurance protocol.

Our bedrock lies in featuring authors with unwavering proficiency in their subject matter. We believe in content crafted by those who genuinely command the subject – nothing less suffices.

Subsequently, every article undergoes a stringent regimen of editing and fact-checking. Our editors labor to ensure that every claim made is not merely stated but irrefutably substantiated. Ambiguities, verbosity, and equivocal language find no sanctuary in our prose. We prize brevity and relevance above all. Moreover, we leave no stone unturned in credibly sourcing our information, mainly when empirical evidence is imperative. The StreetStylis.com editorial team meticulously appraises the caliber of our citation sources.

In addition, we engage subject matter experts to scrutinize each article. Their verdict shapes the article’s relevance, appeal, and comprehensiveness. If we falter or overlook, the piece retraces its steps until it’s poised to face the world. We foreground the credentials of our reviewers and fact-checkers, so you know precisely who guards the gates.

Lastly, we entrust our readers with the duty of vigilance. We fully anticipate, even welcome, challenges if we should stumble. Thankfully, our readership possesses the insight and dedication to hold us accountable without fail. Rest assured, dear reader, we heed your critiques and insights. Our comments section stands open, and you’re welcome to communicate directly with us at support@streetstylis.com or call us at +49 163 4430077.

Unwavering Independence

StreetStylis.com does not compromise its integrity by accepting commissions for endorsing products or services we don’t wholeheartedly support. While we do receive products for review from time to time, it’s on our terms. Reviews are conducted impartially, reflecting our genuine assessment of the product’s strengths and shortcomings.

Occasionally, we employ affiliate links to sustain the site. However, any article featuring such links comes with a conspicuous disclaimer. We shun covert or misleading tactics. What you see is exactly what you get.

Addressing Bias and Championing Diversity

StreetStylis.com’s primary focus on factual, informational content generally excludes subjective political opinion. Nevertheless, we are a team of individuals, each carrying unique perspectives shaped by personal experiences.

To mitigate bias, we embrace and celebrate our individuality. We’re an inclusive platform that cherishes diversity of thought. None of us claims infallibility, so we lean on one another to counterbalance biases and strive for objective accountability. Any argument, viewpoint, or opinion we publish must withstand the rigors of our fact-checking process, eschew logical fallacies and convoluted language, and ultimately serve our audience’s enlightenment to the best of our knowledge.

Respecting Intellectual Property

StreetStylis.com unequivocally condemns plagiarism. Any submission infringing upon another entity’s intellectual property warrants immediate dismissal. Not only is this legally obligatory, it also upholds our publication’s standard. Our pursuit of originality challenges us to forge a distinct perspective and voice on our covered subjects.

In addition to the original text, we endeavor to create unique visual assets for each article. In instances where we must reference the work of others, full attribution is consistently provided.

Our Pledge to Humanity

The human touch lies at the heart of our mission to delve into the self, and we categorically reject the use of automated writing tools, including AI chatbots. Such technologies generate content of dubious legality and ethics, peddling inaccuracies that misguide and misinform while infringing upon the labor of others. In plain terms, AI-generated content has no place on our platform. Instead, we champion impassioned and knowledgeable human contributors; their voices deserve to be heard above the din of misinformation.

And even if we sometimes get support from AI (e.g., to draft first drafts or outlines), an author and expert always review the text again for correctness, topicality and completeness before publishing.

Get in Touch

StreetStylis.com owes its existence to our readership, and we cherish your input. Whether you propose a topic for coverage or offer insights to refine our published articles, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact us directly at support@streetstylis.com.

You can reach us at:

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