30+ Trendy Red Nails You’re Sure to Love This Summer

Trendy Red Nails: Red is the most classic, elegant color par excellence when it comes to nails! Because one thing we learn at an early age: Whether the color our mother, our grandmother, or a celebrity like Rihanna or Beyonce – has worn – it has always been reserved for those to whom we looked up and who not only radiate authority but also women who were successful and inspiring for us – and still are.

But so that it doesn’t stay that way and you too can be an inspiring, chic woman, we show today’s 30+ Trendy red nails, which are above all one thing: elegant, timeless, and legendary.

30+ Trendy Red Nails You’re Sure to Love

1. Red Almond Shape French Nails

Chic and elegant – a beautiful classic.

2. Matte Red Nails with Heart Details

Matte colors don’t only appeal to us on cars – they’re becoming more popular again on our nails, too!

3. Gaudy French Nail Design in Red

4. You Can Never Have too Many Hearts…

You spend this summer with your new (or even familiar Hihi) flame on a romantic vacation for two?

Then you can not miss this sweet nail design and should sweeten the vacation for both of you.

5. Bordeaux Red Nails with Scrolls

If you don’t like gaudy reds that much, you can fall back on this minimalistic design, which is guaranteed to make every nail heart beat faster!

6. White Nails with Small Red Hearts

7. Classic Bright Red in Modern Style

8. Bright Red Squiggles

9. Thick Lines in Different Shades of Red

10. Squiggles

11. Long Pink Nails with Red Flames

12. Glowing Flames With a Fine White Border

Ulala, there it just bubbles with passion! 😉

Perfect for an unforgettable summer full of new adventures!

13. Small Red Hearts on a Milky Base

No, we don’t only wear hearts on our nails on Valentine’s Day, but also throughout the year – for example, on a romantic vacation with your sweetheart.

This not only puts you in the right mood but is a sweet sign to show your boyfriend how much you love and appreciate him.

14. Classic French Nails with Red Tips

It does not get more classic than this. Perfect for serious business meetings or trips.

15. Wild Red Squiggles

16. Elegant Red Nails

Even our grandmothers and our mothers swore by this variant.

And believe me when I say that this design will never – really never – go out of style!

Because one thing is for sure: No other design is more classic than this minimalist and elegant nail design!

17. Classic Short Red Nails

Even in short form, this color shines powerfully!

18. Square Nails with Red Tips

19. Red & Pink + Cute Hearts

20. Hearts as Tips

You want to dare something new? Then how about this varied design?

21. Y2k Red Design

If you like it playful, you should look at the Y2k nail designs, which are now fully back in trend.

And not only with the new nail trends, but especially in the fashion area.

A look is worth it!

22. Long Bordeaux Red Nails

23. Minimal & Modern Red Nails

24. Exciting & Playful

25. Pink + Red = Love!

That pink and red do not go together is just as much a lie as that Santa Claus distributes the gifts.

Because not only do more and more influencers and Hollywood starlets prove with their beautiful outfits exactly the opposite, but also in the trendy red nails we see more and more who make this combination the absolute hit!

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