10 Easter Nails You’ll Love in 2023

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Perfectly timed for the Easter holiday season in many parts of the world, it’s about time we refresh our nails with a lively, new hue.

Because Easter is a festival that is celebrated quite differently in every country – but one thing is still clear: It is a festival where we get together with our loved ones and enjoy the holidays.

For this, every year we treat ourselves to a very special manicure. Here are our favorite nail designs for this year’s Easter.

10 Easter Nails You’ll Love

1. Pastel French Nails in Almond Shape

Around this mega nail trend we probably all could not get past, because it is currently – and also already for months – omnipresent on all social media platforms.

And we love it!

In addition, the look – unlike many think – is actually supernatural by the skin-colored base tone as a base. This has an additional super practical advantage: You do not see the outgrown nails so conspicuously and so quickly as with bright colors that are painted over the entire nail.

In addition, this beautiful nail design can be easily combined with everything and is not only at Easter, but the whole spring and summer a huge worldwide trend, which is carried up and down by influencers and celebrities.

2. Easter Nails Acrylic: Classy Pastel Nails

This design is, of course, the fancier alternative to the first pastel design.

All nails are painted in different pastel shades and thus create a particularly striking, spring look.

3. Easter Nails Acrylic: Pastel Bunny Ears

But of course, no classic Easter design should be missing from our list.

This one is especially cute because it takes the pastel trend right into it, making it a cutting-edge and trendy design.

4. Curlicue French Nails

Another option is the pastel French nails, which are also more upbeat and fresh.

The fact that the accents are not plump on the nail tip, but are decorated with scrolls, creates a super nice look that is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention.

5. Easter Nails Acrylic: Classy Bunny Ears

Classic, perfect for Easter, and yet incredibly cute.

That probably describes this wonderful nail design for this special occasion best.

6. Easter Nails Acrylic: Almond Squiggle Nails

So, as we can see, you can create quite a few variations with the current trend shades in combination with french nails.

Also, this one is one of them, which is super beautiful and super trendy.

7. Acrylic Easter Nails: Fine Lines

But fine lines in curlicue style can’t be missing here either, because just like French nails, they look super minimalist beautiful and at the same time go with everything.

Here is your imagination regarding the colors as few limits as the arrangement of the fine lines.

8. Easter Nails Acrylic: Cute Pastel Triangles

9. Easter Nails Acrylic: Pastel Flowers

What would spring be without flowers? What would Easter be without? Probably not much.

And that’s why we wear them not only on our clothes and pants – we also wear them, especially on our nails – the good thing: there are no limits to your creativity.

10. Easter Nails Acrylic: Classy French Nail Design

Last but not least, the most classic French nail design in Easter style:

Fine pastel tips complement the light pink of the base and create a super harmonious summer and spring look, which we also wear up and down at Easter.

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