Spring Nails 2023: 22 Stunning Nail Art Designs

Spring Nails 2022: Whether you’re a beautician or just someone who likes to play with their nails from time to time, it’s undeniable that nail

art has become a huge trend. Everyone is getting in on this trend, including Instagram influencers and celebrities like Rihanna. There are countless tutorials shared on social media and thousands of beautiful spring nail designs to try.

In fact, spring nails have already been spotted on some of your favorite celebrities on the red carpet. And here we present you with 22 stunning spring 2022 nail art designs.

Spring Nails 2022: 22 Stunning Nail Art Designs

1. Spring Nails 2022: Khaki Designs

This spring, the nail world is all about natural, minimalist looks. Khaki is THE trend color par excellence, which we didn’t expect at all because in the past years we have rather focused on pastel shades like turquoise, pink or light blue in spring – well, this spring, as with fashion trends, everything is different.

2. Spring Nails 2022: Pastel Colors

But just because the color khaki is back in style doesn’t mean we’ve ditched pastels altogether. The summery, bright colors we also like to wear this year. And preferably mixed with the whole pastel color palette.

3. Spring Nails 2022: Flowers

If we’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that self-care is more important than ever. The world has been stressful, and it’s finally coming to an end. All the more reason to treat yourself to some beautiful floral designs on your nails.

What says “spring” better than flowers? We love floral designs this spring in all varieties, shapes, and colors – the main thing is beautiful. It puts us in a good mood and hope for a better summer!

4. Spring Nails 2022: Minimalist Magic

Minimalist doesn’t mean boring—it just means simple. Try one shade or one pattern on every finger for a solid look that works anywhere.

5. Spring Nails 2022: Black French Nails

We are always ambivalent about black nails:

They quickly look gothic and are therefore not particularly friendly for the blossoming time of spring.

However, they also have something minimalist and magical, that is definitely worth a try!

6. Spring Nails 2022: Soft Pink

As a classic, these nails are perfect for spring – because when we start dressing more colorfully again, not every nail color always goes with every outfit – this nail design does.

No matter what you’re wearing, the nails simply go with everything and also look chic and elegant at any time.

7. Spring Nails 2022: Baby Blue Nails

This sweet color just bubbles with joy. According to color psychology, blue stands for peace, hope, and trust.

This is exactly what we need for an unforgettable spring.

8. Spring Nails 2022: Lavender

Just like the aforementioned khaki, lavender is one of the absolute trend colors in 2022 – and not only on the nails but also in clothing.

While lavender stands for elegance and luxury, we like to enjoy its image on our nails and look extremely refreshed.

9. Spring Nails 2022: Squiggles

If you want to top the trend of pastel colors, you can also go for squiggles and make your nail design much more exciting.

10. Spring Nails 2022: Red, red, red

No, red nails are not just for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, even in spring we wear the high-energy color.

Because no other color radiates as much drive, energy, and power as red. At the same time, it is fully on-trend and timelessly elegant – or have you ever seen red nails go out of style?

They will not so quickly.

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