12+ French Fall Must-Haves Every Parisian Wears

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 12 French Fall Must-Haves that will make you look Parisian without breaking the bank.

These are exactly the pieces that most French women wear to not only look expensive but to be so.

Because of this, wearing these expensive-looking pieces will not only make you appear wealthy but also may change your emotional state, making it simpler for you to attract a lot of money.

Who knows.

Let’s dive right in.

What Every French Woman has in her Wardrobe?

Without waxing poetic, anyone who has walked the beautiful streets of Paris knows what is the most gorgeous thing about their outfits and looks.

It is not necessarily their impeccably groomed and trimmed outfit, but rather their French charm, confidence, and overall elegant atmosphere that has this attractive effect on us fashionistas.

Nonetheless, the classic Parisian style would be nothing without its signature key pieces!

So today, we’d like to introduce you to 12+ pieces that instantly create irresistible French flair and on top of that, polish up our self-confidence with their flattering colors and cuts!

The 12+ French Fall Must Haves

1. The Striped Shirt/Sweater:

Yes, even away from the world-famous Parisian style, striped T-shirts and sweaters have long been an integral part of our closets.

No wonder, after all, the pattern, also known as “Breton stripes” suits everyone and is just the right mix of elegant and playful. That makes it easy for us to bring the charming French flair into our own four walls, or rather onto our own skin – ingenious, isn’t it?

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2. Black Leather Pants

With a pair of black leather pants, you will not only feel immensely elegant they will also stretch your leg, giving you a dreamy figure, and their minimalist nature makes them one of the long-time classics of Parisian style.

3. The Black Tights

It reminds me of the numerous admonitions from mommy when we as children wore too little and could catch a cold outside. Mom swore by the tights – but made of thick wool.

You can rely on the black tights just as much as on the thick woolen tights from Mammi – I promise!

However, they are a lot more stylish and no closet of fashion-conscious Parisian women can be imagined without them.

Multiple-use it always provides an eye-catcher and looks super minimalist chic no matter what outfit.

4. An Oversized Blazer

Yes, even among fashion-conscious French women, a blazer is one of the absolute must-haves.

After all, it can be used for a wide variety of occasions, from business meetings to dinner parties.

By the way, a longer-cut model that goes slightly above the hips is particularly chic!

PS: As you know, we swear for years on the blazers of H&M* from the men’s department because this price performance is simply by far the best on the market and also in contrast to their counterpart from the women’s department is much higher quality.

A real must-have that every woman needs. And that without having to reach deep into the wallet, what could be better?

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5. A Trench Coat

How easy to combine and stylish a trench coat is, proven not only by countless French muses but also by our blog article about the best outfits with the classic.

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6. A Pair of Classic White Sneakers

Of course, no Parisian-style outfit is complete without the appropriate shoes. French women know one motto above all: comfort!

Because uncomfortable shoes harm the posture, the gait, and the charisma. So we prefer comfortable and yet stylish classics.

7. A pair of Minimalist Ankle Boots

When it’s not sneaker weather, it’s clearly time for chic ankle boots on the streets of Paris.

And here, of course, the French women rely on minimalist elegance simple models in black, gray, or brown, preferably in suede (look).

Under flowing trousers, there is apparently nothing more beautiful for the French than wearing ankle boots with a pointed toe, which stretch the leg even more and thus give you that extra portion of self-confidence.

8. A Pair of Slingbacks à la Chanel

But of course, in Paris is not always rainy weather, and certainly not always the mood for classic shoes.

And then, of course, it may be a shoe that is equally well suited for special occasions, as well as for everyday life.

Mid-heeled slingbacks with moderate to low heels and soft straps are not only ideal for the office, but you can also dance in them for a few hours.

And at the same time, the shoes always have that certain something of stylish elegance and a feminine touch.

9. The Classic Leather Bag

If you think of the classically chic Parisian style and its bags, you probably immediately have the idol par excellence in mind – the Chanel Timeless Bag or an Hermès Kelly/Birkin Bag.

If you invest in such a model, you usually wear it for a lifetime and in most cases, these luxury bags are considered a real investment.

Of course, it does not always have to be a luxury beauty because high-quality, timeless leather bags are also available at lower prices.

10. Lots of High-Quality Jewelry

What would a French woman be without her beloved jewelry?

Not only do the French know that an outfit only becomes really beautiful when it is refined with enough accessories, but also the shows on the worldwide catwalks, prove this great trend.

Because jewelry not only makes you shine, but it makes you look much more luxurious and gives you a proper extra portion of extravagance.

11. The Perfect Sunglasses

What the perfect jeans are for our legs, the right sunglasses are for our face.

Here it is also worthwhile to try out a few: Which shape suits me? And what do I feel really comfortable with?

Once you’ve discovered the perfect model for you, it’s a fashion accessory and sun protection in one.

12. The Everyday Basket Bag

Wicker bags simply look great in any season and any weather – not just when the sun is shining.

Since the famous wicker basket is known for its loosening-up nature, the bag makes any look a pleasant eye-catcher and upgrades any outfit in no time.

Reasons To Look Like a French Woman:

1. You Look Professional

Have you ever seen someone professional in sweatpants?

No? Neither have I.

Why? Because it’s just not professional.

No matter where you go, who you meet – at work or not – it’s always nice not to look like everyone.

Setting yourself apart from everyone else with a charismatic, powerful, and professional appearance will not only get you ahead at work but will also bring you valuable contacts.

2. You Attract the People Who Suit You

When you’re working on yourself, developing yourself, and becoming the best version of yourself, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people.

You know yourself: You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

When you dress more expensively, you symbolize that you’re working on yourself and that you care about yourself.

Not many people do that.

But the people who do the same will notice you. And maybe you’ll make a good connection or two?

Who knows.

3. You’re Treated with More Respect

People who take care of themselves radiate a good dose of self-confidence.

That means they’re able to set very clear boundaries.

So to be with you, you need to be treated with respect.

You communicate all this through a well-groomed, valuable-looking appearance.

4. You Show Your Counterpart That You Respect Them

But not only are you respected, but you show your counterpart that you respect them just as much.

Because the only person who has to look at you all the time is not you. It’s your counterpart.

well-groomed appearance is a sign of respect. You’re showing the other person that they can feel comfortable around you.

5. You Feel Comfortable as Well

Believe me, if you start looking more expensive, you will not only attract more people who match you, but it will also make you feel more comfortable.

Be overdressed rather than underdressed.

How Do You Dress Like a French Woman? – 7 Simple Tips

  1. Cashmere is your best friend
  2. Wear more navy blue than black
  3. Invest in a glamorous little black dress (and don’t just wear it to funerals)
  4. Let your everyday jewelry be a big statement
  5. Carry a clutch purse that’s smaller than you think you need
  6. For evening, definitely go sparkly and sheer, but keep it classy and elegant, not racy or low-cut.
  7. Stick with classic, timeless cuts instead of trendy ones

20 Unmistakable Signs of a French Woman

  • Well-groomed hands
  • Manicure and pedicure (not too long nails, well-groomed!)
  • Natural make-up or none at all (NO full-face make-up!!)
  • Shinyvoluminous hair
  • Fresh scent (not too heavy perfume!)
  • Never without a little souvenir when she’s invited
  • Better overdressed than underdressed
  • Decent jewelry (she never overdoes it!)
  • The colors of the outfit match her complexion & hair color
  • Shaved
  • Well-groomed (no bad breath, no smell of sweat!)
  • A valuable watch
  • She takes care of her figure (healthy diet, sports!)
  • She doesn’t drink (much) alcohol
  • Natural tan (no solarium or self-tanner!)
  • She’s friendly & smiles a lot

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