My 20 Favorite French Sneakers You’ll Also Love 2023

French Sneakers: Will you be going on a trip to France and want to fit into their fashion styles? Having heard that Parisians are now into sneakers, you’re probably looking for the best French sneakers that won’t kick you out of fashion.

A few of the best French sneakers are Stan Smith, Louis Junior Spikes, Jack trainers, and the V-10. They’re designed by popular French brands like Veja, Adidas, and Christian Louboutin. Light-colored and classy, these are what you’ll mostly see in the streets of Paris.

In this article, we’ve gathered 20 of the best French sneakers based on quality, comfort feel, and ability to complement everything in the French wardrobe. We also answered the most asked questions about French sneakers to enlighten you on what footwear to choose, so stick around!

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris

1. Stan Smith Sneakers

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris
Photo: Adidas

Stan Smith* sneakers are highly popular in France. You can almost see them everywhere, worn by men, women, and children alike. Designed for the long walk movement, it has become an essential part of French people’s wardrobes for over 50 years now.

Additionally, this sneaker design has transcended subcultures and fashion trends. With its simple and premium style, you can pair it with almost anything in your closet.

  • Regular fit
  • Thick leather upper
  • Leather lining


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2. V-10 Sneakers

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris
Photo: Veja

The V-10 is one of the best-selling sneakers you can buy from Veja—a popular brand for producing sustainable sneakers. Sleek and classic, V-10s proudly displays the V-logo that gives it a minimalist aesthetic you can totally be proud of wearing.

These sneakers are fairly comfortable and can be paired easily with dresses and even leggings or jeans. You can’t go wrong sporting this pair of popular sneakers in the streets of France.

3. Esplar Leather Sneakers

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris
Photo: Veja

Esplar is another best-selling sneaker by Veja. It has the signature V-stitched logo and a silhouette that feels feminine and casual.

Perfect for those who are a fan of slim-line casual sneakers, it’s a great pair for short and long-distance walks.

4. Campo Suede Natural White

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris
Photo: Veja

Campo is also a popular sneaker from Veja. It looks similar to Esplar, but a little wider. This design is perfect for those who are looking for bulky sneakers since Campo is a little wider than the Esplar.

5. Super-Star Sneakers

Super-Star is one of the popular styles produced by Golden Goose, a company that emphasizes the distressed and scuffed look of sneakers. . This sneaker design is popular for its unique styles, comfortable feel, and high-quality materials that last a long time.

Not to mention, Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers are embossed with the brand’s signature star logo. Costing $545 per pair, it can be pricey for average sneaker lovers. However, if you get the right fit, it’ll be a great investment.

6. Nike Air Max 90

French Sneakers
Photo: Nike

Nike’s best-selling sneaker is the Nike Air Max 90*.

French people love these low-top sneakers for the iconic retro vibes as well as the soft and comfortable feel. It has an amazing look and pure white color that makes it perfect for any French style of clothing.

Retro Vibes
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7. Nike Air Force 1 ‘07 SE

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris
Photo: Nike

This Nike AF 1* is tailored with an intricate floral swoosh design that gives a nice chic look. More than its lovely design and the pristine materials used, the classic fit, lightweight feel, and durable leather gives comfort to users wear after wear.

With this, you can tick off all your errands and go to places in Paris comfortably.

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8. The ReLeather Court Sneaker

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris
Photo: Everlane

Sustainable Everlane footwear, the Court sneaker* is a vintage-inspired design made from innovative and long-lasting recycled leather. It’s cute, comfortable, light-weighted, and can be worn to work with casual clothes on.

It’s a wardrobe staple that you can comfortably wear in the streets of France.

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9. Louis Junior Spikes

20 Best French Sneakers to Wear in Paris
Photo: MrPorter

Louis Junior Spikes* is one of the iconic sneaker models of Christian Louboutin, an internationally acclaimed French shoe brand. The Louis Junior Spikes are embellished with the brand’s signature spikes on the toe box, which make it unique.

With the right size and neutral coloring, you won’t go wrong in pairing it with anything in your closet. It can be expensive, at $895, but if you’re a big fan of French sneakers, you’ll know you’re putting your money in the right place.

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10. Beth Velcro Leather Sneakers

French Sneakers
Photo: Net-a-Porter

Beth Velcro* is one of Isabel Marant’s popular sneaker designs. Made of leather and suede, these sneakers have a nice blend of bohemian and Parisian chic that French stylists love.

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11. Scott Blanc Off-White & Gold

French Sneakers
Photo: Bobbies

The Scott Blanc Off-White & Gold is a stylish sneaker by Bobbies, an exceptional French shoe brand for producing leather goods. With a fashionable colored touch at the back, the Scott Blanc design captures the sartorial spirit and femininity of Parisian Dressing.

12. Jack Trainers

French Sneakers
Photo: Sézane

Jack trainers* are one of the most loved sneaker designs produced by Sezane. Made from durable, smooth leather, Jack sneakers can be worn all year round.

It’s attractive and can complement outfits from sundresses to faux-leather pants, making it one of the best sneakers to wear in the fashionable streets of Paris.

13. Saint Laurent: Andy Logo-Print Leather Sneakers

French Sneakers
Photo: Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent’s ‘Andy* is crafted from smooth leather and embossed with its signature logo in gold lettering. It’s a pristine white sneaker that can go with about anything in your closet.

Andy Logo-Print Leather Sneakers

Andy logo-print leather sneakers


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14. Givenchy: City Court Low-Top Sneakers

French Sneakers
Photo: Farfetch

Givenchy’s City Court* low-top sneakers are crafted from leather and accented with branded details. It’s a chic sneaker that can be a favorite go-to for your everyday wear in France.

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15. Gucci: Ace Leather Sneakers

French Sneakers
Photo: Net-a-Porter

White leather with crocodile print details at the back, Gucci Ace sneakers* are surprisingly easy to pair with modern clothing.

With a hard-to-beat quality and design, it has become a staple in every designer’s footwear—no wonder it’s considered one of the best luxury sneakers out there.

More Colors Availabe
Gucci Ace Sneakers

Ace watersnake-trimmed embroidered leather sneakers


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16. ZSP4 Sneakers

French Sneakers
Photo: Zespà

ZSP4 is Zespa’s iconic premium white sneaker crafted from full-grain calf Nappa. This sneaker is an expression of simplicity and sophistication. It’s designed to provide perfect comfort, especially since locals are almost always walking in the busy streets of Paris.

The French sneaker collection is incomplete without this iconic footwear.

17. Gin Sneakers

French Sneakers
Photo: Clergerie

Clergerie Gin is a feminine sneaker imbued with traditional elegance. It’s comfortable, stylish, and quite good walking footwear—perfect for your everyday tour around France.

18. Frankie 4 MiM

Praised for the cushiony and pillowy feels, MiM II is one of the best sneakers you can get from Frankie 4. It’s an on-trend style you can wear all day. You can pair it with a crisp tee and jeans for a gorgeous snap-worthy look.

19. Common Projects Achilles Sneaker

French Sneakers
Photo: Eraldo

Highly regarded for its superior construction and minimalist design, Common Projects Achilles has been loved by high fashion enthusiasts, including the French people.

The clean aesthetic and great Italian craftsmanship will make you want to always reach out for a pair of these sneakers. It can give your jeans, shorts, dresses, or blazers a smart look and understated flair.

20. Chuck Taylor All-Stars Sneakers

A classic of Converse, Chuck Taylor All-Stars* had an enduring design since the 1920s. It hasn’t changed that much, but the hype for this ultimate white sneaker staple is still on.

You can comfortably wear this with a pair of jeans and/or a blazer for a casual and classic look.

The Best 12 French Sneaker Brands

The best French sneaker brands that Parisians love are:

  • Veja
  • Adidas
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Bensimon
  • Bobbies
  • Faguo
  • Garçonne & Chérubin
  • Lacoste
  • National Standard
  • Newlab
  • Pairs in Paris
  • Panafrica

What Kind of Sneakers Do the French Wear?

French women prefer elegant sneakers that’ll make their feet look thin and classy. They’re into flat-sole designer sneakers that are neutral in color, such as white, beige, and gray. These are easy to pair clothes with and can go with their everyday outfit.

What Sneakers Are Worn in Paris?

In the streets of Paris, you’ll see women wearing low-top sneakers from Veja. The sneakers are simple and have a timeless and stylish appeal that can be worn in their day-to-day life.

The French also love the minimalist style and delicate white hue of Adidas. These sneakers are fantastic walking buddies during the spring and summer.

Additionally, Golden Goose, Converse, and Nike are popular sneaker brands worn on the streets of Paris. They have minimalist designs and classic looks—fitting the Parisians’ tastes.

Do French People Wear Sneakers?

Back in time, French people didn’t wear sneakers. The ones who did were branded as “tourists” or “Americans”. However, that chapter has already ended.

The French have become accustomed to wearing sneakers, nowadays. You’ll see Parisians wearing a variety of light-colored sneakers from different brands: Adidas, Veja, Converse, New Balance, and more.

For the sake of style, French women often go for heels while men go for leather shoes and suede boots.

Yet, normally, ballet flats, loafers, espadrilles, and sneakers are the more popular shoes you’ll see in France.

What Shoe Brands Are French?

There are a good number of iconic shoe brands that are proudly French. They offer a wide variety of shoe designs loved by the French people.

  • Christian Louboutin
  • Veja
  • Sezane
  • Roger Vivier
  • Repetto
  • Bobbies
  • JM Weston

The most recent statistics show that the leading fashion brand in France is Chanel, with Louis Vuitton being the second and Dior the third.

These luxury fashion brands sell anything from clothing, bags, and accessories, as well as fashionable shoes and sneakers.


What are the best sneakers in France?

There are many great sneaker options in France, including popular American brands like Nike, as well as French brands like Asfvlt. Some of the best sneaker stores in Paris include Sneakersnstuff and Opium.

What do the French call sneakers?

In French, sneakers are often called “baskets” or “tennis”.

Do the French wear white sneakers?

Yes, white sneakers are popular among the French and are often worn with a variety of outfits. The Adidas Stan Smith sneaker is particularly popular among locals and visitors alike.

What types of shoes do people prefer in France?

French people prefer shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and versatile. Neutral colors are popular, and Parisians often adhere to the “no more than 3 colors” rule. Sneakers, ankle boots, loafers, and ballet flats are all popular options.

Is it OK to wear sneakers in Paris?

Yes, it is generally acceptable to wear sneakers in Paris, although some people may consider them too casual for certain situations. Sneakers are especially popular among younger Parisians and tourists.

What are the best selling sneakers in Europe?

The best-selling sneakers in Europe vary depending on the month and year, but some popular brands include Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. Specific models that have been popular in recent years include the Adidas NMD_R2 and the Nike Jordan 2.

Is Veja sneakers French?

Yes, Veja sneakers are a French brand that was founded in 2004. The sneakers are made in Brazil and are known for their focus on transparency, fair trade, and sustainability.

What are sneakers called in Europe?

Sneakers are called by various names in Europe depending on the country and language. For example, in French, they are often called “baskets” or “tennis,” while in German, they are commonly referred to as “Turnschuhe.” In Spanish, they are often called “zapatillas deportivas”.

Does France have Nikes?

Yes, Nike is a popular brand in France and their products are widely available in stores and online. However, some independent shoe stores in France have reported receiving letters from Nike stating that their accounts will be closed, which has caused controversy.

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