15 Short Summer Nails You’ll Love 2023

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Short Summer Nails: Summer is here and so are the classy short nails! And you know what that means. Sandals, cute dresses, and cute nails! Because nothing is more impractical in the summer than long nails, which tear through the saltwater on a beautiful beach vacation or quickly look unkempt. A chic manicure with short nails looks – and not only in summer – just always terrific!

We have compiled the 15 most beautiful short nails for you to inspire your nail art this summer.

Make sure to choose the right color combinations, take care of your cuticles and use base and topcoats. Your nails will shine as if they were made of gold!

15 Short Summer Nails You’ll Love

1. French Nails

Ah yes, the wonderful french nails. And even if this year everything screams for shrill, loud, and exciting fashion and beauty trends, we remain minimalist with our nails this summer.

This is a super beautiful and simple classy nail art design that goes with everything and will stay with you for a long time.

2. Black Tip French Nails

Yep, of course, after the classic French nails, we’ll show you this one with a black tip.

3. Classy Short Nails: Pink Hearts

Even though the pin links to Valentine’s day blog article, it doesn’t mean we can only wear hearts on our nails on Valentine’s day!

Because at the moment, the inconspicuous trend has become an absolute highlight of celebrities and influencers that I can no longer go into Pinterest without getting these nails displayed at least once.

We love it!

4. Classy Short Nails: It Goes On… 😉

Yep, it goes on. Because we also wear this sweet variant up and down this summer!

Simple, easy, minimalist – and always in good shape. Yep, that’s this sweet French nail variant.

5. Short Nails Summer: Dots, dots, dots…

We now come to the next mega nail trend this summer: the pastel nails.

In this particularly beautiful variant, many small dots in different pastel shades were applied to the nail tip and light rose color was used as a base.

Together, this is a wonderful play of colors, which really makes you want summer.

6. More and More

As a variant to the pastel-colored nails from above here is a possibility with stripes instead of dots.

7. Pink + Emerald Green = Summer Vibes

You would like to know what gives you ultimate summer vibes? I just say this nail design.

The combination of purple and green is simply beautiful and radiates a super good mood.

8. Colorful Squiggles

Squiggles are neither old-fashioned nor outdated. They are fully in trend and influencers swear this year on this megatrend!

Together with pastel tones, this design becomes the eye-catcher par excellence!

9. Pastel flowers

Pastel florals are another huge trend that is all over Instagram and Pinterest.

10. Fine Lines

Another way to conjure up pastel colors on your nails is via fine lines, which will make your minimalist design really summer classic chic.

11. Emerald Green

Playing with nails that are completely covered with color and others that have only small dots, strokes or other fine details is a very elegant way to upgrade your nail design and make it ready for summer.

12. Minimalist Classy

I think these nails do the blog title the best justice, don’t they?

Because this design just bubbles with classiness and elegance.

We love it – and it’s not even hard or tedious!

13. Purple Details

Purple is also an absolute trend color that instantly enhances any nail design.

14. More colorful dots

15. Orange Details

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