20 Best Chanel Lipstick in 2023 You Need to Know

Whether after a bold and luminous or sheer and natural look, you’ll likely find your pick in one of Chanel’s extensive lipstick collections.

The company has come a long way since its first lipstick creation in 1924. Now you can browse through many collections such as Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine, Allure Luminous, Velvet, and Ink choices.

Chanel lipsticks tend to be an investment. Picking the right shade involves considering undertones, formulas, longevity, and pigmentation. Stick around to learn more about the best Chanel lipsticks.

20 Best Chanel Lipstick You’ll Love

Best Chanel Lipstick: Rouge Coco Shine Shade No. 54 Boy

The Rouge Coco Shine is the best collection for those starting their makeup journey. The lipsticks wear similar to a lip balm or gloss with minimal pigmentation.

The shade Boy* is a pretty pink shade that can work for most skin tones. It’s lightweight and moisturizing.

You can wear it as an everyday shade to keep your lips plump and full. You can also add Boy over other shades for an enhanced shine. The lipstick also has a transparent cap. That way, you can check the shade without having to open it.

2. Rouge Coco Shine Shade No. 67 Deauville

Compared to Boy, the Deauville shade is darker and on the brown side. The collection is sheer, so you’ll need to layer if you want the color to pick up. It can take around three to four swipes to get some pigmentation.

Aside from the brown tint in Deauville, it also has a plum hue giving it a neutral appearance. The glossy layer isn’t overly shiny. In other words, it won’t look the early 2000s, but more healthy lips with a wash of color.

3. Rouge Coco Shine Shade No. 93 Intime

The Coco Shine shade Intime is one of the sheerest in the collection. It delivers a rosy pink-purple sheen. The lipstick has a warm undertone making it an all-inclusive option.

Longevity-wise, the shade lasts about two hours before you need to reapply it. The application may be smudgy since it carries a lot of slip. On the bright side, you won’t need to apply lip balm with this lipstick.

4. Rouge Allure Luminous Shade No. 195 Mise A Nu

Part of the Rouge Allure Luminous collection, the shade Mise A Nu delivers a peachy nude, ideal for warm-toned skin. In terms of coverage, the lipstick offers opaque but buildable coverage.

Like the velvet collection, the Rouge Allure Luminous collection is lightweight. You’ll barely feel it on your lips. It can last around three hours after application.

5. Rouge Allure Luminous Shade No. 199 Inattendu

Chanel’s Luminous shade Inattendu is plum and warm-toned. It’s an ideal neutral nude for dark skin. You can add this shade to your fall makeup collection.

The formula is exceptionally moisturizing and leaves your lips with a natural sheen.

Its shade doesn’t hold too much red or brown. The lipstick color leans more toward the pink and plum hues.

6. Rouge Allure Luminous Shade No. 206 Illusion

The Rouge Allure Luminous shade Illusion is comparable to Mise A Nu. Nevertheless, the prior holds a warmer tone. Illusion is also lighter and perfect to pair with dark eye makeup looks.

The nude shade suits pale skin tones. It applies evenly with minimal swipes. Due to its medium beige color, it gives a concealer lipstick look.

7. Rouge Allure Luminous Shade No. 209 Alter Ego

The luminous nude shade Alter Ego is well-suited for everyday wear. The peach-nude lipstick has a light brown color to it.

It delivers a “your lips but better” kind of appeal. The lipstick glides on the lips effortlessly to achieve a luminous, not glossy, sheen.

8. Rouge Allure Luminous Shade No. 214 Instinct

The shade Instinct from the Luminous collection gives a deep plum shade. It offers a unique gold-speckled finish as well to achieve shine.

Unlike most plums, Instinct is not too purple. In turn, it holds a neutral and wearable shade. The color may lean on a reddish-brown. Besides that, the lipstick may appear clumpy after application.

9. Rouge Allure Luminous Shade No. 215 Dilemme

Dilemme is similar to Instinct of the same collection. The prime difference is that it doesn’t have the gold speckles. Instead, it’s a solid reddish-brown shade.

It may look uneven during application since it doesn’t offer full coverage. It might settle into your lip lines. Like Instinct, Dilemma is also on the clumpy side.

10. Rouge Allure Velvet Shade No. 68 Emotive

The Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in Emotive works on multiple skin colors. It’s a nude shade with a velvety texture. You won’t feel the product while wearing it.

The lipstick has a slightly opaque but satin result. Overall, if you’re looking for a matte skin color finish, the Rouge Allure Velvet shade is for you.

11. Rouge Allure Velvet Shade No. 69 Abstrait

Coming in a matte package, the velvet shade, Abstrait, is ideal for a natural and effortless look. You can wear the rosy-colored non-drying formula as an everyday lipstick.

We suggest dotting the product on the center of your lips and diffusing it to accentuate your lip shape. Alternatively, pair the shade with a lip liner for a cleaner appearance.

12. Rouge Allure Velvet Shade No. 71 Nuance

Like the other shades in the Rouge Allure Velvet collection, Nuance is a nude lip color with a satin finish. The lipstick is peachy-hued and warm-toned.
You can pair this shade with a dark smokey eye look for a night out. Likewise, you can also wear it as an everyday shade on its own.

13. Rouge Allure Velvet Shade No. 58 Rouge Vie

From the darker shades of the Rouge Allure Velvet collection, you can find the shade Rouge Vie. It’s the perfect red for everyday wear. You can dot the neutral shade on your cheeks for a natural flush.

You can change the shade’s appearance by alternating between darker or lighter lip liners. Rouge Vie is well-suited if you’re getting into makeup and want to try a more prominent lip color.

14. Rouge Allure Velvet Shade No. 62 Libre

The Rouge Allure Velvet shade Libre has gained traction since its release. It offers a seamless finish for multiple skin tones, such as olive and light.

Thanks to the shade’s pigmentation, you can dab it and press your lips together for a healthy wash of color. Alternatively, apply the semi-opaque shade evenly and smoothly across your lips for a gorgeous color payoff.

15. Rouge Allure Velvet Shade No. 34 La Raffinee

La Raffinee offers an exquisite and wearable pink shade with slight hints of purple. The lipstick can suit several skin tones due to its versatility.

Like other lipsticks in the collection, its formula is exceptionally moisturizing. It contains jojoba oil and shea butter blends to keep your lips soft and subtle.

16. Rouge Coco Shade No. 434 Mademoiselle

Compared to the Rouge Coco Shine collection, the standard ones are thicker in shape. The Mademoiselle shade* is perfect for all skin tones. The flattering lipstick has a neutral rosy tint.

The color isn’t too red, brown, or pink. Mademoiselle is close to the color of your gums, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

It has a hint of sparkle and glides smoothly over your lips for even coverage. Nevertheless, the shade is slightly sheer. Overall, it’s a hydrating and creamy formula.

17. Rouge Coco Shade No. 432 Cecile

If the shade Mademoiselle is too dark, opt for its lighter counterpart, Ceclie*. It’s pinkier and has a subtle pearl shine.

The shade works for multiple skin shades. It has a semi-opaque coverage and a lightweight feel on the lips. Cecile can last around three hours before the creamy formula wears off.

18. Rouge Coco Shade No. 402 Adrienne

Adrienne is a peach nude shade in the Rouge Coco collection. The color gives a luxurious neutral shine when applied. It’s not too orange or coral, making it well-fitting for everyday wear.

It’s slightly pigmented and long-wearing enough to last through some morning cups of coffee and breakfast. The collection’s formula blends a waxy mix of sunflower, mimosa, and jojoba oils for a hydrating finish.

19. Rouge Allure Ink Shade No. 140 Amoureux

Aside from the creamy formulas, Chanel also has several liquid lipstick options. They belong in the Rouge Allure Ink collection. One of the many shades offered is the pinky Amoureux*. It has a matte satin result.

The best part about this lipstick is that you can apply it as a tint. Just dot Amoureux along your lips and sheer it out for a flushed appearance. Besides that, the formula is long-wearing and doesn’t contain a strong scent.

20. Rouge Allure Ink Shade No.154 Experimente

Experimente will be a perfect addition to your makeup arsenal if you’re looking for a bold red lip.

The intense lip color has a semi-matte finish. Experimente comes with a brick-red undertone.
It’s a full-coverage shade and can last over six hours.it won’t dehydrate your lips like other liquid lipsticks tend to do.

If the color is too intense, you can sheer it by blending a few dots on your lips. It’ll provide you with a trendy lip stain appearance.


Best Chanel Lipsticks

Which Chanel lipstick lasts longest?

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Ultra Wear Lip Colour is a long-lasting lipstick lasting from a.m. to p.m. with little need to reapply.

What is the famous Chanel red lipstick?

Chanel’s famous red lipstick is the Rouge Allure Velvet in the shade “Pirate.” It is a highly-pigmented, matte formula that is long-lasting and iconic, according to multiple sources, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Which lipstick is best in quality?

Best Chanel Lipsticks

There are many high-quality lipsticks on the market. Still, some of the most popular and highly-rated options include Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick, Pat McGrath Labs’ MatteTrance Lipstick, and Nars’ Audacious Lipstick.

Some of the most popular lipstick shades include classic reds, nude pinks, and bold berries, according to multiple sources, including Glamour and StyleCraze. However, the popularity of specific shades can vary depending on current trends and personal preferences. 

Which is the number one lipstick in the world?

20 Best Chanel Lipstick in 2023 You Need to Know

Rouge Dior is considered the best-selling lipstick in the world, with one sold every two seconds, according to an article on Vogue France. The iconic lipstick is praised for its long-lasting formula, wide range of shades, and luxurious packaging.

Which is best luxury brand for lipstick?

Many luxury brands offer high-quality lipsticks, but some of the most popular and highly-rated options include Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, and Gucci.

What type of lipstick looks most natural?

Sheer and satin lipsticks in nude, pink, or peach shades tend to look the most natural, according to multiple sources, including InStyle and Byrdie. These formulas provide a subtle hint of color and shine, enhancing the natural lip color without looking too heavy or bold.

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