20 Best Dior Bags You’ll Love in 2024 – Best Investments

Acquiring a Dior purse isn’t usually part of your routine shopping trip. The costly tote requires significant consideration and time for purchase, unless you are prepared to face buyer’s regret.

Picking the right bag is an investment choice. You’ll want to opt for time-withstanding options. Avoid one-off trendy bags that won’t reward your purchase. In addition, you also need to browse your wardrobe.

Find a Dior bag that matches most of your everyday looks and special occasions. Otherwise, it’ll remain as a centerpiece in your wardrobe.
Learn more about the best Dior bags you can invest in.

20 Best Dior Bags You’ll Love – Best Investments

1. Best Dior Bag: Lady Dior in Black

Lady Dior* offers a timeless appeal beloved by several collectors. The bag garnered its name from the famed Princess Diana of Wales. It was the Chouchou bag before designers renamed it a more elegant Lady Dior title.

The black version of Lady Dior is the most versatile. It exudes sophistication, making it perfect for formal and high-fashion occasions. You can also pair it with a denim number giving you an edgy look.

Lady Dior has gold hardware around the small handle region. It also has a Dior logo charm hanging from the handles.

The Dior bag has a patent lambskin leather vintage design. Additionally, the bag has a quilted criss-cross pattern.

2. Lady Dior in Sand

Aside from the iconic black Lady Dior bag, you can invest in a sand-colored version. The light-colored bag offers a neutral shade perfect for daytime and casual looks.

The sand Lady Dior bag is more on the traditional side due to its boxy appearance and hanging charm. Aside from that, the Italian-made bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for enhanced versatility.

3. Lady Dior in Cherry Red

One of the perks of owning a Lady Dior is that you won’t have to worry about it falling out of trend. Subsequently, you’ll get more return on investment after increasing its usability.

The cherry-red Lady Dior might be your best bet to branch out into bolder colors. You can use it for a daring color-contrasting outfit or pair it with an elegant little black dress. Either way, the cherry-red Lady Dior is an invest-worthy piece.

4. Saddle Bag in Matte Black

The matte Dior Saddle bag debuted in the fashion world in 1999. Fashion critics held divided opinions on this Dior piece, where some praised its unique shape. Meanwhile, others described it as unflattering.

Nevertheless, the bag remains a staple in the fashion house. The designer, John Galliano, created this bag to symbolize the brand “riding” into a different age.

5. Saddle Bag in Denim

After popularity struck, the Saddle bag came out with new colors and designs. One of these offers an ironic twist to the original solid-colored matte option.

Designers created a denim version embellished with the Dior Jardin Magique motif. You can wear this bag as a statement piece in a minimalist outfit or couple it with a denim clothing piece. Either way, the enchanting design is worth the buy.

6. Saddle Bag in Beige

The Saddle bag’s appeal extends back to when Carrie Bradshaw wore it on “Sex and the City.” Beyonce even came out wearing the bag, amassing its popularity.

The equestrian-inspired bag comes in a neutral beige shade made of goatskin. It still holds the must-have D-stirrup magnetic clasp and ‘CD’ signature on either side. The beige matte Dior Saddle bag has an antique gold hardware finish.

7. Saddle Bag in Scarlet

The scarlet Saddle bag incorporates a grained calfskin and antique gold hardware to its design. The bright, luxurious piece is ideal for most occasions, whether for a night out or a brunch date.

The scarlet bag delivers a contemporary and fashion-forward addition to your outfit. It maintains the signature D-stirrup magnetic clasp and ‘CD’ signature on either side.

8. Embroidered Saddle Bag

A statement Saddle bag exuding chic and adventurous fashion taste is none other than the embroidered version. The Dior piece has a Toile de Jouy Carnivora motif embroidered on it.

You also can’t miss the signature “CHRISTIAN DIOR” print on the front. Overall, the dark blue design inlay on the off-white leather background offers a gorgeous contrast. It pairs well for several occasions and outfits, whether for a dinner date or office hours.

9. Saddle Bag in Grey

If you prefer a more neutral-toned bag, the gray Dior Saddle bag* can be one of your top picks. It has a seamless-grained calfskin material paired with enduring antique gold hardware.

The gray Saddle bag is ideal for everyday wear and pairs well with multiple colors and outfits. It offers a modern appeal compared to the traditional black bag.

9. Essential Tote Bag

The Dior Essential Tote bag provides a functional and ageless appeal. It has a satin and elegant finish, with gold hardware chained around the handles.

It has a classic Archicannage motif inlay on the calfskin. You can close the everyday bag with a seamless snap-button mechanism.

The bag can hold several essentials in its zip pocket and four patch pockets. It comes in black and hazelnut colors plus in large, medium, and small sizes.

11. Micro Bobby Bag

The Bobby bag’s name originates from the founder’s furry friend. That said, some may not prefer the flashy Dior logo. In this case, the Bobby bag is an ideal choice.
It offers a sleek and subtle appearance with a single “CD” signature on the clasp. The bag comes in various sizes, such as the micro size.

You can sport the small satchel-like bag for errands or a casual day out. You can fit a lipstick and a cardholder in the small-sized designer bag.

12. Large Bobby Bag

You can purchase its large-size counterpart to get more functionality out of the Bobby bag. It holds the same design as the micro option, from the “CD” gold logo to the half-lunar shape.

In addition, when you turn the bag, you’ll notice a “30 Montaigne” embossed as a tribute to the luxury brand’s Parisian address. Clasp the brand’s blue embroidered Oblique shoulder strap for an added flare.

13. Medium Bobby Bag

The medium-sized Bobby bag offers an in-between size where you can wear the bag for several outings. Maria Grazia Chiuri designed the Dior piece. Her inspiration was that a bag should follow every woman as a loyal companion.

Besides that, you can decide between several materials, from grained calfskin to oblique jacquard canvas. Overall, the medium Bobby bag is ideal for on-the-go trips.

14. 30 Montaigne Bag in Black

Like the Bobby bag, the 30 Montaigne bag also offers a sleek and wearable design. The difference comes from the shape. The latter is boxier in appearance.

The black calfskin version of the 30 Montaigne will provide you with an ideal and timeless investment.

15. 30 Montaigne Bag in Powder Beige

Named after the brand’s Parisian address, the 30 Montaigne design is ideal for most occasions thanks to its flexible design.

You can opt for a powder beige color for added versatility. It’ll match your most colorful and neutral outfits.

16. 30 Montaigne Avenue Bag in Heritage Pink

The 30 Montaigne Avenue bag delivers a curvier and wider twist to its original counterpart. Dior designers adorned the piece with gold chain handles and the “CD” signature on the bag’s clasp.

As you hold the bag’s handle, you’ll notice the immaculate craftsmanship in the leather inserts in the handle’s “CD” links.

Besides that, you can wear the bag over the shoulder or as a cross bag, depending on your comfort.

17. 30 Montaigne Bag in Oblique Jacquard

Apart from the solid-colored options, it wouldn’t be a Christian Dior without a classic Oblique Jacquard canvas design.

The bag is ideal if you’re not an admirer of the gold chains. Instead, it has leather handles with military-style buckles. Overall, the bag screams Paris in all the right places.

18. Caro Bag in Black

The Dior Caro bag combines poise and charm. Its black version is made of Cannage calfskin. Like the 30 Montaigne bag, the Caro design also features a “CD” signature clasp inspired by the brand’s perfume bottle seal.

You can detach the bag’s straps and carry it by hand for a night out or leave the belt on for a more functional errand-running day.

19. Caro Bag in Cognac

The Cognac-colored version of the Caro bag provides a deep neutral addition to your wardrobe. You can pair the Dior bag with an all-white or off-white outfit for a clean look.

Alternatively, we suggest adding a denim clothing to build a casual everyday daytime outfit.

20. Book Tote

Dior’s Book Tote bag can accompany you on your beach, work, or casual hang-out days. It’s a multipurpose piece that enhances your look tenfold.

The tote comes in a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes. You can purchase the black perforated and embossed Dior Oblique calfskin version for a more sophisticated appeal.

Alternatively, the Latte Toile de Jouy Zodiac embroidered choice may be more your tea, especially if you’re an astrology fanatic.

Since the bag doesn’t have pockets or pouches, you can add a felt bag organizer to keep your essentials in place.


Best Dior Bags

Which Dior bag is more popular?

It is difficult to determine which Dior bag is the most popular as there are many popular styles, including Lady Dior, Dior Book Tote, and Saddle Bag. However, the Lady Dior is a classic and iconic Dior bag that has been popular for decades.

Do Dior bags hold their value?

Dior bags, particularly the Lady Dior and Diorissimo styles, hold their value better than other designer bags but not as well as u003ca href=u0022https://streetstylis.com/hermes-vs-chanel-in-depth-comparison-help-decide/u0022u003eChanel or Hermesu003c/au003e bags. However, their value can vary depending on the style’s condition, rarity, and popularity.

What is Dior most popular for?

Dior is a luxury fashion house most famous for its haute couture clothing, accessories, and fragrances. It is known for its elegant and sophisticated designs, iconic styles such as the Lady Dior bag, and collaborations with famous artists and designers.

Why is the Lady Dior bag so popular?

Best Dior Bags

The Lady Dior bag is popular due to its timeless and elegant design, high-quality materials, and association with royalty and celebrities. It is also known for its Cannage stitching pattern, inspired by the chairs used in Dior’s first fashion show, and its association with Princess Diana. 

What scent is Dior best seller?

J’adore by Dior is one of the best-selling fragrances for the brand. It is a floral scent with notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and rose. It has been a popular fragrance for over two decades and is often considered a classic and iconic.

Which is best Dior or YSL?

It is difficult to say which brand is best between Dior and u003ca class=u0022wpil_keyword_linku0022 href=u0022https://rstyle.me/+MB847Ern71-iEcYxfyzSXAu0022 title=u0022YSLu0022 data-wpil-keyword-link=u0022linkedu0022u003eYSLu003c/au003e, as both highly respected luxury fashion houses offer high-quality products. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and the product being considered.

What is the weakness of Dior?

One weakness of Dior is its vulnerability to economic fluctuations and currency exchange rates, which can impact the brand’s revenues and profitability. Another weakness is its limited appeal to younger consumers, which could affect the brand’s long-term growth potential.

Is Dior more expensive than YSL?

Dior and YSL offer a range of products at different price points, so it isn’t easy to make a general comparison. However, Dior is generally considered a more expensive luxury fashion house than YSL, particularly for its haute couture clothing and accessories. 

What city is the cheapest to buy a Dior bag?

Determining the cheapest city to buy a Dior bag is difficult, as prices can vary depending on the specific style, store, and location. However, according to a comparison of prices in different countries, Europe is generally the cheapest place to buy a Dior bag, followed by the UK.

Which Dior is good?

Dior offers a range of high-quality and popular products, so it depends on personal preference and the specific product being considered. Some popular Dior products include the Lady Dior bag, J’adore fragrance, and Diorshow mascara.

What was the most iconic Dior look called?

The most iconic Dior look is known as the u0022New Look,u0022 which was introduced by Christian Dior in 1947. It featured a nipped-in waist full skirt, and emphasized a feminine hourglass silhouette, which was a departure from the boxy and utilitarian styles of the wartime era.

What is the iconic color for Dior?

The iconic color for Dior is a shade of blue-gray known as u0022Dior Grayu0022 or u0022Trianon Gray.u0022 It was the first color used by Christian Dior in 1947 and has since become a signature color for the brand. 

What is more famous Dior or Louis Vuitton?

Dior and Louis Vuitton are famous and highly respected luxury fashion houses, so it is difficult to say which is more prominent. However, Louis Vuitton generally has a higher brand value and broader global recognition than Dior. 

What is the classic Dior style?

The classic Dior style is characterized by elegant, sophisticated designs emphasizing femininity and luxury. It often includes nipped-in waists, full skirts, and tailored jackets and is known for its use of high-quality materials and intricate details.

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