20 Black Opium Alternative 2024 You’ve Been Looking For

A consistent part of Yves Saint Laurent’s perfume range for years, Black Opium with its hints of smooth vanilla and robust coffee, is an ageless, affluent fragrance that’s irresistible to many.

Sadly, the delightful scent is also quite an investment. So, if you’re in the market for Black Opium* alternatives, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at some of the perfumes that share the top notes with this fragrance.

Top 20 Black Opium Alternative

Without further ado, let’s jump into some of the fragrances that share the Black Opium scent.

1. Instyle Fragrances Inspired by YSL Black Opium

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Instyle Fragrances

If you’re looking for a lighter version of Black Opium, this scent may suit you. The YSL perfume inspired Instyle Fragrances with one significant difference.

The coffee notes in Instyle are much more muted. That means the aroma is slightly lighter, with less staying power.

2. Alexandria London Destination

Alexandria’s London Destination is a softer version of Black Opium. It has strong coffee and licorice notes with a nice floral background. On top of that, London Destination is unisex.

Sadly, this fragrance doesn’t contain the spicy finish of the YSL perfume.

3. Little Black Dress Be Layered

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Layered

The top notes in Little Black Dress are orange blossom, pink pepper, cedar, and jasmine. These are similar to Black Opium’s mid-notes.

To top it all off, there’s a tiny sprinkle of coffee essence in the perfume. This creates an almost identical scent to the YSL fragrance.

4. Divain-167

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Divain

YSL’s Black Opium directly inspired Divain-167. Because of that, both scents are similar, with a few differences.

For starters, the vanilla in 167 is incredibly pronounced. Other than that, the floral notes of the perfume are much more subtle.

5. Alt Fleur Noire

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Alt.

Fleur Noire is a sweeter version of Black Opium. At first, the only scents you can identify are bitter coffee and sugary vanilla.

Then after the perfume dries down, you get a kick from the spicey pink pepper notes. On top of that, there are subtle hints of pear and jasmine.

6. Bodycare Lovali Black Addiction

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Bodycare Online

At first glance, you’ll notice this scent has an almost identical bottle to Black Opium. Although, that’s not where the similarities end.

Both fragrances use vanilla and pink pepper. However, Lovali focuses more on the amber undertones. That makes for a spicey, cozy scent.

7. PB Parfums Belcam Eau de Parfum

Black Opium Alternative

The three main notes of Belcam are black pepper, pear, and bitter almond. It also has hints of coffee and vanilla.

The final result is a sharp scent with a floral background. This is similar to Black Opium but delivers less of a punch.

Yet, this is one of the most affordable options on our list.

8. Floraiku Sound of a Ricochet

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Floraiku

If you’re looking for an earthier version of Black Opium, this fragrance may be for you. Sound of a Ricochet’s main notes is vanilla and sandalwood.

This gives the perfume a warm finish. On top of that, it contains Tonka beans, which are similar to coffee, with a softer scent.

9. Good Girl Carolina Herrera

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Carolina Herrera

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is a more complex version of Black Opium. Even though both share the same base notes, Good Girl has more of a kick.

This is likely due to the citrus notes. The Carolina Herrera fragrance has hints of lemon and bergamot that add a fresh burst.

10. Dossier Ambery Vanilla

Dossier’s Ambery Vanilla combines all the main scents in Black Opium. It contains:

  • Coffee
  • Cedar
  • Vanilla
  • Pink pepper
  • Licorice
  • Jasmine

The only difference between the two is the concentrations of the essential oils. Instead of the warm scent of Black Opium, Ambery Vanilla has a much more feminine finish.

11. Fleur Noir by Caline

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Lifestyleperfumes

When you smell Fleur Noir, you’ll immediately pick up on the spice scent of pink peppers. Then, you’ll start to notice the mandarin and Nashi pear notes.

These give the perfume a much brighter profile than Black Opium. Although, as soon as both scents dry, all you can smell is the earthy coffee and amber notes.

12. Mademoiselle N.17 Parfums Constantine

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Parfums Constantine

One of Mademoiselle N.17’s base scents is cashmere wood. This adds a sharp, earthy spin to the classic floral notes.

You’ll notice straight away that this increases the complexity of the fragrance. It’ll leave you with a luxurious scent that can last all day.

13. Be Seduced Girl Johan B

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Geparlys

Be Seduced Girl is a much more youthful take on Black Opium. This is probably because of the added cinnamon and praline notes.

On top of that, the perfume contains hints of roses and irises. These give the fragrance a spicey, sweet finish perfect for any night out.

14. Kisses Rain Renier Perfumes

Kisses Rain is a less mature version of Black Opium. You can still smell the coffee, vanilla, and amber.

However, the fragrance can fade a little in the background. This may not be ideal, but the perfume is great for layering.

15. Zara Gardenia

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Zara

Most of us are familiar with Zara’s clothes collection. However, few know that the fashion brand has its line of alternative perfumes.

One of the best-selling products is Gardenia, a replica of Black Opium. It doesn’t have great lasting power, but it’s affordable.

16. Aldi Lacura Dark Blossom

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Aldi

Aldi is a grocery store that sells an assortment of products. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to find out the brand makes a Black Opium alternative.

The scent is incredibly similar, with slightly more pronounced citrus notes.

17. Oil Perfumery Black Opium Nuit Blanche

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Oil Perfumery

Oil Perfumery has the solution if you’re looking for a travel-size perfume. Nuit Blanche smells like Black Opium but comes in a tiny container.

18. Vanille Café Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This fragrance combines coffee and bitter almonds in a swirl of acidic, earthy notes. They’re reminiscent of Black Opium but with a sharper finish.

19. Fabulous Orchid Fragrance Mist Liu Jo

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Liujo Beauty

As you can tell by the name, Fabulous Orchid is more of a floral fragrance. However, it does faintly smell like Black Opium once it dries down.

20. Rawaa Al Haramain Perfumes

Black Opium Alternative
Photo: Al Haramain Perfumes

If you’re looking for something with more staying power than Black Opium, then Rawaa is for you. It’s a little more pungent than the YSL fragrance but has similar base notes.

Top Notes in Black Opium

Yves Saint Laurent launched Black Opium* in 2014. The brand focused on creating a scent for strong, emboldened women.

To help you find the perfect alternative, it’s a good idea to be aware of the top notes in the scent.

These include:

  • Black coffee
  • White flowers
  • Warm vanilla
  • Amber
  • Almond
  • Pink pepper
  • Patchouli
  • Cedar
  • Jasmine

Wrapping Up

There are hundreds of Black Opium alternatives on the market. These include Zara Gardenia, Fleur Noir by Caline, and Dossier Ambery Vanilla.

You can also check out Oil Perfumery and Vanilla Cafe for alternatives.

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