20 Old Money Jewelry 2024: Pieces That Make You Look Rich

Old Money Jewelry: We all know it from our grandma or rich aunt – these women have one thing in common: they wear high-quality jewelry and thus not only always look top styled, but above all, one thing: rich.

So to copy this look and look luxurious, we either need to invest in expensive old money jewelry pieces or find a way to look rich and expensive even with affordable jewelry.

To save all our money, we have chosen the second option. That’s why today we’re going to introduce you to 20 pieces that are in no way inferior to your family’s high-end jewelry and will make you look at least as expensive – the only difference being that they’re much more affordable.

Sounds like a good deal? Then let’s go for it!

20 Old Money Jewelry Pieces That Make You Look Rich


1. Pearl Necklace

Under the pearl is a high-quality accessory that significantly influences many people. There is a difference between genuine and cultured pearls. The natural pearls are formed from oyster species, while the cultured pearls can be found as freshwater and cultured pearls. The difference is that authentic pearl pieces are formed in a natural environment, and these cannot be cultured so quickly.

The naturally grown pearl is rare nowadays and costs a lot compared to the artificially grown pearl. The natural pearl is formed thanks to a laborious process that includes perilous fishing.

In this sense, the natural pearls are a costly affair.

The price of a natural pearl can reach several 10,000 euros. Today this is different because pearl cultivation has made it possible for a wide mass of customers to afford the pearl in jewelry form.

Since the pearl is a miracle of nature and is also seen as a status symbol that only a few can afford, jewelry with pearls is especially popular among wealthy people.

Their shimmer or their surface luster can determine the quality of pearl pieces.

The shinier the pearl is, the higher it’s quality and value.

The value can be easily tested even by a layman. If you can see your reflection on the surface of the pearl, it is of high quality. But if the surface of the pearl is chalky and dull, then it is a lower quality.

So, if you want to buy pearl jewelry, you can do it more affordably by choosing cultured pearls.

2. Rings With a Thick Gold Seal

As I mentioned above, with this simple tip, you can achieve the same look at half the price.

A high-quality gold ring doesn’t have to be 100% 18-karat gold to make you look expensive. Just a thick 18-karat gold sent over vermeil or sterling silver will do to have the same effect.

3. An Expensive-Looking Watch

Yes, exceptionally luxurious brand watches can be expensive – even as expensive as a car. But of course, there are cheaper alternatives that look just as expensive. Brands like Paul Valentine or Michael Kors are great for luxurious-looking watches that cost much less.

4. Cocktail Ring

These statement rings aren’t just for cocktail parties, as this extra eye-catching ring has the potential to add a “wow” factor and unforgettable sparkle to any look day or night.

When sizing, pay attention to the proportions of your hands – if you have small hands, choose a dainty ring; if you have larger hands, go for a large ring!

Anything else can quickly backfire and make you look the opposite of “rich”… And that’s not what we all want, after all, if we’re going to go to the trouble of looking as expensive as possible.

The good thing about this investment: is to make the look stand out; wear only a few or preferably no other rings, as this can quickly take the attention away from this eye-catcher.

So a good investment in a statement cocktail ring can save you in reverse further costs for other rings because here applies: less is more!

A sparkling cocktail ring is enough to make you the highlight of the evening and make you look expensive – so more could quickly be too much.

5. Bangle Bracelets

Bangles never seem to go out of fashion.

You can wear them individually or with other bangles – they are easy to combine. But again, less is more! Always remember that men, in particular, are not that complicated and prefer simple, minimalistic looks because overly elaborate outfits and looks can quickly unsettle and confuse them.

Otherwise, you’ll hardly see an elegant, rich woman dangling both wrists because she knows how to ENHANCE her natural beauty with jewelry, not dramatize it!

Besides, bangles are super for daytime and a chic going out.

What Does Jewelry Say about a Woman and Can it Make her Look Rich at all?

Wearing a piece of jewelry is a way to express our character. Research shows that self-confidence increases when a person wears a piece of jewelry. It is only natural that self-esteem increases because the main purpose of an accessory is to emphasize one’s beauty and attractiveness.

Women, particularly, love jewelry as it symbolizes femininity and social status. Jewelry makes us feel beautiful and confident and can also enhance our glamour from within.

So, if the jewelry is used correctly and not overdone with it, it can make us look prosperous. A phenomenon that we know mainly from our grandparents or aunts. Jewelry in a healthy, minimalist framework can make us shine from the inside and from the outside, enhancing our look by quite a bit.

What Should You Look for When Buying Affordable Jewelry to Make it Look Expensive?

First, you should make sure that it is not costume jewelry but jewelry with high-quality composition – because most of the time, the jewelry, for example, does not have to be 100% high karat gold to look luxurious. Because usually, a thick (!) gold or silver coating instead of a thin one is enough to achieve the same effect as pure gold or silver jewelry.

What is the Most Classy Jewelry?

THE ONE most classic piece of jewelry that every wealthy and expensive-looking woman wears, unfortunately, does not exist.

AND there is also no piece of jewelry that makes every woman look instantly elegant and rich – it just takes more to achieve that look.

But what makes a woman look wealthy, we have written a very detailed article that you are welcome to read through if you would also like to look rich. Because we all know it: some people can just put on the most expensive outfit and still not look rich – let alone elegant.

Does Jewelry Make You More Attractive?

Not only the well-known handbag as a woman’s status symbol makes her look more attractive and personal, but also her choice of jewelry she wears has a great effect on how she is perceived.

A bracelet, for example, can complete the outfit of a stylish, elegant woman all by itself.

This is because several surveys and studies have proven that many men appreciate a woman with a bracelet that makes her even more attractive in his eyes. Often bracelets and other hand jewelry make the hand look more seductive and slender.

Even a ring or a plain chain has something seductive, magically attractive to a man.

So if you implement the jewelry tips from this blog article, you are sure to look a lot more attractive to others.


What are the old money jewelry brands?

Several jewelry brands are associated with old money and luxury, including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Tiffany & Co., and Harry Winston. These brands are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, rare and high-quality gems, and timeless designs that have stood the test of time. 

Does old money wear jewelry?

Yes, old money does wear jewelry. In fact, jewelry is often considered one of the most important status symbols for the wealthy and privileged, representing their wealth, taste, and social standing. Old money families are often known for their exquisite and valuable jewelry collections that have been passed down through generations. 

Is Tiffany old money?

Tiffany & Co. is not considered to be an old money brand, as it was founded in 1837 and has since become a household name for luxury and high-end jewelry. However, the brand has a rich history and is known for its iconic designs worn by celebrities and royalty alike. 

Do old money wear pearls?

Yes, pearls are a classic and timeless jewelry choice that has been favored by old money families for generations. Pearls are often associated with elegance, sophistication, and refinement and are considered one of the most versatile and flattering gemstones.

What does old money wear?

Old money fashion is characterized by classic and timeless pieces that exude elegance, sophistication, and refinement. Old money families often favor high-quality and luxurious materials such as cashmere, silk, and leather, and opt for tailored and well-fitted clothing that emphasizes quality over trendiness. 

Does old money wear gold or silver?

Old money families often wear gold and silver jewelry and other precious metals such as platinum. The choice of metal depends on personal preference and the occasion, as well as the design and quality of the jewelry. Both gold and silver are considered to be classic and timeless choices for luxury jewelry. 

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