Grey Blazer Outfit: 17 Ways to Wear the Trend Piece

It’s no secret that a grey blazer is an absolute must-have for every style-savvy lady. This essential piece not only portrays a sophisticated and professional look, but also possesses the unique ability to elevate just about any look.

In 2022, we even wear the elegant blazer sporty and casual in everyday life. The trick is to wear this (transitional) piece with other tighter pieces, as it is one thing above all – oversized. This can quickly look too masculine. That’s why we recommend combining tight and wide pieces to add as much depth and oomph to your outfit as possible.

Here are 17 minimalist ways to wear the grey blazer, so you can give the trendy piece the honor it deserves!

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30 Minimalist Ways to Wear the Trendy Grey Blazer Outfit

1. The Cozy Look

Are you someone who likes to be cozy and comfortable in everyday life? Then this outfit could be just the thing for you:

Mie Winther Korsgaard combines a grey oversized blazer with a gray knitted sweater and grey sweatpants. As accessories, she relies on a Chanel bag and a pearl necklace.

2. Striped Sweater + Leggings

Striped sweaters are currently very popular. The trend piece can also be combined with a grey oversized blazer.

3. The Chic Variant

Do you have a fancier, more elegant style? Then you might like this look:

Here Maja has styled a light gray blazer with a white crop top and white pants.

4. The Look for the Cold Days

Winter is approaching and the days are getting colder and colder. Then this outfit could be the best for you:

Anika Forsythe combines an oversized blazer with a cute beige knitted hat, a white knitted turtleneck, beige jeans, and a pair of loafers.

5. The Everyday Outfit

This outfit is particularly suitable for everyday use and also looks super stylish and chic.

Denise combines flowing black trousers with a mini shoulder bag, New Balance sneakers, and a white top.

6. Oversized Grey Blazer with a Knitted Sweater

7. With a Thick Knitted Turtleneck Pullover

8. With a Sweater Over the Shoulders

9. With High-Leg Boots

10. The Monochrome Suit Look

11. With a Black Dress Underneath

12. With a White Hoodie Underneath

13. With a White Button-Down-Shirt Underneath

14. The Basic Look

15. With White Pants and Top

16. Casual Look with Blue Jeans

17. With Blue Button-Down-Shirt Underneath


What to Wear with a Grey Blazer Female?

Gray blazers look best with white or light blue button-down shirts.

In addition, it complements the professional business look with black, white, or even gray pants.

As they are easier to mix and always look put together, I would generally recommend going for more neutral colors.

Black or white basic dresses or skirts under a grey blazer under them also look very good. And in winter, hoodies, sweaters, or knitted sweaters can also create a chic look underneath.

Does a Grey Blazer Go with Blue Pants?

This is a difficult question to answer, as typically what goes together depends on the individual’s personal style.

However, some people might consider pairing a grey blazer with blue pants if they are trying to inject more of a chic or sophisticated vibe into their look.

How Do You Wear Grey Blazer Casually?

To create a casual look, you can go for good old mom or wide-leg jeans for example.

A pair of jeans give your outfit a chic but still sporty casual look, which is great for everyday wear when you still want to look put together.

Does a Blue Shirt Go with Grey Blazer?

Yes, it even looks very good! Especially lighter shades of blue complement the gray blazer very well and look very sophisticated in combination.

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